CARD #2126.160 – INFERNO

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


The fans are set for a huge night of action that will see all of THE RECKONING RANKING GAUNTLET winners get their title shots! ALso on the bill, GRYT has mad a bold challenge agains the man he almost bested at THE RECKONING…AETHRAN OVERMASTER! Plus a triple threat match spiraling out of THE RECKONING as HelSin takes on Symiosis and Tanck! And we’re kicking off the evening with some INFINITY CHALLENGE match ups!

As the HoloVision cameras pan the crowd we flash up onto the luxury box of the GWF Board of Directors and sitting amongst them is none other than former GWF superstar EURITAR! The CROWD goes nuts as no one knew that he’d be here! Some are left wondering exactly why he is here, but most are just happy to see him!

After EURITAR waves to the CROWD we cut down to the ring for our first match. ABROZ and DIALECTUS have decided that since some of their stars were involved in other matches, they’d forego team warfare for just this night and put up random match ups. This could be the shake up DIALECTUS needs to gain more ground!

Shann-Ra d. Sultana via pinfall after a sunset flip – *
– SHANN-RA picks up a quick win and a cool two points for ABROZ

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. FREEDOM via pinball when Malkuth pins Ensor after LORD OF THE POUNCE – **
– Arguably, the two best teams in the INFINITY CHALLENGE put on a decent match. PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH pick up two more points for ABROZ

Vidtek d. Nitro via DQ when Nitro refuses to stop using closed fists – DUD
– NITRO went into this one cocky but after VIDTEK his a few moves in the opening minutes, he got frustrated and began wailing on VIDTEK, ignoring the ref. VIDTEK pick up one point for DIALECTUS.

At the end of INFINITY CHALLENGE action ABROZ wins the evening 4-1. THis brings the INIFNITY CHALLENGE totals to…

ABROZ – 49pts.
DIALECTUS – 27pts.

DIALECTUS is seen shaking his head as the two leave their luxury box.

ORACLE is in the ring and he challenges the ‘man of light’ who attacked him at THE RECKONING NIGHT #3. The being materializes and says he is THE GUARDIAN. He swears that he is there to try and save the universe from destruction. ORACLE says he has a funny way of showing that he wants to protect them by attacking him and challenges him to a match! THE GUARDIAN doesn’t appear to want to wrestle, but ORACLE calls for the bell and we’re on!

The Guardian d. Oracle via pinball after a TACKLE OFF THE ROPES – ****
– A great match here! For such a reluctant start, THE GUARDIAN sure dominated this match. ORACLE put up an amazing fight though kicking out many times. The CROWD seemed to get behind THE GUARDIAN though and they exploded when he got the win.

American Guy d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via DQ when Hector slammed him on the concrete floor, despite the ref’s warnings – **
– During the match, HECTOR was warned several times to follow the rules. HECTOR just shoved him away laughing saying he’s the incoming COMMISSIONER so he doesn’t have to follow the rules. The ref finally had enough and DQ’d him. HECOTR laughed it off and said all in the GWF would pay as soon as he gains control of the fed. As HECTOR walked from the ring we cut up to the BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S LUXURY box and say EURITAR watching then shaking his head and turning to discuss matters with the BOARD.

Symbiosis d. HeSin and Tanck after hitting EVENT HORIZON on HelSin – **1/2
– A brawl from bell to bell. Everyone wanted a piece of each other and in the end, SYMBIOSIS takes the win.

Gryt and Aethran Overmaster battled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION when they refused to stop brawling – *
– This match began with an, almost comical, staredown and as soon as the bell rang it became a BRAWL! So much so, that outside of an odd move here and there, it was mostly a fist fight! OVERMASTER seemed surprised that GRYT stood up to him so handily. Once the action spilled outside and no one heeded the ref, the match was over.

Backstage VIDTEK had some exclusive news about the mysterious wedding that been foreshadowed. He said that indeed, there will be a wedding on CARD #162. He said he didn’t know who was getting married but he’s heard from a lot of sources and the BUZZ is this will be a wedding that will SHOCK the GWF Universe! He’s been told that the happy couple doesn’t want any gifts and they aren’t registered anywhere to prevent knowledge of who they are leaking out. VIDTEK says sharing this moment with the fans is all the PAYBACK they need. This kicked the rumor mill into higher gear as to exactly WHO would be getting married.

THE GAMEMASTERS d. FRONTLINE DEFENS via DQ when Sleeper Cell attacked Star Warrior (II) – *
– The two teams don’t like each other and it’s getting brutal. ANIVAR has now taken to having SLEEPER CELL join FRONTLINE DEFENSE at ringside. THis feud is far from over.

Phantasy d. Mother Superior via pinball after SWEET SUICIDE to become the NEW GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION – **1/2
– PHANTASY recaptures the gold from the woman who beat her! She also now ties MOTHER SUPERIOR with four reigns each in the modern era.

PSI d. Overtime via pinfall after Overtime missed a deathjump to become the NEW INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION – *****
– THis was a heck of a match! These two newcomers brought it. In the end OVERTIME got cocky and was posing on the top rope before his deathjump and it cost him as PSI easily moved out of the way and picked up the win.

GLADIATORS d. MILITARY POWERS when Paganax is DQ’d trying to make a pin save while Turmoil was covering Thrakas – **
– RUSH and TURMOIL were close to winning several times and THRAKAS just couldn’t make the tag. This infuriated PAGANAX who continued to try and make the save, eventually getting himself DQ’d.

Paralyze d. Monolith via countout after Paralyze threw the big man outside the ring and then distracted the ref while The Leveler attacked him, knocking him out from behind – **
– MONOLITH was on a mission and PARALYZE tried every trick to keep the championship in the GLADIATOR camp! After the bell and PARALYZE and THE LEVELER quickly left ringside. MONOLITH came to and was furious and stalked after them as we…



ABROZ – 49pts.
Singles – Gryt – 12pts – 5-1
Ladies – Shann-Ra – 7pts – 4-1
Tag – LEADERS OF THE PACK 9pts. – 5-0

DIALECTUS – 27pts.
Singles – Symbiosis – 4pts. – 2-0*
Ladies – Phantasy – 7pts – 3-2
Tag – FREEDOM – 3pts – 3-2

* Sybiosis and Overtime both have 4 points, but Symbiosis has a better record so he’s currently the MVP.