CARD #2121.35 – SUPERNOVA – 03.15.2121


(PARALYZE is on his Portable Com Device. RAGE sits lacing his boots.)

PARALYZE: Look, just give me your best estimate. I see. Okay. (PARALYZE closes the Com Device and stands there silently.)

RAGE: Well?

PARALYZE throws the Come Device against the lockers as hard as he can shattering it instantly into powder.

PARALYZE: Two cards. That’s how long Disaster will be out. Monolith will pay for this disgrace. What kind of so called “warrior” attacks from behind?

RAGE: Alright, let’s focus that energy on tonight’s match.

PARALYZE (Still Seething): Right. Right. Who do we have tonight?

RAGE: Antak & Plethador.

PARALYZE (Stands deadpan and then a small smirk appears on his face): This is going to be fun.


Loreli d. Sultana by pinfall with a Missile Dropkick. – **

Latasha d. Shann-Ra by pinfall with the Latasha Lance. – ****1/2

Nosfera d. Tauran by pinfall with the Demon’s Breath. – **


(The shower is running. Antak is shadow boxing a bit. There’s a knock on the door. The shower instantly turns off and PLETHADOR comes sprinting out of the shower, slips on the wet floor and goes sailing into the lockers. ANTAK watches as PLETHADOR slams into them and then falls out of frame to the floor.)

ANTAK (After a pause): Come in.

(The PAIGE comes in with a big box wrapped in a ribbon.)

PAIGE: Sorry to bother you. Another delivery.

ANTAK: Put it over there.

(The PAIGE steps over PLETHADOR and places the box on the table. He steps back over PLETHADOR, wiping his hands on his pants. He turns when he gets to the door. He holds out his hand.)

ANTAK (Regards the PAIGE for a second.): WILL YOU GET OUT OF HERE!!

(The PAIGE nearly runs into the door jam as he frantically tries to get out of the room. ANTAK stands there watching as he scrambles out and slams the door. He looks down at PLETHADOR and then, stepping over him, crosses to the present.)

ANTAK: Lookie here Plethador, there’s a card. Shall I read it?

(There’s a weak moan from the floor.)

ANTAK: Right then. (ANTAK opens the card and clears his throat.) ‘Tonight you have the match of your life against The Gladiators. I wish you nothing but the best. Have you figured out who I am yet? A hint is that I’m a GWF Ladies Superstar and I’m better than the rest.’ (ANTAK replaces the card.) Aw. How sweet. I wonder what’s in here. (He picks up the box and notices that it’s oozing green slime at the bottom. He quickly sets it back down.) I’ll let you open it. Come one, we’re next.

PLETHADOR was still woozy when him and ANTAK got to the ring. ANTAK just shoved him through the ropes and into the waiting arms and fists of THE GLADIATORS.

THE GLADIATORS d. Antak & Plethador by pinfall with a flying arm bar. – **** After the match, PARALYZE grabbed the microphone.

PARALYZE: Monolith. Listen to me. You are a coward. Cowards attack from behind and that’s what you did. Now Disaster is out for two cards. But he’ll be back in time for SHOCKWAVE. So here’s what I propose. You and MASTER RACE vs. US and DIsaster in an AETHRAN ULTIMATE ESCAPE MATCH. Let’s see you bring your version of the GLadiator Piledriver and see how it does in the cage. We’ll be waiting for your answer.

THE TROUBLESHOOTERS d. BIG THINGS by countout when THE BOMB delivered and amazing Cross Body Block from the top rope onto The Betrayer who was outside the ring. – ***

Epoch d. Payback by pinfall with The Dark Age. – *****