CARD #2127.197 – INVASION

Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The GWF returns to Deimos as we appraoch BIG BANG 53. This is the final edition of INVASION before the big three events that wrap up the year: CIVIL WAR, BETRAYAL and BIG BANG! Tonight we have some CIVIL WAR qualifying matches, we have BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION getting their hand picked GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match as a reward for the BLACK DEATH team winning the INFINITY CHALLENGE and, in the main event, ENDGAME defends the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP in a TITAN DEATH MATCH.

The fans are excited. Theres a sea of signs in support of BLACK DEATH. Many feel this could be a very historic night for the immensely popular faction.

Paganax d. Plethador via pinfall after a deathjump – *
– PAGANAX looked good here. He seems frustrated to not be wrestling more prominent matches though.

Mistress of Darkness d. Deadliest via pinfall after rolling through a cross body block –
* – Mistress of Darkness picks up another win after her INFINITY CHALLENGE BATTLEZONE victory.

It was time for the first CIVI WAR QUALIFYING match. TITAN CONFLICT is out and looking to get themselves into the CIVIL WAR tournament. And out next is LEGEND KILLERS who’ve been far from unimpressive the entire year. Suddenly ENSOR reaches out into the crowd and takes a Tshirt from a fan and puts it on. The arena explodes when they realize it’s a bootleg shirt that features SWARM unmasked on the front with the words UGLY MUCH? printed across it. PAYBACK is NOT amused at all. He argues with ENSOR to take it off and ENSOR refuses and heads to the ring to start the match. PAYBACK reluctantly follows.

TITAN CONFLICT d. LEGEND KILLERS via DQ when Payback puts Tristan through a table – **1/2
– This match had to have been hard enough for PAYBACK what with having to fight his fellow Titans. Throw in the mocking antics of ENSOR and you have a foregone coclusion. PAYBACK simply couldn’t take it anymore. After the bell he ran from ringside, crying. Eerily similar to the way we’ve seen his husband SWARM do many times.

Tharkas d. Overtime via pinfall with the OBLITERATOR – ****1
/2 – Heck of a match between these too but THARKAS was just too strong for the Titan and put him away. After THARKAS said his crusade on humans was just ramping up!

FDF PRIME d. BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE via pinfall when HelSin hits STAKE TO THE HEART on Anivar – **
– This was a wild one! At one point the ref called the match and ruled it a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION. EURITAR came out and declared there MUST be a winner so he banished DARK MENACE and THE GUARDIAN from ringside for the rest of the match and ruled it would now be fought under TITAN DEATH RULES. The match restarted and the two teams tore into each other and FDF PRIM picks up the win and will go into CIVIL WAR! The crowd was NOT happy!

RUSH & TURMOIL d. BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION via pinfall when Turmoil hits Havoc with CHAOS IN THE CROWD – SQUASH
– This was over in seconds. The fans, heck even the ref, couldn’t believe it. Many started accusing the GLADIATORS of cheating or that THE LEVELER interfered somehow, but the ref called it, RUSH and TURMOIL are still champions!

The fans were in a frenzy! They were near riot that the BLACK DEATH team went down so easily! The only settled down at the appearance of HARBINGER! We were set for the main event!

Harbinger d. Endgame via pinfall after SOUL TAKER – ****
– HARBINGER does it! He just obliterates ENDGAME! The crowd is going bezerk! HARBINGER is standing over a fallen ENDGAME in the middle of the ring! The DARK MENACE is dancing around. HARBINGER grabs the mic…

HARBINGER: I’ve brought change to the galaxy. But this is only the beginning! 2128 will be the complete annihilation of ANYTHING not BLACK DEATH!

The crowd goes nuts! Suddenly AETHRAN OVERMASTER appeared ringside with the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. He just stood and stared at HARBINGER and HARBINGER stared back. These two monsters stood glaring at each other as we…


Card played July 8, 2012