CARD #2125.132 – INVASION – 07.14.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


We opened the show with PAGANAX standing in the middle of the ring demanding ENDGAME in a match tonight! ENDGAME charged the ring with a ref in tow! Wasting no time at all we have our first explosive match!

Endgame d. Paganax via pinfall after ULTIMA LEAP. – **1/2 – Endgame was out for vengeance after the beatdown he’d received at THE RECKONING and he tore into Paganax and picked up a solid win! After the closing bell, Paganax charged Endgame on the ramp and the two brawled to the back! This feud is FAR from over!

Phantasy d. Mother Superior via DQ when Mother Superior brianed Phantasy with a chair. – ***1/2 – Up to the DQ, Phantasy had the upper hand and was well on her way to deliver Mother Superior a loss.

Back in the LEGENDS OF THE RING locker room, HECTOR is finally revealing to SWARM and PAYBACK the details of the master plan he’s had all year.

HECTOR: So YOUR piece in my plan is that you have to take the belt from Sly Drury. You couldn’t complete the plan at The Reckoning because Endgame got in your way. But now that he lost to Drury and is otherwise involved with Paganax, it’s your time to swoop in and claim the Galaxian Championship!

PAYBACK looked at SWARM and smiled, putting an arm around him.

PAYBACK: If there’s any man who can get that done, it’s Swarm.

SWARM (smirks): This was your plan all along?

HECTOR: My plan all along is to dismantle Drury piece by piece, using the members of my team. Now we’re in the prime position to make it happen. Drury is avoiding me at all costs. Because he’s currently the champ, he’ll use the excuse of me being too low in the rankings to get a shot at him. That’s why you MUST get a title match with him and become champ. Then he won’t be able to hide anymore and he’ll be mine.

SWARM (smiles): Your plan is about to come true!

Tauran d. Coven Black via pinfall after a Tope Rope Exploder Slam. – ***1/2 – Back to the loss column for Coven Black as Tauran defeats the, as of yet, unimpressive newcomer.

SWARM came down to the ring and grabbed a mic. He shouted up to SLY DRURY in his Luxury Box Office demanding a match for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at SURVIVAL! DRURY replied he had nothing to fear from SWARM and he’d gladly give him the match. The CROWD went nuts! Then he added that, as Commissioner, he was putting Swarm in a match tonight in the MAIN EVENT against NOSFERA! SWARM smiled and reminded DRURY how easily he beat NOSFERA at THE RECKONING, he’d be glad to do it again! The CROWD cheered again and the match was set for later tonight!

Havoc d. Paralyze by DQ when Paralyze hit Havoc with the ring steps. – *1/2 – A brawl from the opening bell as all members of Covert Operations are dead set against paying Paralyze back for what he did to Anivar! After Paralyze clobbered Havoc with the ring steps and the bell rang, he was about to hit him again when suddenly ANIVAR, with members of SLEEPER CELL behind him, appeared at the top of the ramp and made a bee line towards Paralyze! Strafe warned Paralyze and the two jumped over the guardrail and ran from ringside. Anivar helped Havoc up and the two hugged! The CROWD was going nuts!

We cut up to SLY DRURY’S office where he’s being visited by NOSFERA and OMEN. He tells them that in no certain terms is SWARM to be in any kind of condition to be a threat to his title at SURVIVAL. NOSFERA hisses his agreement and runs his fingernails down the wall!

Thantos (II) d. Symbiosis via pinfall with the LEGEND LARIAT. – * – Pretty much a squash here with Thantos picking up and easy win. Symbiosis didn’t even have a chance to separate during this match.

THE GLADIATORS d. STARS & STRIPES via DQ when American Guy whipped Rush into the rails despite the ref’s protests. – *** – Fans could tell that STARS & STRIPES were eager to prove they are still title contenders (despite being in the Infinity Challenge). Perhaps a little too eager as American Guy gets them DQ’d!

Swarm & Nosfera battled to a DOUBLE DQ when the two refused to listen to the ref and stop with the closed fists. – ***1/2 – Swarm was very close to winning this match several times, Omen got involved and once he did, Nosfera started working in his dirty tactics and all hell broke loose! The ref called the match and security ran to break it all up.

After the two were separated, SLY DRURY grabbed a mic up in his Luxury Box Office and shouted down to SWARM.

SLY DRURY: Hey Swarm! Just wanted you to know this kind of DOUBLE DQ ending leaves me with such an empty feeling. So next time on INVASION you’ll be wrestling Nosfera again to a clean finish.

Swarm took a ringside mic.

SWARM: Yeah, yeah, let me guess, if I don’t win cleanly next time, my match with you is off, right?

SLY DRURY: No, no, our match at SURVIVAL for the belt is still on. I just want a clean finish between you and Nosfera one way or another. You know, for the fans. And so, to ensure that there’s a clean finish, you know, for the fans, next time you two will meet, in a BARBED WIRE COSMIC CAGE!

The crowd booed heavily for they knew that DRURY was looking to injure SWARM going in to SURVIVAL. SWARM was shaking his head and DRURY was laughing as we…