2076.018 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

We open on OMEGA standing in the middle of the ring. A single spotlight shines down on him. The ring is surrounded by a COSMIC CAGE.

OMEGA says that at BIG BANG he learned something. He learned that MORPHEUS was right. He has been off his game. Perhaps the time he spends behind the scenes with promotions and contracts is affecting his in ring performance. He then said he wanted MORPHEUS to come out.

MORPHEUS hits the top of the ramp. He stares at OMEGA. OMEGA says he understands that after BIG BANG MORPHEUS feels that things are over between the two of them but he knows that deep down inside, MORPHEUS knows they make a team that when it works, is pretty invincible. So tonight, OMEGA has a proposition. Tonight, he is challenging MORPHEUS to a match, in a COSMIC CAGE.

If MORPHEUS wins, they will go their separate ways in the ring. If that brings them in direct competition so be it. But if OMEGA wins, MORPHEUS has to agree to reform THE GUARDIANS and go after DORADO SUNDOWN in order to run them out of the GWF forever. Because deep down he knows that DORADO SUNDOW MUST be run out in order to keep the GWF on the right course.

MORPHEUS stands there for a moment pondering. Then in a heartbeat, he’s heading to the ring removing his robe! We have a match!

Omega vs. Morpheus
Morpheus defeated Omega with an escape after a spectacular deathjump from the top of the cage – pinfall
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: After the bell rang, MORPHEUS stood and looked back into the ring. He shook his head as he watched OMEGA slowly get to his feet. The two locked eyes for a moment, then MORPHEUS threw his hands up in disgust and walked away.

Commander Sam vs. Torpor
Commander Sam defeated Torpor with a pinfall after STAR SPANGLED BANNER
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: SAM makes up for his BIG BANG loss by soundly beating TORPOR here tonight.

Moonstrike defeated Thetis with a pinfall after a moonsault
Match Rating: 0.75
Match Notes: PALADIN POWER easily overpowers CROSSCURRENTS in what was almost a complete SQUASH of a match.

RICKEN PRINCE comes to the ring and asks for the mic. He says that he knows there was a lot of speculation out there among the fans as to why he faired so poorly in the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS. He says he didn’t sign up with the GWF to win contests. He came her to gain respect and the way you do that is to get men to grovel before you. His said his mission is to make everyone here in the GWF kneel before him. He issues an open challenge to any GWF wrestler who does not have a match tonight, to come out here and face him and he promises he’ll make him bow before him.

There’s a brief pause and then suddenly BLOOD from DEFIANCE rushes the ring and we have a match!

Ricken Prince vs. Blood
Ricken Prince defeated Blood with a pinfall after BOW TO THE PRINCE
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: RICKEN PRINCE makes BLOOD kneel before him, and behind the ref’s back, and picks up the win, doing exactly what he says he would. He grabbed the mic after and said he’d be back at the next card to do it all over again.

for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Bullwhip defeated Trotarus with a pinfall after TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: DORADO SUNDOWN easily shoot down their number on competition for the belts. After the match, BLACKLASH grabbed a mic and said it’s too bad that THE GUARDIANS are no more as they would have liked the competition. But in the meantime, they’ll be happy whomping on what’s left of the tag team ranks.

K.O. Keller vs. Torin Caelum
for the Galaxian Championship
Torin Caelum defeated K.O. Keller with a submission after CAELUM’S GRIP
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: Now THIS was the match that many expected from these two at BIG BANG! An amazing back and forth that saw KELLER come very close to winning the belt several times. In the end it was CAELUM with his hand raised. The two shook hands afterwards and hugged. The crowd gave them both a standing ovation. An amazing way to kick off the new year here in the GWF!

Overall Card Rating: 2.21