CARD #2122.53 – SUPERNOVA – 02.14.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

– FADE IN… –
(The camera is focused on the dressing room of the GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY. Suddently the door bursts open and Vin Strutter’s voice can be heard.)

STRUTTER: …get her disqualified.

(Disaster appears in the doorway, exiting the room.)

DISASTER: I could care less. I’m just warning you to stay out of the way and none of your people will get hurt. That includes you.

(Disaster slams the door shut behind him as we…)


Shann-Ra vs. Lorelei
Shann-Ra defeated Lorelei with a via pinfall with the MACHETE
Match Rating: 2.00

Sultana vs. Rotunda
Sultana defeated Rotunda with a via pinfall with a front face DDT
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: During the match, Rage & Paralyze appeared at the top of the ramp. They parted and behind them stood Strafe! The three of them came to ringside, but the ref hopped out of the ring and stoop in their way. Sultana looked a bit nervous at Strafe’s return. The ref warnings though persuaded the Gladiators to return to the locker room. Once the ref was back in the ring the match continued.

U.S. Male vs. Scimitar
U.S. Male defeated Scimitar with a via submission with SEIZE THE DAY
Match Rating: 5.00

Anivar vs. American Guy
American Guy defeated Anivar with a via pinfall after a running knee lift
Match Rating: 2.50

Tauran vs. Valour
Tauran defeated Valour with a via DQ after the Violent Outburst
Match Rating: 1.00

Circus Strongmen vs. Rage and Paralyze
Rage defeated Tanck with a via pinfall with DEATH AFTER DEATH
Match Rating: 5.00

(Mother Superior and DIVIDED WE FALL stand outside of Commissioner Massif’s office.)

MOTHER SUPERIOR: He’s got to give us a rematch, you guys are the former champs. You get a rematch.

ENCUBUS: Why do I feel like we’re gonna get the shaft on this?

BLOODLINE: Why do I feel you need a punch in the face?

ENCUBUS: Anytime runt! I’ll gladly…

MOTHER SUPERIOR: Knock it off! We need…

(Just the the door of Massif’s office opens, THE TROUBLESHOOTERS and Sultana are exiting.)

MUSS: Oh look, it’s the chumps.

THE BOMB: You here looking for autographs? Because we aren’t giving any.

ENCUBUS: The only thing I’d do with your autograph is use it to wipe my…

MOTHER SUPERIOR: We’re here to sign our rematch with THE MASTER RACE for SHOCKWAVE for the titles.

SULTANA: Well, that sounds like it’d be fun, if it would happen. Which it won’t.

MOTHER SUPERIOR: Oh yeah? Why not?

SULTANA: Because Muss and The Bomb here just signed a contract for THEIR title shot against MASTER RACE at SHOCKWAVE.

BLOODLINE: That’s our match! You can’t…

MUSS: We can’t what?!

(ENCUBUS throws a hard right at MUSS and the four men start brawling right there in front of MASSIF’S office. PAIGE opens the door, takes a look at what’s going on and quickly slams it shut. A second later the door flies open and MASSIF is standing there.)


(All four men freeze.)

MASSIF: You four want to fight so bad, so be it. Next week on INVASION you get your chance.

MOTHER SUPERIOR: Make it for the title shot at SHOCKWAVE?


MOTHER SUPERIOR: Whoever wins the match gets the title shot at SHOCKWAVE!

MASSIF: No, that title shot has gone to the ‘SHOOTERS already. But if you win, I’ll consider it. For now, THE TROUBLESHOOTERS get the shot at MASTER RACE at SHOCKWAVE. End of discussion.

(MASSIF closes the door to his office.)

ENCUBUS: IF you you make to SHOCKWAVE.

MUSS: What was that?

MOTHER SUPERIOR: Nothing. Let’s go.

(The two teams go their seperate ways as we…)


Daimyo vs. Swarm
Swarm defeated Daimyo with a via pinfall after the HORNET’S STING
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: Daimyo was visibly upset at blowing his chance at facing Kill Prey for the IP title. Swarm and She-Devil celebrated handing the young rookie his first loss as we…