CARD #2123.86 – INVASION – 08.14.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

(We’re in the transportation center of the arena. AMERICAN GUY, PHANTASY, PATCH and THE BETRAYER stand around.)

AMERICAN GUY: You think he’s gonna make it?

PATCH: If he says he’s going to be here, he’s going to be here.

THE BETRAYER: Doesn’t matter to me, I have the night off.

PATCH: It should matter to you after you put us down one in the series against the FDF.

THE BETRAYER: Look, I did my best. Anivar’s a big guy and he put me through THREE tables you know.

PATCH: No excuse. This is a matter of pride. I’m beginning to thing your heart ain’t in the Nation!

THE BETRAYER: Well I’m getting tired of you speaking for Drury when he ain’t here like you’re his little lap dog! Not that I mind lap dogs. THey keep you lap warm.

PATCH: You’d better…

DRURY (off camera): Enough!

(Camera pans back to reveal SLY DRURY there on crutches.)

AMERICAN GUY: Hey boss, how you feeling.

DRURY: Better. Now look, we’ve got another table match against the FDF tonight. It’s a MUST win. We can’t fall behind them two to zero.

AMERICAN GUY: Who they putting up tonight?

DRURY: That freak Tauran.

PATCH: Let me have him. I can put him through two tables easy.

DRURY: No. No, tonight, Betrayer’s got him.

BETRAYER: What?! I wrestled my match already in this series!

DRURY: And you lost! So tonight you’re going to go out there and WIN!

BETRAYER: How is this fair?

DRURY: Fair?! FAIR?! Is it fair that I’m hobbling around on crutches because those freaks in Sleeper Cell attacked me? No. It’s a series of four one on one matches against the FDF. I’m not cleared to wrestle so it makes sense that one of you has to wrestle twice. YOU lost so YOU wrestle twice. And tonight, you’d better win!

(BETRAYER stands silently for a second as do the rest of the OUTLAW NATION. Then BETRAYER grabs his bag and storms into the arena.)

She Devil vs. Rotunda
She Devil defeated Rotunda with a DQ when ROTUNDA slams SHE DEVIL’S head into the rails at ringside
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: Standard match from the two ladies. Nothing spectacular.

(We cut to IRON HAND’S luxury bow overlooking the arena. IRON HAND stand looking down at the CROWD and PAIGE stands behind him.)

IRON HAND: What else?

PAIGE: Well, sir, I have a few more names for THE RECKONING Gauntlets.

IRON HAND: Tell me.

PAIGE: Well, The Troubleshooters and Titan Energy have entered the Tag Gauntlet. Endgame, Tauran and Wolf have entered the Galaxian Gauntlet and Anivar and U.S. Male have entered the Interplanetary Gauntlet.

IRON HAND; Fine. Anything else?

(PAIGE looks over his documents.)

PAIGE: No, sir. Well, um, I guess other than besides Patch we don’t know where the Outlaw Nation members will be in the Gauntlets.

IRON HAND: The Betrayer will be in the Interplanetary Gauntlet. American Guy will be there as well.

PAIGE: Oh. Guess they told you that then eh?


PAIGE: And I reckon Drury will still be out with that injury.

IRON HAND: You reckon wrong. He will compete in the Galaxian Gauntlet.

PAIGE: Ah, okay. I see. Well then I guess that’s it.

IRON HAND: No. THere’s one more thing.


IRON HAND: Get out!

PAIGE: Yes, sir. Right now!

(PAIGE exits and we cut back down to ringside for our next match.)

Disaster vs. Tricks
Disaster defeated Tricks with a DQ when TRICKS slams DISASTERS head into the rails at ringside
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: The fans in attendance were none to happy this match ended the way it did! It was a solid back and forth affair before the DQ.

The Stand vs. The Troubleshooters
The Bomb defeated Valour with a pinfall after DOUBLE PHANTASY
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: A heck of a match between these top two teams! THE TROUBLESHOOTERS get the win and it doesn’t sit well at all for THE STAND who’ve been trying so hard recently to get their shot at DIVIDED WE FALL.

(IRON HAND stands looking out over the arena from his luxury box when there’s a knock on the door. He nods and it slides open and the loud cacophony of voices is heard. IRON HAND turns and looks off screen towards the door.)

SCIMITAR (off screen): …and furthermore, I always get relegated to the secondary Gauntlet. If that fish brained amphibian is going to be in the Galaxain Gauntlet, I want to be as well.

VIN STRUTTER: Look, that slot has been promised to Tricks. You’re going to have to get over it. Now go back down to the locker room!

(IRON HAND watches this off screen, not amused in the least. The door slides shut and VIN STRUTTER enters the frame.)

STRUTTER: Sorry about that.

IRON HAND: I assume you’ve come to tell me that Tricks will take part in the Galaxian Gauntlet and Scimitar will be The Greatest Show’s entrant into the Interplanetary Gauntlet?

STRUTTER: Yes and…

IRON HAND: And am I to assume Circus Strongmen will be in the Tag Team Guantlet and Rotunda will enter the Women’s?

STRUTTER: Well, yes and…yes.

IRON HAND: Is that all you came in here to tell me?

STRUTTER: Um…yeah.

IRON HAND: Then get the hell out of here and stop wasting my time with things I already know.

STRUTTER (stands perplexed): Um…right.

(STRUTTER leaves.)

IRON HAND (shakes his head): Idiot.

(We cut back down to ringside for our next match.)

Wolf vs. Havoc
Havoc defeated Wolf with a DQ when WOLF rams HAVOC’S head into the rails at ringside
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: WOLF gets frustrated and takes the action outside the ring! HAVOC picks up the win by DQ, but there’s no doubt these two will be meeting again soon!

Circus Strongmen 2123 vs. Jungle Nights
Panther Warrior defeated Gryt with a DQ when GRYT rammed PANTHER WARRIOR’S head into the rails
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Wow! An absolutely amazing match that devolved into a wild out of the ring brawl! To say that these two teams hate each other is putting things VERY mildly! This second meeting ends in DQ. Should be interesting to see how these two teams meet for the third time!

Nosfera vs. Swarm
Nosfera defeated Swarm with a DQ when SWARM slams NOSFERA into the ringside steps
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: Many fans in attendance were upset this match ended as it did! Very early in the match NOSFERA bailed and started advancing on a young fan at ringside. SWARM leapt over the ropes and shove NOSFERA into the steps at ringside. The ref called for the bell and awards NOSFERA the match due to DQ. The ref was highly booed for his actions by the capacity crowd. NOSFERA didn’t seem to care either way as OMEN led him backstage and we…


Overall Card Rating: 3.58