CARD #2121.34 – INVASION – 03.01.2121

FADE IN: A trailer out back of the arena. The door is closed, but loud music is coming from inside. US MALE comes walking up and pounds on the door. No answer. He runs his hands through his hair. Waits a second. Then pounds louder on the door. A muffled voice comes out from inside and the sound of shuffling can be heard. The door opens. A few empty beer cans come tumbling out. AMERICAN GUY stands there in boxers emblazoned with the American Flag on them.

AMERICAN GUY: Dude. This is so uncool. If the Trailer is rocking, don’t come knocking.

U.S. MALE: I just thought we should try to come up with a little strategy for our match tonight. You know, since we lost our first match of the tournement.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah yeah. Look Phantasy and I have been working on a strategy. (He shouts back into the trailer.) Isn’t that right baby?

PHANTASY (from inside the trailer): Mmm you said it baby! hurry up I want to strategize some more.


U.S. MALE: Yeah, well maybe you want to let me in on the strategy?

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah, we’re friends and all, but I’m not down with that whole free love thing. Look, the strategy for our match tonight is simple. We kick their ass and then win. Now if you’ll excuse me.

(AMERICAN GUY closes the door and a giggle is heard from within. U.S. MALE stomps off.)


Rotunda d. Mother Superior by pinfall with the Fat Lady Sings. – *1/2

Tricks d. Anivar by submission with Sleepy Time. After the match CLAWS & KNIVES came out and the three villians started beating on the lifeless Anivar. It took several refs to break things up. Anivar had to be taken from the ring on a stretcher. Doctors report he’ll be out for 8 cards due to injuries suffered. Commissioner Massif surprised a lot of people by refusing to hand down suspensions to Trick, Scimitar and Slave-Beast. – ***

Swarm d. Sly Drury by pinfall with a reverse neck snap. – ***1/2

DIVIDED WE FALL d. CLAWS & KNIVES by pinfall with a leg sweep kick. – *****

Monolith d. Panther Warrior by pinfall with a Gladiator Piledriver. – ****1/2 After the match Monolith grabbed the mic.

MONOLITH: You see that? That is how easily I can destroy an opponent. And with a Gladiator Piledriver. It’s a weak move, but when I use it, it’s lethal. Let that be a lesson to you Disaster. I can take you out ANYtime I want. ANY move I want. Even your own.

STARS & STRIPES d. TITAN GLORY by pinfall with the American Firepower. – *

Disaster d. Kill Prey by pinfall. After the match Monolith ran to ringside and attacked Disaster from behind. He then hit him with two Gladiator Piledrivers outside the ring, knocking him out. He stood laughing over Disaster’s body until the refs finally convinced him to move. Disaster was being loaded onto a stretcher as we…