2078.053 – INVASION

From the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos
Santon the Loner d. Caiman via DQ after a bodyslam on the concrete floor – DUD

PALADIN POWER d. THE MENSANS via pinfall after Moon Strike hit Corsair with a PALADIN DROP – *

Toring Caelum d. Morpheus via submission with CAELUM’S GRIP – ***1/2 – Morpheus just cannot to seem to get any traction going against higher ranked competitors.  You’d better believe he will be looking to make his big move during THE RECKONING.

Omega d. Silvar via pinfall after the TOMAHAWK THRUST – SQUASH – Totally one sided here.  Omega made short work of Silvar in this one.

DEFIANCE d. THE CROSSCURRENTS via pinfall when Jammer smashed Thetis with BAD NIGHT – **1/2

ROCK SOLID d. WIND RIDERS via pinfall when Ricken Prince levels Rama with ROYAL DECREE – **1/2 – The GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS look strong in this one and soundly rout the WIND RIDERS.

Cosmos d. K.O. Keller via DQ when Keller won’t bring the action back into the ring – * – Cosmos was immediately frustrated with the decision and immediately began begging the ref to restart the match.  The ref refused.  Cosmos get sht win, but Keller keeps the title.


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