From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


It’s the final night of the 2126 Ranking Gauntlet and tonight it’s all about ten men striving for the most illustrious prize in the galaxy…THE GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP currently held by PARALYZE. There is tension in the air as the fans eagerly await to see who will face the champ at CARD #160!

Patch d. Nitro via submission with a PATCH WORK TORTURE RACK – **1/2
– Decent match here with PATCH getting the victory over NITRO.

American Guy d. Patch via pinfall after AMERICAN FIREPOWER – **1/2
– AMERICAN GUY looks good here and moves on in the Gauntlet.

American Guy d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall after AMERICAN FIREPOWER – **1/2
– AMERICAN GUY picks up another win, putting him squarely in MVP territory for the night. Can he keep it up?

Aethran Overmaster d. American Guy via pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – SQUASH
– Like Rush & Turmoil on the last card, AETHRAN OVERMASTER came to the ring with the goal to demolish everything in his path.

Aethran Overmaster d. Havoc via pinfall after a Overmaster Overhead Toss – *****
– Wow! THis match tore the roof off the place. HAVOC brought just as much fight to the ring as the OVERMASTER! In the end, OVERMASTER was just a bit stronger and got the win, but this took a lot out of him!

Aethran Overmaster d. Gryt via pin after hitting him with a Gladiator Piledriver – *****
– The match of GRYT’S career here! Holy smokes! Just when people thought that things couldn’t get crazier, GRYT takes the fight to the OVERMASTER and shows, even in a loss, why he’s the INFINITY CHALLENGE MVP! OVERMASTER was finally able to use his strength to pull out a win, but how much further can he go?

Aethran Overmaster d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinball after hitting REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – **1/2
– The fans were dumbstruck when OVERMASTER pulled out this win. They were unsure just who to cheer for in the match to begin with, but then some slowly started to get behind the OVERMASTER merely because they were so impressed with his performance tonight. The incoming Commissioner had thought this would be an easy win but he was quickly shown how much resolve is in the GLADIATOR spirit.

Monolith d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall after a cross body block – *
– And the moment OVERMASTER had a little fan support, it all went out the window as MONOLITH stepped towards the ring. The fans were squarely behind the big man. As awesome as OVERMASTER had been all night, he had nothing left to give and MONOLITH just treated him like a rag doll.

Monolith d. Endgame via pin after the Lung Demolisher – ***
– It was teammate vs. teammate in the Main Event! Endgame brought the fight, but on the line was a chase for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and, more importantly to MONOLITH, a shot at PARALYZE!

After the match, MONOLITH was so fired up, it looked as if he might turn on ENDGAME and continue the punishment, as he stalked him, suddenly there was a faint ring of light that appeared between him and ENDGAME. MONOLITH took a step back as the light began to solidify into the shape of a man. The same man we saw on NIGHT #2 of the THE RECKONING. Once fully formed, the being waved MONOLITH back and turned towards ENDGAME, who was now propping himself up against the ropes. The ‘man of light’ reached a hand out towards ENDGAME. ENDGAME reached towards it when suddenly ORACLE made a dash from the back toward the ring, shouting at them. The ‘man of light’ turned suddenly and then, as if his concentration was broken, he vanished.

ORACLE slowed his run and glowered at ENDGAME and MONOLITH. MONOLITH turned to ENDGAME and helped him up and the two shook hands. ENDGAME raised MONOLITH’S hand in victory and the crowd cheered loudly. They turned and left the ring.

The moment they were backstage, again thousands of small square pieces of paper began to rain down on the crowd. The laser etched papers this time read…

Card #162 is scheduled to be an edition of INVASION, so it appears that’s when this mysterious ‘wedding’ will be taking place! The fans scurried to grab copies of the cards, which have now become sought after collectables on the InfiNet, as we…