CARD #2125.132 – SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE! – 07.07.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


The show started with GRYT and ROTUNDA in the ring. ROTUNDA held up his INFINITY CHALLENGE SINGLE’S CUP as GRYT posed and looked at his reflection in it. He said that people can just forget about teams in the INFINITY CHALLENGE as it’s all about him and after tonight, when ROTUNDA will face DEADLIEST for the INFINITY CHALLENGE WOMEN’S CUP, they will the be FIRST COUPLE of the INFINITY CHALLENGE and the GWF!

ABROZ and DIALECTUS then appeared at ringside and corrected GRYT saying that the INFINITY CHALLENGE was about teamwork and that’ll be proven at the next SuperCard – SURVIVAL – where there would be three survival rules matches between the singles, tag team and women INFINITY CHALLENGE teams. It was announced that winning sides would not only get points for winning but also for the number of ‘survivors’ left at the end of the match!

GRYT then began yelling at ABROZ and DIALECTUS from taking his moment in the spotlight to talk about things other than him and DIALECTUS announced that GRYT would have his first CUP defense, on the next edition of SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE and his opponent would be none other than his former partner TANCK!

GRYT and ROTUNDA left in a huff as the COSMIC CAGE was lowered for our first match!

Plethador d. Scimitar via escape after hitting a splash from the top of the cage! – * – This one was over in minutes as Plethador took the lead in this exciting feud! The score is 4-3 and the fans cannot get enough! Plethador earned two points for TEAM ABROZ in this encounter. It was over quickly and pretty one sided so no bonus points were awarded to either man.

In an interview, FRONTAL ASSAULT said they made a misstep in not taking LIFTOFF seriously at THE RECKONING and tonight, they would be capturing the INFINITY CHALLENGE TAG TEAM CUP and bringing it back to TEAM ABROZ.

Shann-Ra d. She Devil via pinfall after the MACHETE. – * – Shann-Ra easily dispatched of She Devil to pick up two more points for her team.

Bloodline d. Tricks via pinfall with the NOVA LAUNCH. – *1/2 – We saw shades of former glory from Bloodline in this match! He had the crowd on its feet and took Tricks out in a decisive manner! Bloodline got two points for his team with this victory!

ORACLE was out next and predicted that not only would VIDTEK lose their match tonight, he’d be bloodied by the end of it.

Vidtek d. Oracle via DQ due to Oracle refusing to listen to the ref. – **1/2 – This was a fun match up until the DQ. Oracle had taken Vidtek out of the ring and whipped him into the ring steps in order to make good on his prediction, but the ref had warned him not to and when he did, Vidtek won the match and a point for his team.

Nitro d. The Betrayer via DQ when Betrayer whipped him into the guardrails at ringside. – DUD – This was a brawl from the beginning and because he couldn’t get a clean, the ref DQ’d Betrayer after he whipped Nitro into the guardrails. Nitro gets one point for his team.

After this match ABROZ and DIALECTUS announced that because of the two DQ finishes tonight, on the next episode of SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE, NITRO and ORACLE will take on VIDTEK and THE BETRAYER in a SURVIVAL RULES match to give fans a taste of the SURVIVAL SuperCard!

Deadliest d. Rotunda via DQ when Gryt interfered on behalf of Rotunda. – ** – Rotunda actually looked impressive in this match and was very close to winning several times. Once Gryt stuck his nose in though, the ref called it. Deadliest gets one point for the win and three points for defending the cup!

FRONTAL ASSAULT d. LIFTOFF via submission when Zygon locked the TRI-CLAW on Mantis to get the win. – ****1/2 – This was a great match! Lots of back and forth, quick tags and exciting action. FRONTAL ASSAULT made good on their promise and got the win and brought the INFINITY CHALLENGE TAG TEAM CUP to TEAM ABROZ! They get two points for the win and three for the CUP victory!

As FRONTAL ASSAULT celebrated, ABROZ and DIALECTUS thanked us for joining and brought us up to date on the scores…


TEAM ABROZ pulls ahead once again. DIALECTUS warned him not to get too comfortable because his team has made up a down margin before and they would do it again. The two beings thanks us again and bowed as we…