2076.020 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Once again OMEGA is in the ring. He says that last month DORADO SUNDOWN instigated a brawl that broiled over into a DQ. He says, tonight they will face THE GUARDIANS again. For the belts. MORPHEUS comes out. He says that he stands by OMEGA but at times, like now, OMEGA makes it hard. He says that while he doesn’t necessarily agree with 100% of DORADO SUNDOWN’S attitude. He feels that OMEGA has made it some bizarre goal to get them out of the GWF. OMEGA explains that the GWF is about competition, not taking over. MORPHEUS says that by making championship matches putting himself in as the contender makes him almost a mirror of what DORADO SUNDOWN would do if they were in charge. So again, MORPHEUS says, he’ll stand by him, but he’s coming close to crossing a line.

Torpor vs. Santon The Loner
Santon The Loner defeated Torpor with a DQ when TORPOR slammed SANTON on the arena floor
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: This one went nowhere fast. It was over minutes before it began due to a DQ from TORPOR.

Screw vs. K.O. Keller
Screw defeated K.O. Keller with a DQ after a slam onto the ring floor
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: Many were looking forward to this brawl between the two men who were the most recent #1 contenders, but like the match before it ended in a DQ.

Vortex defeated Moonstrike with a DQ after MOONSTRIKE slammed VORTEX on the arena floor
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Well, the CROSSCURRENTS pick up a win, but not in the manner I’m sure they would have liked.

Ricken Prince vs. Jammer
Jammer defeated Ricken Prince with a DQ when RICKEN PRINCE slammed JAMMER’S knee into the ringpost at ringside
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: JAMMER was taking RICKEN PRINCE to the limit. The action spilled outside and PRINCE grabbed JAMMER and slammed his knee into a ringpost. The ref called the match, RICKEN PRINCE was DQ’d and JAMMER had to be helped to the back.

for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Omega defeated Bullwhip with a pinfall after a COSMIC WAR DANCE
Match Rating: 2.75
Match Notes: THE GUARDIANS take the titled from DORADO SUNDOWN! The place is electric. OMEGA and MORPHEUS have the belts. They shake hands, but then MORPHEUS shakes his head and walks out of the ring. People now wonder if DORADO SUNDOWN will keep their promise and leave the GWF.

THE GUARDIANS won the Galaxian Tag Team Championship

Torin Caelum vs. Commander Sam
for the Galaxian Championship
Torin Caelum defeated Commander Sam with a DQ when SAM slammed CAELUM on the floor.
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: A great back and forth but the match ends just like most of the matches tonight in a DQ. CAELUM still reigns strong as GALAXIAN CHAMPION.

Overall Card Rating: 1.13