CARD #2122.59 – SUPERNOVA – 04.14.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Lorelei vs. Phantasy
Phantasy defeated Lorelei with a via pinfall after SWEET SUICIDE
Match Rating: 2.00

Strafe vs. Sultana
Strafe defeated Sultana with a via pinfall after TERMINAL HEIGHT
Match Rating: 3.50

Scimitar vs. Vidtek
Vidtek defeated Scimitar with a via pinfall after BIG TIME
Match Rating: 4.00

Havoc vs. Disaster
Havoc defeated Disaster with a via pinfall after DDT
Match Rating: 5.00

Divided We Fall vs. Jungle Warriors
Panther Warrior defeated Bloodline with a via DQ when Mother Superior was spotted by the ref putting his foot on the ropes to avoid a pin
Match Rating: 4.00

Anivar, U.S. Male, Tauran, and Endgame vs. Sly Drury, Valour, The Betrayer, and American Guy
Anivar defeated Sly Drury with a via pinfall after THE ENFORCER SPEAKS
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was a fantastic match that did nothing short of amazing the crowd. But it was what happened afterwards that was so shocking. As Anivar celebrated in the ring, VALOUR, THE BETRAYER and AMERICAN GUY tackled him and VALOUR held him down while SLY DRURY got to his feet. The rest of OUTLAW NATION kept the FDF out of the ring and PHANTASY handed DRURY a chair and the microphone.

DRURY: Tuaran, Endgame, listen up! The Outlaw Nation will not tolerate you meddling in our affairs and we’ve decided that starting tonight, we’re going to take out each and every one of you, so you’re no longer buzzing around our heads like little flies!

(With that SLY DRURY dropped the mic and then proceeded to bring the chair down over and over again on ANIVAR’S back! Finally the FDF was able to storm the ring and chace the OUTLAW NATION off, but it was the sight of ANIVAR on a stretcher that we saw as the cameras…)


**UPDATE: Initial reports are that Anivar will be out for 6 cards, taking him out of THE RECKONING.***

Overall Card Rating: 3.92