CARD #2122.52 – SUPERNOVA – 02.07.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Sultana vs. Rotunda
Sultana defeated Rotunda with a via countout
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Vin Strutter tried his beast to get the unconscious Rotunda back into the ring, but she was just too much for him. Right as the bell rang, Rotunda fell back directly on top of Strutter, pinning him to the floor. Tanck had to come out and lift her of enough for him to get free.

Mother Superior vs. Lorelei
Mother Superior defeated Lorelei with a via pinfall with the SERPENTS OF HYDRA
Match Rating: 2.50

Anivar vs. Scimitar
Anivar defeated Scimitar with a via submision with THE ENFORCER SPEAKS
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was a great back and forth match between these two young stars.

Vidtek vs. U.S. Male
U.S. Male defeated Vidtek with a via sumbmission with SEIZE THE DAY
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: At the end of the match, Vidtek was motionless in the ring. The Medics came out to see to him and helped him to the back. Reports are he’ll be out for one card.

Retribution vs. American Guy
American Guy defeated Retribution with a via pinfall with AMERICAN FIREPOWER
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: A lightning quick match that saw Retribution mount no offense and when American Guy hit him with the AMERICAN FIREPOWER, it was over.

(Commissioner Massif is walking down the hallway when the lights go out. He fumbles for his com device.)

MASSIF: Paige? Paige!

(There’s a crackle of static and Paige’s voice comes over the com.)

PAIGE: Yes, sir?

MASSIF: Can you tell maintenance that we’ve got a blackout in corridor B9.

PAIGE: On it sir.

(The com device crackles out. Massif pushes a few buttons on it and uses it to find his way a few feet along the corridor. Suddenly there’s a brilliant burst of light as a torch is lit. Massif is now face to face with Omen and Nosfera.)

MASSIF: I should have known.

OMEN: Monolith is a worthless champion. He cannot beat Nosfera. He knows this. THis is why he disqualifies himself. Yes.

MASSIF: Look, I’ve given you man plenty of title shots. If I give him any more, people will start crying favoritism. Hell Endgame already thinks I’m a lousy Commissioner saying I’m too soft on rule breakers.

OMEN: We want one more title shot.

MASSIF: I can’t just GIVE you a title shot. But I tell you what, you win a match next Invasion against a wrestler of my choosing and I’ll give you a title shot.

OMEN: Fine we’ll play by your rules.

MASSIF: And I want a clean win. No DQ’s or Countouts.

OMEN: Fine, we shall be ready.

(Omen reaches up and with a wave of his hand, the torch is out.)


Titan Glory vs. Circus Strongmen
Reckless defeated Gryt with a via pinfall after the FLYING HAZZARD
Match Rating: 5.00

Plethador vs. The Betrayer
Plethador defeated The Betrayer with a via submission with the SUCTION CLAW
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: It was apparent from the onset of this match that The Betrayer was not taking Plethador seriously as a worthy opponent. The Betrayer made the mistake of dropping his offense for a second and for the rest of the match, Plethador didn’t let up. Finally finishing off The Betrayer with the SUCTION CLAW much to the delight of the crowd.

As Plethador celebrated in the ring, suddenly Rotunda appeared at ringside and climbed up into the ring behind Plethador. She-Devil was trying to warn Plethador but he just thought she was waving at him. Rotunda grabbed Plethador and gave him the biggest kiss in the galaxy. The crowd howled with laughter. Again, Plethador just fainted dead away as we…