CARD #2122.68 – CIVIL WAR – 12.05.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

(We are backstage. A Lightspeed craft pulls up to the arena and parks near the locker room entrance. The door lifts up and out steps PANTHER WARRIOR!)

(CROWD cheers.)

(PANTHER WARRIOR looks around then turns and reaches into the craft and helps out MALKUTH.)

(CROWD cheers.)

(MALKUTH is wearing a neck brace and is gingerly stepping out of the cruiser.)

PANTHER WARRIOR: You sure you’re up to this?

MALKUTH: If Massif is going to rip the dream right from our hands I want to see the results.

(PANTHER WARRIOR stands looking at MALKUTH for a second and then goes to open the door to the locker room and go inside as we cut to the BETRAYAL OPENING. PYRO explodes and the jam-packed Deimos arena is exploding with energy. As the music fades a spotlight hits the crowd and the crowd pops big as they realize that the JUNGLE WARRIORS are walking through the crowd. The fans respectfully give MALKUTH room to walk as the duo heads to two ringside seats! As they finally settle in we go to our announcer for the first match.)

Strafe vs. Sultana
Strafe defeated Sultana with a GROUND ZERO into a pinfall
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: STRAFE pulled out the victory in this battle that could have gone either way at a moment’s notice. STRAFE will now go onto BIG BANG to face MOTHER SUPERIOR for the WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

American Guy vs. Payback
Payback defeated American Guy with a DQ when AMERICAN GUY refused to bring the action back into the ring.
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: THis was a horrendously bloody battle between these two who refused at any point to let up. In fact, after the ref rang the bell, the two kept brawling back into the locker room. It took several security personnel to finally pry them off of each other! This feud, which began with the injuring of SLY DRURY is not over by a longshot.

Monolith vs. Disaster
Monolith defeated Disaster with an END OF ALL THINGS into a pinfall.
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Make no bones about it, DISASTER dominated this match. He was in complete control the entire time. For ever near fall MONOLITH was able to eek out, DISASTER had four! In the end, MONOLITH hit the END OF ALL THINGS and, in a split second, that was it. MONOLITH and DARK MENACE left the ring immediately after the match as DISASTER flew into a near uncontrollable rage after he realized he’d lost. DISASTER stomped around the ring and then stood motionless in the middle of it. he then abruptly turned and hopped out of the ring and marched, determinedly, backstage.

Circus Strongmen vs. Divided We Fall vs. Rage and Paralyze vs. The Master Race vs. The Troubleshooters vs. Titan Glory
for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Encubus defeated Thraxx with an over the top rope elimination
Muss defeated Gryt with an over the top rope elimination
Bloodline defeated Rage with an over the top rope elimination leading to the elimination of Rage & Paralyze
Muss defeated Reckless with an over the top rope elimination leading to the elimination of TITAN GLORY
Bloodline defeated The Bomb with a COSMIC BIG BANG into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: The top teams in the GWF battled it out and when the dust cleared it was DIVIDED WE FALL who stood victorious! Many fans had thought that a battle royal was not the proper way to crown new champions, but it did provide an entertaining match. DIVIDED WE FALL celebrated with MOTHER SUPERIOR. The camera pans across the crowd as the fans cheer in celebration! Then the camera pans to JUNGLE WARRIORS who stand, as the rest of the crowd, but are not applauding. They are just staring up into the ring at DIVIDED WE FALL. It’s this image of the two snarling warriors we see as we…


Divided We Fall won the Galaxian Tag Team Championship

Overall Card Rating: 4.38