CARD #2122.51 – INVASION – 02.01.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

– FADE IN… –
(We’re in the Gladiator’s locker room. Disaster stands with Rage and Paralyze. They are talking in low hushed tones. The door opens and in walks Wolf. The trio of Gladiators is instantly silent. Wolf drops his bag and steps up to all three of them.)

WOLF: You three got something you want to say? Got awfully quiet when I walked in here.

(Disaster steps in closer to Wolf.)

DISASTER: Yeah, we got something to say. You were brought here to take out Monolith. But since you’ve been back, you haven’t been able to take out anyone. You got your ass handed to you twice by Nosfera.

WOLF: Minor setbacks. Besides I don’t see you guys climbing the ranks getting title shots. So who are you to talk.

DISASTER: You are Wolf. You’re supposed to be the best.

WOLF: I am.

DISASTER (Gets inches away from Wolf’s face): Then prove it. In the ring. Tonight.

WOLF: Fine.

DISASTER: Against me.

WOLF (a smirk crosses his face): I’d love to.


Shann-Ra vs. Phantasy
Phantasy defeated Shann-Ra with a via pinfall via SWEET SUICIDE
Match Rating: 4.00

Valour vs. Swarm
Swarm defeated Valour with a via pinfall after the HORNET’S STING
Match Rating: 3.00

Payback vs. Tricks
Payback defeated Tricks with a via pinfall with the EXVENGE
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was an amazing match. The ref let the two wrestlers get away with quite a bit in this match. Both men were bloodied by the end and Payback just barely eeked out a win. It’ll be interesting to see future matches between these two.

Rage and Paralyze vs. Jungle Warriors
Malkuth defeated Rage with a via pinfall with the THIRD REIGN
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: This match was over in three moves. THE GLADIATORS were FURIOUS after the match. Panther Warrior didn’t even tag in. Malkuth just blinded Rage with speed and took him down.

(We’re in Commissioner Massif’s Office. Commissioner Massif is on the phone. He’s discussing some upcoming events. Suddenly he looks up and Paige is standing next to him.)

MASSIF (To Phone): Look, I’m going to have to call you back. (He hangs up the phone and looks up at Paige.) Yes?

PAIGE: Sir, you have a visitor.

MASSIF: I thought I told you I had work to do and wasn’t to be interrupted.

PAIGE: Yes sir, but, ummm, this gentleman was very…um…demanding.

(Paige raises his hands and we see they are tied with Bolos. The Camera pans back and we see Daimyo is holding the back of Paige’s suit. Daimyo lets go of Paige who turns and hops out of the room as his legs are tied as well.)

MASSIF: What do you want?

DAIMYO: You were at Rings Of Destruction right?

MASSIF: Of course, I am the Commissioner.

DAIMYO: And you saw Kill Prey slam my head into the ring post causing me to lose my shot at the Interplanetary Belt right?

MASSIF: Yeah, and this concerns me how?

DAIMYO: As Commissioner I figured it’d play to your sense of fairness. I should get another title shot.

MASSIF (Chuckling): Look kid,you’re new around here…


MASSIF: Let me finish. You’re new around here and you’ve impressed me with your abilities so far but I’m not quite sure you can handle another title shot.

DAIMYO: What the hell are you talking about?! I would have won that match if Kill Prey hadn’t…

MASSIF: Hold it! Don’t raise your voice at me son! Got it! You want another title shot? You need to prove it to me. On the next Invasion, you’ll be wrestling. if you win, you get your title shot against Kill Prey at the Pay Per View.

DAIMYO: Fine. Who do i have to beat?

MASSIF: The number one contender. Swarm.

DAIMYO: That’s fine. I can ground that bug easily. Get those contracts ready.

(Daimyo leaves the office. Paige comes hopping back in.)

PAIGE: Can I get you anything else sir?

MASSIF: Yeah. Yourself out of here.

PAIGE: Yes sir.

(Paige hops off screen. There’s a short yell and a loud crash.)

PAIGE: I’m okay!


Wolf vs. Disaster
Wolf defeated Disaster with a via submission with the SAVAGE FACE CLAW
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: After the bell rang, Wolf released the claw. He helped Disaster up and the two stood there looking at each other for the longest time. Then Disaster gave a slight nod of approval and turned and walked backstage as Wolf celebrated the victory. He stood on the ringpost gesturing to the fans as we…