2077.041 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The show opens with Cosmos standing in the middle of the ring demanding that Omega come out and face him.  He is furious that he won just as many matches at THE RECKONING as Commander Sam, but Commander Sam gets a title shot.  Omega appears and says that Cosmos will get his match, but not tonight as there’s someone who wants Cosmos first and that is…Mimic!  Mimic was injured by Cosmos several cards ago.

Mimic d. Cosmos via submission with the MIME NERVE SLEEPER – *** – Mimic silences the youngster Cosmos in quick fashion, getting his revenge for the injury!  He then goes into an elaborate mime routine that tells the story of what he did while he was injured.  Apparently there was a lot of walking against the wind and an incident with a glass box.

MENSANS d. WIND RIDERS via submission when Trotarus locked Rama in the MENSAN LOCK – * – The two tough MENSANS look strong in this encounter, easily handling the WIND RIDERS

Mangus, Destroyer of Humans d. Silvar via pinfall after hitting THE ANNIHILATOR – **1/2 – Mangus makes a huge statement here easily dispatching Silvar.

Santon The Loner d. Torin Caelum via pinfall after Headbanger’s Ball – ** – Huge win here for Santon.  A win that should put him in the number one contender’s slot after the new year, depending how the end of the year tournaments shake out.

ROCK SOLID d. THE GUARDIANS via pinfall when Ricken Prince hit Morpheus with ROYAL DECREE – ***1/2 – And the historic 21 card reign of THE GUARDIANS comes to an end!  ROCK SOLID are the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  This was an interesting match which actually saw Ricken Prince on his best behavior!  He didn’t try the underhanded tactics we’ve seen from him in the past.  After the bell, Omega and Morpheus begin arguing and Morpheus shoves Omega and storms off.  ROCK SOLID celebrates their win as we…