2077.036 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Demios

– MATCH 1 –
Commander Sam d. Mangus via DQ when Mangus slammed Sam into a ringpost. – *1/2 – The ref called for the bell and these two started brawling like mad. The locker room emptied to seperate them. This feud is FAR from over.

– MATCH 2 –
Morpheus d. Mimic via pinfall after Mimic missed a falling knee drop from the top rope. – **1/2 – Mimic had the upper hand the entire match. Morpheus could not get in ANY offense and grew increasingly angry. Morpheus ended up playing possum and moved as Mimic attempted a knew drop and capitalized on it for the win. Morpheus was furious after getting his hand raised and he called out Cosmos and ordered him to hold Mimic as he delivered three flying kneedrops to the helpless mime! Omega charged the ring and put an end to it, shoving Morpheus to the back and scolding Cosmos. Mimic was taken from the ring on a stretcher.

– MATCH 3 –
THE MENSANS d. PALADIN POWER via submission when Cordsar locked Solar Flare in the MENSAN LOCK. – SQUASH – This was almost no competition at all. A few moves in SOlar FLare found himself trapped in the MENSAN LOCK and was giving up. After the bell, Trotarus began brawling with Moonstrike while Cordsar hit the now weakened Solar FLare with an amazing flying elbow smash from the top rope! Security was able to break it up, but Solar Flare looked seriously injured.

Before our next match, Cosmos asked for the mic and called his opponent Omega out. Cosmos laid out a heartfelt apology to Omega for his behavior earlier in the evening. He explained he just wanted to impress Morpheus by doing what he was told. He didn’t mean to cause harm to Mimic. Omega thought about this and accepted the apology and the two shook hands and prepared for the next match.

– MATCH 4 –
Omega d. Cosmos via pinfall with the TOMAHAWK THRUST. – * – Omega made short work of the youngster. Many think he was ‘teaching him a lesson’ in this match, but after it was over he helped him up and the two talked all the way back to the locker room.

– MATCH 5 –
CROSSCURRENTS d. WIND RIDERS via pinfall when Vortex covered Tano after the WATERY GRAVE. – * – Decent match here with CROSSCURRENTS picking up a much needed win.

– MATCH 6 –
Santon The Loner d. Silvar via countout after a piledriver on the concrete floor. – DUD – These two bralwed from the start and when the action spilled outside, Santon hit Silvar with a piledriver and rolled back in under the ropes to beat the ten count.

ROCK SOLID d. DEFIANCE via pinfall after Ricken Prince hit Blood with BOW TO THE PRINCE – **** – This was a fantastic match to end the evening. It was wild and crazy and the action was all over the place. The fans went nuts after ROCK SOLID got the win and booed them mercilessly as the posed and taunted DEFIANCE who slunk out of the ring!