2078.052 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The crowd is hot for another night of action in the very best wrestling federation in the known galaxy!  Big news tonight is that Santon The Loner will get another shot at the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP held by K.O. Keller.  His title shot is being held under protest though as Morpheus says he should be the one in the championship match because Santon only won their Number One Contenders match via countout!  There’s a lot of action to get through before that, so let’s get to ringside.

Commander Sam D. Mimic via pinfall after SAM’S ATOMIC DROP – * – Sam looked super strong here and made short work of his opponent.

Omega d. Silvar via count out after a piledriver on the ringside floor – * – Uncharacteristically brutal tactics from Omega here.  Fans speculated he was paying Silvar back for all the time he has one by countout.

Torin Caelum d. Morpheus via count out after a piledriver on the floor – *1/2 – Torin Caelum took the fight to Morpheus and didn’t let up.  It almost seemed to catch Morpheus off guard.  Morpheus was knocked out, but one has to assume he won’t be too happy when he comes to!

DEFIANCE d. CROSSCURRENTS via DQ after Thetis hit Blood with his chain at ringside – * – Seems like CROSSCURRENTS may have taken on a more brutal edge as of late!  They went a little too far and got the DQ loss here.

Mangus, Destroyer of Humans d. Hechilles via pinfall with THE ANNIHILATOR – ****1/2 – Mangus defeated his opponent soundly and then demanded at title shot against K.O. Keller!  Time will tell if he gets that or not.  Impressive win here none the less.

ROCK SOLID d. PALADIN POWER via pinfall when Ricken Prince pinned Solar Flare after ROYAL DECREE – ****1/2 – Fantastic match here!  PALADIN POWER were wailing on Ricken Prince to start but he was able to make a tag to Screw!  Screw had troubles with the quick tags of their opponents and had to tag out.  Ricken Prince came in and promptly scored the win to keep the Championship!

K.O. Keller d. Santon the Loner via DQ when Santon too the action outside of the ring and refused to stop brawling – * – Santon seems to blow his chance at the belt here, getting DQ’d.  Keller retains the belt and with Morpheus clamoring for his title shot, it’ll be interesting to see if Santon gets any sort of rematch aftr his behavior tonight.  K.O. Keller, still the champion, holds the belt high above his head as we…