From Heroes Memorial Hall, Persus11

The show opens with ABROZ, DIALECTUS an HARBINGER standing in the ring with EURITAR. On the screens around the area the current INFINITY CHALLENGE scores are shown…

ABROZ – 23

EURITAR announces that tonight there will be three, three way BATTLEZONE matches. One for the WOMEN, one for the TAG TEAM and one for the SINGLES INFINITY CHALLNEGE wrestlers! Regular scoring will be in effect. He announces though that the race to thirty points is off. Tonight it’s winner take all! The INFINITY CHALLENGE WILL be decided tonight! EURITAR offers the winning team captain a title shot of his choosing for one of his wrestlers at the next episode of INVASION. It can be for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP, the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP or the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

He explained that the reason the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP was not an option is that it is already going to be defended on INVASION in a rematch between ENDGAME and HARBINGER. And to prevent the DQ finish, it’ll be a TITAN DEATH MATCH!

The fans loved this as they all feel HARBINGER was cheated out of a decent chance to challenge ENDGAME for the title. With that he leaft and we were ready to start tonight’s historic BATTLEZONE MATCHES!


Shann-Ra d. Mother Superior via pinfall after using MACHETE – **
– Great opener! Despite some early offense from MOTHER SUPERIOR it was close to a one sided match. SHANN-RA picks up two points to start.

Rotunda d. Shann-Ra via DQ when Shann-Ra whips Rotunda into a ringpost – *
– Short one here. SHANN-RA gets hot headed and blows some points. ROTUNA gets one point for the DQ victory.

She Devil d. Rotunda via pinfall after EYES OF THE TEMPTRESS – *
– ROTUNDA fared well but the knock Shann-Ra had given her had her woozy. SHE DEVIL gets two points here.

She Devil d. Deadliest via pinfall after FALLEN DEVIL –
* – SHE DEVIL racks up another win here and picks up two more points.

Mistress of Darkness d. She Devil via pinfall after COMPANION CONTROL – **
– MISTRESS OF DARKNESS picks up thre huge points for BLACK DEATH as the WOMEN’S BATTLEZONE comes to an end!

BLACK DEATH wins the series but ABROZ’s team scored serious points! We move on now to the TAG TEAM BATTLEZONE matches!

CIRCUS STRONGMEN d. MASTER RACE via pinfall after Tanck hit Thraxx with TANCKED – *1/4
– Huge win here for CIRCUS STRONGMEN. MASTER RACE was not helped by the fact that THRAXX wrestled injured. CIRCUS STRONGMEN pick up two points in this opening match.

CIRCUS STRONGMEN d. BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE via DQ when Anivar is disqualified for smashing Tanck into the ring steps – ***1/2
– A fantastic match here. Well fought on both sides. CIRCUS STRONGMEN pick up one point.

If the INFINITY CHALLENGE was still going to thirty points, ABROZ would have won with this match. However since it’s winner take all, it’s still wide open. Though, ABROZ does have nice lead. But the night is still young.

CIRCUS STRONGMEN d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via pinfall when Gryt rolls through a deathjump from Panther Warrior – *
– A shocking win here especially with how fatigued GRYT and TANCK must be. The score two more points for ABROZ and solidify his lead!

BLACK DEATH REVOUTION d. CIRCUS STRONGMEN via pinfall when Havoc hits Tanck with a deathjump – **
– TANCK and GRYT gave it their best but they were too worn out from the previous bouts. HAVOC and ALPHA FEMALE pick up two points for BLACK DEATH.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. TITAN CONFLICT via pinfall when Alpha Female hits SLAVE NO MORE – *
– The BLACK DEATH team steamrolls TITAN CONFLICT to get the win and win the series. They get two more points to get closer to ABROZ. DIALECTUS is being left in the dust.

Now it’s time for the SINGLES BATTLEZONE matches!

Bishop Hell (II) d. Plethador via pinfall after Black Death Cometh – ***
– PLETHADOR withstood the heat for a bit, but when SKWISH missed twice with the Hydro Energizer, the writing wad on the wall. BISHOP HELL (II) picks up two points for BLACK DEATH.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Overtime via pinfall after HELLFIRE – SQUASH
– BISHOP HELL (II) just destroys OVERTIME in seconds. He picks up three point fo BLACK DEATH! The crowd is going nuts sensing a BLACK DEATH victory here!

Bishop Hell (II) d. Symbiosis via pinfall after HELLFIRE –
* – BISHOP HELL (II) is on a roll and as a result…DIALECTUS is now completely shut out of the INFINITY CHALLENGE scoring only two points tonight!

It appears that BLACK DEATH will win it, unless ABROZ’s final competitor can win two in a row against BISHOP HELL (II) and whomever BLACK DEATH’S final competitor could be.

BISHOP HELL (II) d. Tricks via pinfall after HELLFIRE – **
– And BISHOP HELL (II) seals the night for BLACK DEATH and picking up the final two points.

ABROZ and DIALECTUS climbed up into the ring and HARBINGER appeared in a flash of lights! They called for the final scores…

ABROZ – 32

ABROZ and DIALECTUS stood dumbfounded. Suddenly HARBINGER and BISHOP HELL (II) attacked the two cosmic beings from behind! HELL covered them both in HELLFIRE and as ther ran around, HARBINGER hit them both with PORTENT OF DOOM! HARBINGER grabbed a mic as medics saw to ABROZ and DIALECTUS.

HARBINGER: The Infinity Challenge is over…FOR GOOD!

The crowd went nuts cheering HARBINGER as we…