CARD #2122.58 – INVASION – 04.07.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars


(As the show kicks off, we see the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS standing in the ring. Tauran has the mic.)

TAURAN: At the beginning of this year, the GWF was shocked to discover that Epoch had simply vanished. Now, I have absolutely no love in my body for Epoch, he was a dastardly, underhanded piece of scum. But when a wrestler simply vanishes, leaves without a word, the boys in the back start to talk. But there’s someone in the GWF who knows what happened to Epoch or at least has some information about it.

(The CROWD was waiting patiently on Tauran’s every word.)

TAURAN: Drury! Get your ass out here now.

(A shocked murmur went through the crowd. OUTLAW NATION’S music hit and DRURY came out flanked by THE BETRAYER, VALOUR, AMERICAN GUY and PHANTASY.)

DRURY: Tauran, do you have a death wish? Because callin’ me out here in connection with Epoch’s disappearance makes it seem like you do. I had nothing to do with Epoch’s leaving the GWF.

TAURAN: Weren’t Epoch and you good friends?

DRURY: We were but that don’t mean I know where he’s gotten off to.

TAURAN: No, but see I think you do. I think you’re lying.

DRURY: Those are strong words Tauran. You sure you can back them up? I had nothing to do with Epoch’s leaving.

TAURAN: Oh, you’re right. I misspoke. i don’t think you have anything to do with Epoch leaving the GWF. I KNOW you do.

DRURY: Explain yourself freak!

TAURAN: You see, at SHOCKWAVE I was sitting in my dressing room getting ready for the event when PAIGE brought me in my bag. Turns out it was the wrong bag.

DRURY: So? What’s the big deal in that? That idiot does that all the time.

TAURAN: Thing is, it was your bag. It looked similar to mine so I opened it and what do you think I found inside of it?

DRURY: You’d better’ve found nothing boy! That bag is my private property!

TAURAN: Well, I opened it on accident and I’m sorry for that. But what I saw inside that bag let me know that you know what happened to Epoch. Because in your bag was the GWF HEAVY METAL CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!

(The CROWD is shocked!)

TAURAN: The very same belt that EPOCH was holding when he disappeared! Why was it in your bag Drury? Why did you have Epoch’s championship belt? What have you done with Epoch.

DRURY: I’ve done nothing with him. You can’t prove anything. You had no right going into my bag.

(Suddenly MASSIF appears on the ramp next to OUTLAW NATION.)

MASSIF: No, he didn’t, but as he said, it was a mistake. I on the other hand, as acting Commissioner, have the right to go through any employee’s bag of my choosing and I just went through yours and found THIS!


MASSIF: What was this doing in your bag Drury?

(SLY DRURY stood dumfounded. Even the rest of the OUTLAW NATION looked dumfounded as if they had no idea.)

DRURY: Look, Epoch had me hold that for him the night before he left. He just asked me to hang onto it. I have no idea where he is.

(Suddenly ENDGAME grabbed TAURAN’S mic.)

ENDGAME: Massif! Is this the kind of wrestlers you hire here in the GWF? Liars? Cheats? For all we know you could be standing next to a murderer!

DRURY: Hey, watch it shiny. I ain’t no murderer.

ENDGAME: I wouldn’t put it past a piece of lowlife scum like yourself. What did you get out of offing Epoch?

DRURY: I didn’t ‘off’ nobody. I just…uh…I just have the belt!

ENDGAME: For a liar, you’re not even a very good one. You know what happened to Epoch.

DRURY: You shut up!

ENDGAME: Make me.

(With that OUTLAW NATION hit the ring and a HUGE brawl erupted! Bodies were being tossed everywhere! It took several minutes for officials to restore order and clear the ring so we could begin the night’s scheduled action!)

Mother Superior vs. Rotunda
Mother Superior defeated Rotunda with a via submission with the SERPENTS OF HYDRA
Match Rating: 2.00

(We cut to the middle of the ring and suddenly the lights go out. A second later four torches light at the four corners of the ring and there in the middle stand OMEN and NOSFERA.)

OMEN: The GWF’s most dominant wrestler has returned. Nosfera is here!

(CROWD boos.)

OMEN: Yes, yes, pathetic weaklings, boo and mock what you fear. it’s fine. We’ll see how much you’ll be laughing in a few weeks time when Nosfera is GWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

(MASSIF coes to the top of the ramp. NOSFERA seemed immediately anxious to charge up the ramp and tackle MASSIF.)

MASSIF: Omen. Omen. I thought we discussed this. You man lost the match against Monolith. He cannot make a challenge for the belt for sixth months.

OMEN: Of course, of course dear Commissioner. We know this fact.

MASSIF: Well then I don’t see how your man will become GWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION in a few weeks time.

OMEN: Oh but it’s so obvious. You see, you said that my man cannot ask for a title shot for six months. You said nothing about him EARNING a title shot in the ranking gauntlet at THE RECKONING. Am I or am I not correct in saying that if my man beats those above him in the gauntlet, he will get a title shot and could be the next GWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

(MASSIF seemed totally flummoxed by this. He’d clearly not thought of this loophole.)

MASSIF: I…I guess you’re right. If Nosfera is able to meet the challenge of those ranked above him, it is possible that he could be the next GWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. But, uh, I’d say he’s got more pressing issues.

OMEN: More pressing issues, like what?

MASSIF: Well, like the fact that Retribution is standing right behind him.

(In the semi-light, no one had noticed RETRIBUTION sliding into the ring right behind Nosfera! The crowd when nuts as RETRIBUTION began pummeling NOSFERA! OMEN scrambled out of the ring and was able to pull NOSEFERA to safety. RETRIBUTION grabbed the mic OMEN had dropped.)

RETRIBUTION: Nosfera! Listen to me! You will pay for what you did to my sister! Do you hear me?! I want you and me in this ring next show! You’re going to be crippled so bad, you’ll be out of THE RECKONING and the GWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP will just be a pretty dream!

(RETRIBUTION threw the mic at OMEN and NOSFERA and then bailed out of the ring and into the crowd! This is going to be one intense fued when these two meet.)

(The young rookie Daimyo enters the ring and grabs the mic.)

DAIMYO: Okay, okay, I lost. But I think if you asked Wolf, he’d agree that I gave him one hell of a fight. I’ve shown I’m a top contender and now I plan….

(Suddenly THE ONES IN THE WATER begins playing and PLETHADOR appears at the top of the ramp.)

PLETHADOR: Excuse me sir! I think you are sadly mistaken! The only way people get to be top contenders in the GWF is by going through me. Plethador. The GWF’s toughest athlete.

(The CROWD lets out a groan.)

PLETHADOR: So what’s say you and me go one on one tonight? Eh? What says you?

DAIMYO: I says, ‘Bring it on little fin.’

(PLETHADOR bristles at the name he’s been called and charges the ring! The bell sounds and we are under way!)

Daimyo vs. Plethador
Daimyo defeated Plethador with a via pinfall after Daimyo doged a turnbuckle charge
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: Again, Plethador was knocked out cold at the end of the match and at again, Rotunda ran to ringside, scooped up Plethador and took him backstage.

(We cut to the locker room of THE GLADIATORS. DISASTER is going over some last minute strategy with RAGE AND PARALYZE before their match. There is a knock on the door.)

DISASTER: Who is it?

(There’s no answer but we hear knocking again.)

DISASTER: I said who is it.

(Again there’s no answer and a moment later there’s another kick. DISASTER lets out a cry of frustration and crosses to the door. He flings it open and the minute he does, he’s suckerpunched and laid flat. The camera turns and we see HAVOC in the door way.)

HAVOC: I’m back. And next show, it’s you and me, one on one.

(The other GLADIATORS stand dumfounded and before they can move tograb HAVOC, he’s long gone.)

Tricks vs. Swarm
Tricks defeated Swarm with a via DQ when the ref saw Vin Strutter hand a foreign object to Swarm
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Tricks was dominating this match until one of the strangest occurrences to ever take place in a GWF ring went down. Tricks had Swarm beaten down in a corner and then turned his attention to She-Devil who’d hopped up onto the ring apron. The ref went to go make sure that Tricks and She-Devil were kept apart. Meanwhile Vin Strutter snuck around behind Swarm. He took out a small foreign object and was just about to use it on Swarm when the ref turned around. Vin Strutter, seeing the ref watching, shoved the object into Swarm’s hand. The ref saw this and DQ’d Swarm immediately! Swarm didn’t even know what happened when the bell rang and She-Devil was a little unclear on it as well. Tricks and Strutter just left the ring area laughing.

Rage and Paralyze vs. The Master Race
Rage defeated Zygon with a via pinfall with DEATH AFTER DEATH
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: This match was over before it got going! Rage dominated Zygon and only a few minutes into the match, Zygon was on the receiving end of the DEATH AFTER DEATH and was being pinned.

Titan Glory vs. Circus Strongmen
Tristan defeated Gryt with a via countout after a springboard moonsault onto the arena floor knocked Gryt out cold
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: An amazing back and forth match by two teams trying to get a much needed win going into THE RECKONING.

Wolf vs. Payback
Payback defeated Wolf with a via DQ when Wolf shoved the ref
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: This match was set up by Commissioner Massif to pit two of the top ranked guys in the fed against each other going into THE RECKONING. The two shook hands before the match, but Wolf got carried away and after shoving the ref, was promptly DQ’d, putting an end to Wolf’s recent winning ways.