2077.040 – THE RECKONING

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Omega welcomes us to a night of action and the birth of something unique!  A new tradition in the GWF called THE RECKONING.  It is a Ranking Gauntlet where all the wrestlers and tag teams are ranked and the person at the bottom of the ranking list fights the person right above them and the winner moves on to face the next highest person.  The end of each ranking gauntlet ends with a title match!  He says he hopes this becomes a yearly tradition and carries on far into the future!


ROCK SOLID d. WIND RIDERS when Screw hits Rama with the FREAKISH FACE SLAM – * – ROCK SOLID advances.

ROCK SOLID d. DEFIANCE via pinball when Ricken Prince hits Jammer with the ROYAL DECREE – * – ROCK SOLID continues!

ROCK SOLID d. MENSANS via pinball when Screw hits Trotanus with a middle rope clothesline – ** – ROCK SOLID marches on, an impressive display.

THE GUARDIANS d. ROCK SOLID via submission when Omega slaps an Indian Death Lock on Screw – ** – ROCK SOLID’s dreams crash and burn, but they definitely made an impact here tonight.


Cosmos d. Silvar via pinball with the MASTERDROP – * – Cosmos gets a big win.  Could he possibly go all the way?  Some in the crowd are cheering for the youngster!

Cosmos d. Mangus, Destroyer of Humans via pinball after the Cosmic Skull Crusher – ** – Another big win and the crowd gets behind Cosmos even more after he dispatches of the hated Mangus!

Commander Sam d. Cosmos via pinball with SAM’S ATOMIC DROP – *** – No love lost between these two.  The fans were pretty split on who they were rooting for.  Sam gets the nod and continues on.

Commander Sam d. Santon The Loner via pinball with SAM’S ATOMIC DROP – **1/2 – Commander Sam gets a win and the crowd back, solidly behind him.

Torin Caelum d. Commander Sam via submission with CAELUM’S GRIP – * – The former champ makes Commander Sam tap out quickly in this brief encounter.  Caelum moves on to face his rival K.O. Keller for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

K.O. Keller d. Torin Caelum via pinfall after a surprise sunset flip – ***** – Another classic encounter between these two!  Keller retains but the fans know these two will meet again.

After the final match, Omega comes out and declares that THE RECKONING MVPs, those that wine the most matches during the night, will get title shots on the next card.  He announces that ROCK SOLID will get a title shot and that Commander Sam will receive one as well.

Cosmos comes out and he is hot!  He says he won just as many matches as Sam and he should get the title shot.  Omega explains that while they did win the same number of matches, Commander Sam was ranked higher and therefore becomes the MVP.  Cosmos is livid and storms away from the ringside area.