CARD #2126.174 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The show starts with huge cheers as PLETHADOR makes his way down towards ringside. He shocks everyone and calls out SCIMITAR! SCIMITAR comes to ringside and PLETHADOR hears rumblings that SCIMITAR was planning on retiring at the end of 2126. SCIMITAR confirms that it’s true. PLETHADOR runs down the many battles the two have had and then suggests that if he is indeed leaving, they have ONE MORE MATCH at BIG BANG. SCIMITAR thinks for a second and then agrees! It’ll be PLETHADOR and SCIMITAR One More TIme at BIG BANG!

Swarm d. Nosfera via DQ when the ref catches Nosfera using THE DEMON’S BREATH – ****1/2
– Swarm was dominating until the DQ finish. NOSFERA and OMEN leave ringside giving SWARM no more answers about MANTIS. This feud isn’t over.

Ensor d. Symbiosis via pinfall with ERUPTION OF THARSIS – **
– Competitive match here. Symbiosis is getting some cheers from the fans. Especially since his symbiote, LARRY, has begun wearing a hat to the ring.

Patch d. HelSin via pinfall after HelSin misses a deathjump – **1/2
– Great match! Lots of outside action. After the match COVEN BLACK charged to ringside to attack HelSin, but HelSin escaped through the crowd.

Strafe d. Shann-Ra in dominating fashion with TERMINAL HEIGHT – ***1/2
– STRAFE crushed Shann-Ra here. After the match that mysterious hooded figure appeared in the crown and locked eyes with STRAFE who stood transfixed. Again, THE GUARDIAN ran out to chase the figure, but he disappeared in a flash and plume of smoke.

Gryt d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after a cross body block – ****
– GRYT was on FIRE! The crowd squarely behind him 100%! HECTOR obviously discounted GRYT’S ability and it cost him. HECTOR escaped with the belt while GRYT and ROTUNDA celebrated with a kiss.

STARS & STRIPES d. RUSH & TURMOIL by DQ when Turmoil took American Guy outside of the ring and a huge brawl errupted involving all four men and The Leveler – DUD
– AMERICAN GUY and U.S. MALE looked good, but a brawl errupted at ringside and the match was called.

GALAXIAN CHAMPION PARALYZE came to the ring with THE LEVELER and awaited to see who his opponent would be. PAYBACK came to the ring with his lover SWARM to a loud chorus of boos. Though PAYBACK has been a fan favorite, it seems any association with SWARM now is like a cancer in the fans eyes.

Paralyze d. Payback via DQ when Swarm interferes on Payback’s behalf – **1/2
– A good match until SWARM attempted to break up a pinfall attempt and the ref called it. The fans reacted badly at SWARM’S interference and began pelting him with trash. SWARM ran from ringside not understanding the hate. PAYBACK followed meekly after.

Standing tall in the middle of the ring, heading into BIG BANG as the GALAXIAN CHAMPION stood PARALYZE!

It’s his image we se as we…