CARD #2123.85 – SUPERNOVA – 08.07.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

(After the opening music we cut to the center of the ring where stands VALOUR, KILL PREY and SULTANA. KILL PREY has the mic.)

KILL PREY: Iron Hand, for the past few months you’ve been throwing tag teams in our way. The Troubleshooters have been a thorn in our side. The Circus Strongmen have tried to derail us. But every time, we’re able to better these teams. Look we know you don’t like us because, frankly, we don’t like you. But you need to come out here and explain why, after our winning ways, you are refusing to give us a title shot we, obviously so richly deserve.

(CROWD cheers. Moments later, IRON HAND steps through the curtain, mic in hand.)

IRON HAND: You want to know why I don’t give you a title shot Kill Prey? The answer is simple. In fact, I can explain it to you in plain English using four little words. I. Run. This. Fed.

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: Now, I want you to know you’re right. You have beaten just about every team I’ve thrown at you and I guess in some circles that’d be impressive. And you know what? I even calculated the new rankings using my personal discretion this morning and I cam to the conclusion that you, THE STAND are, in fact, the number one contenders and you are, indeed in line for a title shot.

(CROWD cheers.)

IRON HAND: But I’ve come out here to tell you that You’ll get your title shot at the next big supercard.

(CROWD cheers.)

IRON HAND: Of course, every other able bodied team in the federation will also get a title shot at the next big supercard.

(This causes some confusion in the crowd and amongst the members of THE STAND.)

IRON HAND: Effective immediately, I’m canceling all petitions for title shots and announcing that every wrestler and tag team in the federation now has an open title shot for any title they want. For you see the next big supercard is THE RECKONING. The amazing two night event where every wrestler and tag team will get an title shot. As you know, THE RECKONING is our annual Ranking Gauntlet! You want a title shot, you just gotta win. It’s that simple. Every title will be on the line and every title will be defended at THE RECKONING! Including the tag team titles. So what every wrestler and team should concentrate on for the next two months leading up to THE RECKONING is winning matches. Win more matches, you get ranked higher and the less matches you’ll have to win to get your title shot. So there you go. You get your title shot. By the end of the INVASION card on September 14th, each active wrestler on the roster must submit to me which of the Gauntlets they want to be in. Of course, the ladies will be in the Women’s Guantlet, but I’m opening the other three, the GALAXIAN, GALAXIAN TAG and INTERPLANETARY Gauntlets to any wrestler or team combination that would like to enter them. So, I assume you two would want in the GALAXIAN TAG Gauntlet?

KILL PREY: You know we do.

IRON HAND: Fine. You’re in. You win, you get your title shot. And as for all the other members of the roster, you have till end of the INVASION show on September 14th to get your decisions to me or I will decide for you. That’s my word and my word is law….MARTIAL LAW!

(The CROWD boos as IRON HAND turns and leaves. THE STAND look at each other and, a bit disappointed, leave the ring.)

Mother Superior vs. Shann-Ra
Shann-Ra defeated Mother Superior with a pinfall with MACHETE
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: SHANN-RA is back from injury and looks better than ever! She got a measure of revenge against MOTHER SUPERIOR, but you can tell SHANN-RA would still like to make her hurt for the injuries she inflicted!

Vidtek vs. Payback
Vidtek defeated Payback with a pinfall with BIG TIME
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: An impressive win for VIDTEK against PAYBACK. Has PAYBACK lost a bit of his focus recently? Time will tell. Meanwhile, VIDTEK looks better than ever.

Retribution vs. Scimitar
Retribution defeated Scimitar with a countout when SCIMITAR begins chasing SHE DEVIL around the ring after she interfered
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: A great back and forth match between these two undercard wrestlers. SHE DEVIL’S interference finally got the goat of SCIMITAR who began chasing her around ringside. He was unable to get back to the ring by the time the ref counted to ten, so RETRIBUTION gets the win.

(IRON HAND is working and there’s a knock on the door.)

IRON HAND: Come in.

(PLETHADOR enters. IRON HAND looks up and smirks.)

IRON HAND: How can I help you?

PLETHADOR: I want to be the first to enter my name in the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP GAUNTLET.

(IRON HAND suppresses a laugh and looks at some papers on his desk.)

IRON HAND: Well, your victories as of late have been impressive. Well, except for that business against me at SHOCKWAVE. Now, according to my notes here, I think you’d be more suitably ranked to enter the INTERPLANETARY GAUNTLET.

PLETHADOR: The Amphibian Submission Machine wants in the GALAXIAN GAUNTLET!

IRON HAND: Well I did say you can choose. So be it. Plethador, you’re the first entrant. That’s going to be a long night for you if you go all the way.

PLETHADOR: I will do it.

(PLETHADOR waits for no other word and he turns and leaves. IRON HAND smirks and returns to his work.)

Plethador vs. The Main Event
Plethador defeated The Main Event with a submission with the AMPHIBIAN ARM WRAP
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: PLETHADOR was clearly fired up after his loss to IRON HAND at SHOCKWAVE! He was determined and focused. Many think THE MAIN EVENT didn’t take PLETHADOR as a serious enough challenge. PLETHADOR smacked THE MAIN EVENT DOWN in two moves and then slapped on the AMPHIBIAN ARM WRAP to get the big submission win. After the match, PLETHADOR grabbed the mic…

PLETHADOR: Listen up! I’m putting every wrestler in the back on warning. The athlete you see in the ring before you is the ultimate submission wrestler in the GWF today. I can make any and all of you tap out like I just did to this chump here! So I’m issuing an open challenge to any member of the roster! One on one in a submission match! Because brother, what you see standing before you is the AMPHIBIAN SUBMISSION MACHINE!

(The CROWD begins going nuts as PLETHADOR poses on each corner’s turnbuckle.)


Gladiators vs. Titan Energy
Rage defeated Nitro with a pinfall after DEATH AFTER DEATH
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: RAGE and PARALYZE make short work of the Titans.

The Betrayer vs. Anivar
Anivar defeated The Betrayer with a pinfall after THE ENFORCER SPEAKS
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was a wild brawl that saw three tables broken during the contest! With the win, ANIVAR has given the FDF a one to nothing lead in keeping the right to decide what type of matches they meet the OUTLAW NATION in.

Strafe vs. Phantasy
Phantasy defeated Strafe with a pinfall after SWEET SUICIDE
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: The GWF WOMEN’S CHAMP PHANTASY shows exactly why she’s got the belt as she makes short work of STRAFE. Many are beginning to wonder if STRAFE has the ability to win the belt. Coming so close several times, but always coming up short.

Overall Card Rating: 2.87