CARD #2122.54 – INVASION – 02.21.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

– FADE IN… –
(Commissioner Massif’s office. Massif is working on some papers as Paige enters.)

PAIGE: Sir, he’s here.

MASSIF: Send him in.

(Someone enters but we can’t tell exactly who as they are standing right out of the frame.)

MASSIF: I’ve booked a match for you tonight.


MASSIF: Yes, Nosefera has been complaining about wanting another title shot. He just got one and blew it, so I’m telling him I want him to wrestler an opponent of my choosing and if he wins, he’ll get the title shot at SHOCKWAVE.

WRESTLER: I see. And if I win, do I get a title shot at SHOCKWAVE?

MASSIF: No, actually, as there’s a couple of people above you in order, but if you do wrestle this match and win, I will make it up to you at a later date. Sort of a ‘money in the bank’ type deal.

WRESTLER: Okay. I can agree to that. Nosfera’s going to be in pain tonight, that’s for sure. And as for you, remember this agreement when I come to collect.

MASSIF: Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back.


(The figure leaves the office as we…)


Strafe vs. Mother Superior
Strafe defeated Mother Superior with a via pinfall after TERMINAL HEIGHT
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Strafe seemed a little distracted during this match. She kept glancing down the entrance ramp. Speculation is she was keeping an eye out for Sultana and any member of the Sultans Of Swagger, but none arrived.

Plethador vs. The Betrayer
The Betrayer defeated Plethador with a via countout
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: The Betray rammed Plethador’s head into the ringpost outside the ring and Plethador had had enough. He signaled he was finished with the match and walked backstage. The ref counted ten and The Betrayer got the win.

Retribution vs. Disaster
Disaster defeated Retribution with a via DQ when Retribution slammed Disasters head into the steel rails at ringside
Match Rating: 1.00

– CUT TO… –
(We’re backstage in the Outlaw Nation dressing room. American Guy is on a com link.)

AMERICAN GUY: Uh huh. Yeah. Got it. I’ll let them know.

(American Guy hangs up the com and turns to Valour and Phantasy.)

AMERICAN GUY: That was Drury.

VALOUR: Oh? What he’d have to say?

AMERICAN GUY: He’s 100% and he’ll be at SHOCKWAVE.

VALOUR: Good, he’ll be there to see me pound Valour into a pulp!

AMERICAN GUY: He says he’s going to have a plan too. A plan we’ll enact that night. He called it a new direction for the Outlaw Nation.

(The Betrayer enters from the right, he’s just showered and changed from his match earlier.)

THE BETRAYER: Who’s this, what now?

VALOUR: Drury’s going to be at SHOCKWAVE, supposedly with a plan.



THE BETRAYER: Wasn’t planning on it why?

AMERICAN GUY: Well I thought for sure you’d want to finish off your feud with Plethador.

THE BETRAYER: First of all, no one ever feuds with Plethador. You just stand in the ring and watch him flop around. Secondly, I beat him tonight. I’m pretty much done with him.

VALOUR: You beat him by countout. That’s not a clear win.

THE BETRAYER: Sure it is. You saw my hand raised at the end of the match, yes?

AMERICAN GUY: Yes, but it’s still not a clean win. I’d think you’d want a decisive victory over the him.

THE BETRAYER: But, I won! I won the match tonight. How much more decisive can you get?

VALOUR: He’s right Guy, he won the match, a countout is just as good as pin or submission.I’m sure the championship committee see it the same way.

AMERICAN GUY (smirking): Yeah, they let titles change hands on countouts or DQ’s all the time. Why if this had been a title match, you’d be champ now.

(The Betrayer stands in silence regarding them. He then crosses to the door.)

VALOUR: Where you going?

THE BETRAYER: Massif’s. I’m going to ask for a match at SHOCKWAVE.

(The Betrayer exits and the moment he’s gone Valour, American Guy and Phantasy all bust up laughing.)


Jungle Warriors vs. Titan Glory
Malkuth defeated Reckless with a via DQ when Reckless drove Malkuth’s head into the steel rails at ringside.
Match Rating: 2.50

Wolf vs. Tricks
Wolf defeated Tricks with a via submission with the SAVAGE FACE CLAW
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Absolutely classic match. Lots of back and forth with manager involvement on both sides. Wolf seems to have gained some traction now and shaken off the ring rust.

Divided We Fall vs. The Troubleshooters
Encubus defeated The Bomb with a via submission with the MAFFEI MASTERLOCK
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: (After the match, as Sultana and Muss helped a limping Bomb to the back, Muss grabbed a mic.)

MUSS: Hey! Hey! Listen up chumps. You may have won tonight, but it’s all in vain! We’re heading to SHOCKWAVE, you see! We’re getting the title shot! We’re gonna be the new champs and we’ll see you two on the other side and maybe we’ll let you look at the belts.

(Bloodline and Encubus looked frustrated. Mother Superior tried to calm them as they all walked backstage.)

– CUT TO… –
(Commissioner Massif is now standing in the middle of the ring.)

MASSIF: Nosfera, get out here.

(A loud chorus of boo’s erupt as Nosfera’s music hits and he and Omen make their way down to the ring.)

MASSIF: You want a title shot. That’s great. So does the rest of the roster. You have been the main challenger for Monolith for months now and you haven’t been able to get the job done. However, you still come up first in the rankings. So I made you the deal that if you win against a wrestler of my choosing, you’d get a title shot at SHOCKWAVE.

OMEN: Yes, that’s what we’ve agreed to, let’s get on with it.

MASSIF: We will, I just want to make sure one thing is clear. If you win tonight, you get the title shot at SHOCKWAVE. Assuming you do win, which is going to be a very difficult task as you’ll find out in a second when you meet your opponent, and you go to SHOCKWAVE and you lose against MONOLITH, you will not get another title shot for sixth months. Got it?

OMEN: Massif, you do not scare or threaten Nosfera. Nosfera will win tonight and will win at SHOCKWAVE. Monolith’s reign is drawing to a close and the nightmare era of Nosfera is to begin.

MASSIF: Fine. I also must inform you that in order to get a clear victory, tonight’s match is a TITAN DEATH RULES MATCH.

OMEN: Heh. That pleases us. That means all of Nosfera’s tools will be available for use.

MASSIF: Yes, it does, but it also means that all of your opponent’s tools will be available as well.

OMEN: Who is Nosfera facing! Answer now.

MASSIF: Okay, okay, Nosfera is facing…

(Suddenly, Nosfera is flattened from behind! He turns to look up from the mat and sees, standing over him, PAYBACK! A wicked grin spreads across his face as he stands up and leaps into action.)


Payback vs. Nosfera
Nosfera defeated Payback with a via pinffall after the DEMON’S BREATH
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This match was amazing. By the end both men could barely stand upright. In the end though it was Nosfera who won, leaving the bloodies Payback in the center of the ring.

(After the match, Omen grabbed the mic.)

OMEN: Monolith. Sleep well. Sleep well until SHOCKWAVE. As you sleep, try not to dream, cause if you do, they may be nightmares. And come SHOCKWAVE, those nightmares will become reality.

(The camera focuses close on the bloodied face of Nosfera as a smile spreads across his face. This is the last thing we see as we…)