2078.048 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Torin Caelum d. Commander Same via submission with CAELUM’S GRIP – * – Commander Sam had taken some exception to Caelum’s recent beef with Omega, but Caelum seemed to shut him up pretty quickly here.

Mangus, Destroyer of Humans d. Mimic via count out after a piledriver to the floor – ** – The rematch ends the way the first match did!  Mangus is sick and tired of Mimic’s mime antics in the middle of matches, so again, he tries for drive him through the arena floor.

DEFIANCE d. THE CROSSCURRENTS via pinfall when Jammer hits Thetis with BAD NIGHT – ** – In this rematch, DEFIANCE makes short work of CROSSCURRENTS.

Silvar d. Cosmos via count out after a piledriver on the floor – ***1/2 – Another rematch ending the exact same way as the first!  After the bell, Silvar threw his hands up in disgust and left the ring area.  Cosmos was slow to his feet but didn’t seem injured.

PALADIN POWER d. THE MENSANS via pinfall when Solar Flare catches Cordsar with the PALADIN MISSLE – ** – PALADIN POWER made short work of their rivals THE MENSANS here, winning the match in minutes with quick tags and big moves.

Santon the Loner d. Morpheus by escaping the cage after Morpheus missed a big death jump from the top of the cage – **** – Huge win for Santon here who, as always, said nothing after the match.  Morpheus was incredibly frustrated by another loss and his inability to get a steady string of wins racked up.

ROCK SOLID d. WIND RIDERS via pinfall when Screw hit Tano with the FREAKISH FACE SLAM – ** – WIND RIDERS got a quick near pinfall right at the top and this seemed to inspire Screw to finish it quickly, which he did.  ROCK SOLID stands tall with the titles as we…