CARD #2126.175 – BIG BANG 52

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

1. Tanck (by Symbiosis)
2. Ensor (by Star Warrior (II))
3. Paganax (by Patch)
4. Malkuth (by Tristan)
5. Payback (by Panther Warrior)
6. Patch (by Tricks)
7. Gryt (by Retribution)
8. Symbiosis (by Tristan)
9. Star Warrior (II) (by Tricks)
10. Tharkas (by The Betrayer)
11. Retribution (by Tricks)
12. Panther Warrior (by The Betrayer)
13. Tristan (by The Betrayer)
14. The Betrayer (by Tricks)
WINNER: Tricks

TRICKS won by repeatedly kicking THE BETRAYER in the head with a boot that looked suspiciously like it was loaded and then tossing him over the top. THE BETRAYER hit hard, slamming his head on the concrete floor. As TRICKS celebrated his win, THE BETRAYER was out. MEDICS rushed down to see to BETRAYER and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and a thick plume of black smoke and THE BETRAYER was gone.

The crowd began getting antsy as this was the third disappearance like this in the GWF. THE BETRAYER joins ORACLE and MANTIS among the ranks of those who’ve mysteriously vanished.

Next out was PLETHADOR and SKWISH to the cheers of the CROWD! They all bobbed up and down to THE ONES IN THE WATER. Out next was SCIMITAR to a respectful cheer from the crowd. This being his final match in the GWF. Right before the bell, PLETHADOR sent SKWISH to the back, saying he wanted it o be truly one on one, ONE LAST TIME.

Plethador d. Scimitar via pinfall after a stunning cross body block – ****
– A classic match, or as classic as these two could have. After the match, PLETHADOR helped SCIMITAR to his feet and they shook hands. PLETHADOR raised SCIMITAR’S hand and the crowd thundered with applause. Then PLETHADOR left the ringside area so SCIMITAR could take his bow and depart the GWF one last time.

Next it was time for the second retirement match of the evening: PHANTASY versus ROTUNDA. The ever braggadocios GRYT was at ringside, firmly planted in ROTUNDA’S corner.

Phantasy d. Rotunda via pinfall with an amazing cradle suplex – *****
– A fantastic match! This one saw interference by GRYT on behalf of ROTUNDA and STARS & STRIPES on behalf of PHANTASY. In the end it came down to one on one and PHANTASY wins her final match in the GWF. After the bell ROTUNDA pouted away from ringside with GRYT trying to apologize to her for not helping her win. PHANTASY celebrated in the ring with STARS & STRIPES to the cheers of the crowd.

FRONTLINE DEFENSE (with SLEEPER CELL) d. MASTER RACE (w/ Deadliest) via pinfall when Anivar hits Thraxx with the KNUCKLE TATTOO – **1/2
– Fast and furious action here! Again though, Anivar didn’t tag Tauran into the match. He just kept saying, “I got this!” over and over. After the match the hooded figure who’s been appearing at matches across the galaxy appeared again and beckoned to ANIVAR. ANIVAR stood for a minute next to TAURAN and then hopped out of the ring to join the hooded figure in the crowd. There was a bright flash and a plume of black smoke and they were gone, leaving everyone wondering what was happening.

Nitro d. Overtime via countout after a piledriver on the concrete floor – *1/2 – A decent match but again no clear winner between these two youngsters. When OVERTIME wakes up, he’s surely not going to be happy.

PSI d. Bishop Hell (II) via escape (submission) after locking Hell in MIND OVER MATTER and then escaping the pit – *****
– A competitive match, but PSI held the advantage the majority of the time and got the win in the end. Some measure of vengeance after being injured. After the bell rand, the hooded figure appeared in the lava pit next to BISHOP HELL (II). THE GUARDIAN ran from the back but in a flash, as before, there was a flash of light and the figure and BISHOP HELL (II) disappeared.

After this, COMMISSIONER ENDGAME came out to address the crowd. He asked everyone to stay calm, but there was a sense of general panic. He assured everyone that everything was being done to prevent the continuation of these disappearances. The crowd didn’t seem comforted.

HelSin d. Coven Black when he shoves Black into the coffin after STAKE TO THE HEART – *****
– HELSIN dominated, though BLACK did get in some offense early on. As HelSin celebrated his victory, suddenly the lights went out. When they came back on, HelSin was knocked out on the floor and a snake-like animan stood on the top of the coffin. His long tail wrapped around the coffin and as he slid down he began dragging the coffin, with BLACK inside it behind him out from the ringside area.

No one had seen this…creature…before and no one knows where BLACK was taken. MISTRESS OF DARKNESS came running out but locked eyes with the snake-creature and suddenly nodded. She followed behind as the coffin was dragged away.

SCORN had run out to attend to HELSIN and she made sure to keep her distance from the snake creature. Several security guards tried to prevent the creature form leaving, but he bared his fangs and they backed off, letting him pass.

Out next was SWARM to a chorus of boos from the crowd. This was the match he’d demanded after his son, MANTIS, had vanished after a match with NOSFERA. NOSFERA and OMEN came out to boos as well. Many fans could care less who would win or lose this match and took the time to visit the concession stands.

Swarm d. Nosfera via submission after locking him in the WASP TRAP in the crowd – *****
– After the ref called for the bell, SWARM refused to let NOSFERA go. He kept screaming at him to tell him where MANTIS was. OMEN pleaded with him, saying they didn’t know where MANTIS was, but SWARM refused to believe them. He just kept NOSFERA locked in. The CROWD began to chant, “Let him go! Let him go!” but SWARM refused.

Several official tried to break it up, but SWARM wouldn’t relent. He just kept asking where MANTIS was. Suddenly the hooded figure appeared in the center of the ring. He pointed to the HoloScreen and MANTIS’ photo appeared. SWARM saw this and then let NOSFERA go and charged the ring, but again, the hooded figure vanished in a flash of light and plume of black smoke. SWARM was distraught. PAYBACK ran to the ring to comfort him.

Outside the ring, NOSFERA was slow to get up. OMEN tried to help him and when he was to his feet, NOSFERA hit OMEN with THE DEMON’S breath and then hopped left through the crowd, fans giving him a wide berth.

There have been no time stranger than these in the GWF for sure. COMMISSIONER ENDGAME came to the ring. He announced that due to all the strange goings on, he was ordering that the four remaining title matches would be contested with NO ONE allowed at ringside. Only the competitors themselves and an official would be allowed. He sent all, non essential personnel away, including announcers and time keepers and said he would perform those positions himself for the rest of the evening.

She Devil d. Strafe via countout after She Devil dodged a charge by Strafe and Strafe ran headfirst into the ringsteps – ***
– SHE DEVIL dominated this one but STRAFE retains the belt. After the bell the hooded figure appeared in the ring and as ENDGAME charged him, he whisked STRAFE away!

ENDGAME was furious and the fans began to boo him loudly. Suddenly EURITAR came running to the ring. He grabbed a mic. ENDGAME looked confused.

EURITAR: Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t know me, my name is Euritar. As has been reported widly I’ve had several meetings with the GWF Board over the past few months. Those meetings were to officially install me as permanent Commissioner, starting tomorrow January 1, 2127. However after the recent rash of disappearances that have occurred under the reign of Commissioner Endgame, the GWF Board has held an emergency meeting and installed me at acting Commissioner effective…immediately. The Board has also decided that until the reason for these disappearances are uncovered, Endgame is hereby placed on permanent suspension.

ENDGAME is shocked! The crowd cheers this loudly. They’ve had a strange feeling of unease with these disappearances and now it looks like someone is taking steps to ensure they don’t continue. EURITAR gestures for ENDGAME to leave immediately and, reluctantly he does. EURITAR then states that the remainder of the matches will be fought with several Reserve UFSP infantry men surrounding the ring area as a precaution.

The era of Euritar has arrived and already shockwaves are being felt! AETHRAN OVERMASTER comes to the ring with THE LEVELER for his match, but Euritar sends THE LEVELER away! OVERMASTER tires to argue but EURITAR will not stand for it. LEVELER leaves ringside.

Aethran Overmaster d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after two Overmaster Overhead Tosses – **1/2
– HECTOR was absolutely no match for the OVERMASTER and with his win, THE GLADIATOR now hold ALL the Championships in the GWF! If RUSH & TURMOIL and PARALYZE can retain in the remaining bouts, they will end 2126 with an amazing show of dominance!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS come to the ring with DARK MENACE. Euritar immediately send MENACE away from ringside, again saying there is to be no one at ringside for the rest of the night.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. RUSH & TURMOIL via pinfall after Clinch hits Rush with the ULTIMATE COMBO KO – *
– This one was short! RUSH & TURMOIL seemed a little disjointed without THE LEVELER at ringside! ULTIMATE FIGHTER began to celebrate wildly after their win, making their wild arm gestures and high fiving each other.

EURITAR came in the ring and told them to leave immediately so as to avoid any more disspaearances. They did. We have new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! The GLADIATOR stranglehold on the gold has been chipped away at!

We were now set for our MAIN EVENT! PARALYZE versus HAVOC for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP! HaAVOC comes to the ring alone. PARALYZE does as well. The fans are ready for what should be a monumental encounter. Right before the bell rings, EURITAR says that since he knows that tempers will run high in this match and because of the history between the competitors, this match will be NO DQ/NO COUNTOUTS – a TITAN DEATH MATCH! There will be a winner!

Havoc d. Paralyze via pinfall with FALLEN DREAMS – **
– And in a heartbeat it was over! Not even two minutes into the match and HAVOC hit FALLEN DREAMS and the bell sounded! We have a new GALAXIAN CHAMPION! The CROWD is going nuts now that PARALYZE is no longer champ! HAVOC is celebrating wildly.

EURITAR gets into the ring and asks HAVOC to leave in order to avoid and further dissapearances. EURITAR wants to empty the arena. HAVOC shocks eveyone by saying there will be another dissapearance. EURITAR asks him how he knows that. HAVOC smiles. There is a blinding flash of light and HAVOC, and the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP are gone in a plume of black smoke! The CROWD is hushed into silence.

EURITAR stands alone in the empty ring as 2126 ends and we…