From HotTa Hall, Fomalhaut, Pisces

Fans are crammed into the arena. Attendance has been way up since the appearance of BLACK DEATH! We’re staring the evening with two INFINITY CHALLENGE feuds. These are two rematches that were spawned form the recent SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE show, but they are NOT for INFINITY CHALLENGE points.

Symbiosis d. Tricks with EVENT HORIZON – *****
– Amazing match. Symbiosis came back strong after dumping Larry, his symbiotic! He picks up a big win here and he and LARRY celebrate as TRICKS slinks away.

Up next is MASTER RACE vs. CIRCUS STRONGMEN. GRYT is INFINITY CHALLENGE MVP two years straight and he brags that this year he’ll make his team TAG TEAM MVPs. Although he’s been a little forlorn since ROTUNDA has left him.

CIRCUS STRONGMEN d. MASTER RACE when Tanck pildrives Zygon on the arena floor – DUD
– Brawl from the opening bell. This feud has legs and these teams will meet again!

Next it’s Paganax vs. Nosfera! The Heathen Chief is looking to make an example of Nosfera. Omen has offered to accompany Paganax, but he’s refused.

Paganx d. Nosfera via DQ when Nosfera tries a deathjump with a chair! – *
– Paganax had trouble with the demon! Perhaps Omen should’ve come to ringside with him.

PSI vs. Coven Black is next! Black gets huge cheers from the crowd! PSI, with Scorn is booed loudly. The fans love BLACK DEATH!

PSI stuns Coven Black locking him in MIND OVER MATTER for a quick win – *1/2
– The fans boo loudly as PSI and Scorn duck out fast.

We cut backstage into the FDF RESERVE’S area. They look to be in a heated discussion.

SWARM: …WE are a team.

PAYBACK: We are partners in life, yes. Forever. But even you have to admit we were horrible as a tag team last years. We hardly won any matches!

ENSOR: Try any.

PAYBACK (to ENSOR): You’re not helping. Look, Swarm you are focused on getting to your son, and that’s great. We’re here for you. But Endgame has given us marching orders to go after THE GAMEMASTERS and so that’s what we’re doing. Besides, honey, you know Ensor’s not even my type.

ENSOR: Yeah. I’m straight.

SWARM: So even though you’re tagging with him, you’re still mah boi?

PAYBACK (puts his hand on SWARM’S chest): I’m still your boi.

They embrace. ENSOR rolls his eyes and heads to the ring.

THE GAMEMASTERS d. LEGEND KILLERS via pinfall after Star Warrior (II) hits Ensor with the Super Hero Hammer – *
– This was a quick one! STAR WARRIOR (II) and THANTOS (II) overpowered ENSOR with quick tags and quick, powerful moves to pick up the win. After the match, Thantos (II) held Payback in the MASTERLOCK as Star Warrior (II) hit his finisher repeatedly on Ensor, injuring him.

Out next, quite possibly the most popular rookie of 2127…Balaal! He comes out to cheers to take on…Patch!

Patch d. Balaal via countout after braining the AniMan with a chair – *
– After the bell, THE BETRAYER runs out and attacks PATCH to cheers of fans! A brawl erupts and PATCH is able to slip away.

Next in a huge match…Monolith returns from injury to face the man who lead to that injury – Hector, The Holy Brown Bear! Monolith has said he doesn’t care about BLACK DEATH and he won’t until he punishes Hector! Tonight could be the night!

Hector, The Holy Brow Bear d. Monolith via pinfall with I KNOW YOUR SECRET – **
– Huge shocker! MONOLITH was wiping the floor with HECTOR until HECTOR suddenly hit his finisher out of nowhere! MONOLITH is furious. HECTOR, wisely ran from ringside, but gloated the whole way.

Huge match up next with a great backstory! Upon her return, ALPHA FEMALE trounced PARALYZE in a one on one affair! PARALYZE humiliated and disgusted, blames HARBINGER for this defeat! So tonight they will go at it!

Paralyze d. Harbinger via DQ when Harbinger clocks Paralyze with a skull staff – *
– The fans still cheer HARBINGER even when he gets the DQ!

Next, another great match with a great backstory! SWARM wants to see his son MANTIS. HARBINGER has said he’ll make that happen when SWARM defeats a member of Black Death! So far Swarm hasn’t been able to so tonight he gets another chance agains GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION LPHA FEMALE! Of course the title isn’t on the line, but HARBINGER and APHA FEMALE joke that it’s & it’s Swarms desire to be Women’s Champ! The rest of the women’s roster do NOT find this funny at all.

Alpha Female d. Swarm via DQ after Swarm shoves the ref as he was trying to break up a ringside brawl – **
– Fans booed Swarm loudly, as always. Swarm has been in a slump and just cannot crawl his way out!

Next…IP CHAMPIONSHIP on the line as AETHRAN OVERMASTER defends against BISHOP HELL (II)! The fans are pumped, hoping that BLACK DEATH will add to their collection of championships!

Aethran Overmaster and Bishop Hell (II) battle to a wild and bloddy Double DQ – ***** – Both men are bloody by the end of this fantastic match! The crowd were on their feet the whole time!

Next, the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP is on the line as champs ULTIMATE FIGHTERS take on Rush & Turmoil!

Rush & Turmoil d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall when Rush hits Shoot with THE TEMPEST – **3/4
– NEW CHAMPIONS are crowned! As RUSH & TURMOIL celebrate in the ring, they are suddenly attacked by THE GAMEMASTERS!

Order was soon restored and soon it was time for our main event! GALAXIAN CHAMPION HAVOC defends against the most hated man in the GWF today…ENDGAME. The fans feel he represents all that is wrong with the old GWF and what BLACK DEATH, in their minds thankfully, swept away.

Havoc d. Endgame via pinball after two consecutive Gothic Tomb Spikes – ***1/2
– HAVOC manhandles ENDGAME easily and gets the win. The fans are going nuts! Havoc stands with the belt and the skull staff held aloft.

The fans begin a “Black Death! Black Death!” chant as we…