2078.049 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Morpheus stands in the middle of the ring.  He welcomes the fans to the show and he says he hopes they all enjoy the show tonight.  He mentions an ‘elephant in the room.’  He says that since THE GUARDIANS broke up, the fans of the GWF have waited for the other shoe to drop.  They want to see Omega and Morpheus, one on one.  He says that fans will get that match, tonight!  The arena explodes in cheers and we get set for our opening match.

WIND RIDERS d. THE CROSSCURRENTS via DQ when Vortex elbow Tano during a pin save – * – Tano looked hurt and was taken from the ring on a stretcher. (Tano will be out for 1 card.)

In the match fans were waiting for, Morpheus d. Omega via pinfall after TRIP TO HADES in an action packed match that delivered – *** – After the match, the two stared down each other and left the ring separately.  Fans were wondering if this was the last time these two would square off.

DEFIANCE d. THE MENSANS via DQ when Cordsar rammed Blood’s head into the steel ring post – * – After the bel an wild brawl broke out that had to be broken up by security.  This one will get wild.

Silvar d. Cosmos via pinfall after a Silvar Suplex – **1/2 – Silvar wins this brutal battle between these two feuding enemies.

Mangus, Destroyer of Humans d. Mimic by escaping the cage after a powerful neck breaker – *** – Mangus destroys Mimic in this encounter and seems to be finally done with the mime.  After the match, he looked into one of the cameras at ringside and said, simply, “Sam.”

PALADIN POWER d. ROCK SOLID via pinfall when Moonstrike gets the pin after Ricken Prince misses a deathjump – *** – PALADIN POWER become the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  This is the second time they have captured the titles and the crowd loved ever second of it.

Santon the Loner d. K.O. Keller via DQ when the champ rams Santon’s head into the ringpost against the ref’s warnings – * – A short one here and Santon was frustrated by the outcome.  Keller seemed frustrated as well.  Santon left ringside without a word.  Keller held the title and watched him walk away as we…