2076.021 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

We open on OMEGA and MORPHEUS standing in the middle of the ring of the sold out DEIMOS INTERGALACTIC ARENA. OMEGA welcomes everyone and informs them that once again, all GWF talent will be competing in another CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS! He announces that like last year every time champions wrestles, the title is on the line just like last year, so throughout the year, most of the roster will get a chance to wrestle for the belt.

MORPHEUS takes the mic and announces that there have been some new signings recently as well. He’s says he’s scoured the galaxy looking for the brightest and best in the galaxy to bring to the GWF and the fans will see all the new signings here tonight. In fact, he adds, they’ll see the most unusual of the signings right now squaring off against OMEGA. He the introduces the, bizarre, MIMIC!

Omega vs. Mimic
Omega defeated Mimic with a countout when MIMIC starts doing a mime routine outside the ring and refuses to come back in
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: A very strange finish to this match. MIMIC got tossed outside the ring and then began doing an elaborate mime routine and got himself counted out. OMEGA and all in attendance were scratching their heads at this new entry into the GWF.

Thantos vs. Santon The Loner
Thantos defeated Santon The Loner with a DQ when SANTON slams COSMOS into the ringpost
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: The youngster COSMOS was, no doubt, hoping for a better showcase of his skills in his first match in the GWF, but at least he picked up a win against SANTON.

Commander Sam vs. Screw
Screw defeated Commander Sam with a pinfall after a middle rope clothesline
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: COMMANDER SAM looked better than he had in months but he was no match for SCREW who barely gave him a chance to mount any offense.

Morpheus vs. Blood
Morpheus defeated Blood with a DQ when BLOOD refuses to listen to the ref
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: BLOOD is finding his way in singles competition but he’s got to learn he doesn’t have a partner anymore so no one will break the ref’s count when he’s bending the rules.

Thetis defeated Trotarus with a pinfall after WATERY GRAVE
Match Rating: 1.25
Match Notes: CROSSCURRENT start off this round of the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS with a big win against a top ranked team. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep the momentum going.

K.O. Keller vs. Ricken Prince
K.O. Keller defeated Ricken Prince with a DQ after RICKEN PRINCE slammed K.O. KELLER on the concrete floor
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: RICKEN PRINCE looks to be starting this year’s CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS the same way he wrestled most of last years! With DQ losses!

Solar Flare defeated Rama with a countout after a slam on the arena floor
Match Rating: 0.50
Match Notes: RAMA is unable to meet the ref’s count giving THE WIND RIDERS their first loss.

Torin Caelum vs. Torpor
for the Galaxian Championship
Torin Caelum defeated Torpor with a submission with CAELUM’S GRIP
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: TORIN CAELUM easily handles TORPOR to defend his championship belt and add another month to his reign. CAELUM holds the belt high as we…


Overall Card Rating: 0.79