2075.017 – BIG BANG 2

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

OMEGA is in the ring welcoming the fans to BIG BANG. He talks about how many in the galaxy thought this little experiment would fail, but here the GWF is, still in business over a year later.

He says he has nothing but respect for the GALAXIAN CHAMPION TORIN CAELUM. A man who has defended the belt against everyone in the federation and brought honor and prestige to the title.

He also mentions the very competitive tag team division stating every tag team in the GWF has held the title at one point in the past year making it the most hotly contested title in the galaxy.

Suddenly MORPHEUS entered the ringside are with a mic and told OMEGA to hold on one moment. He says he doesn’t understand why OMEGA would come out here and lie to the fans who’ve supported the GWF since day one. OMEGA asked what he’s lying about and MORPHEUS says that he’s hiding the fact that there’s, in fact, been one tag team that hans’t held the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP and that is THE GUARDIANS!

He says when the GWF started he knew OMEGA was the right man to trust. The right man to have by his side to take the GWF to glory. But as 2075 has moved on he’s been repeatedly let down by him and now, after a year of only minimal successes, he knows that while OMEGA may have some good business sense, he’s a horrible athlete and a worse tag team partner.

OMEGA tells MORPHEUS to watch it as he’ll glad step in the ring anytime to show MORPHEUS how good an athlete he is. MORPHEUS says he’s glad because he wants that time to be now! OMEGA throws down his mic and takes off his robe and the bell rings! What a start to BIG BANG II!

Morpheus vs. Omega
Morpheus defeated Omega with a pinfall after TRIP TO HADES
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: Good back and forth but MORPHEUS dominated. After the match, MORPHEUS grabbed the mic and told OMEGA he was on his own now as his only quest was to dethrone TORIN CAELUM and capture the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

Screw vs. Santon The Loner
Screw defeated Santon The Loner with a pinfall after a running power slam
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: SCREW decimates SANTON in this unusually short match.

Blood defeated Trotarus with a submission with SCAR TISSUE
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: Another very fast match as DEFIANCE makes short work of THE MENSANS.

Torpor vs. Commander Sam
Torpor defeated Commander Sam with an escape after a brutal kick to the head – pinfall
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: TORPOR pulls off a hug win and beats COMMANDER SAM in the COSMIC CAGE! SAM was knocked for a loop by the kick that left many wondering if perhaps TORPOR had a loaded boot. Never the less, TORPOR picks up a much needed win.

for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Bullwhip defeated Moonstrike with a countout after a piledriver on the arena floor
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: DORADO SUNDOWN ends the year as tag team champions. BLACKLASH grabbed a mic afterwards and said that DORADO SUNDOWN planned to remain champions and if, in fact, any team was able to beat them cleanly, they’d leave the GWF forever!

Torin Caelum vs. K.O. Keller
for the Galaxian Championship
K.O. Keller defeated Torin Caelum with a DQ when CAELUM slams KELLER into the ringpost
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: A good competitive match. Perhaps too competitive as it saw CAELUM get frustrated as he’s done so many times before and lose his temper and wound up getting disqualified! Many were disappointed that the biggest main event of the year ended in a DQ, but it goes to show anything can happen in the GWF!

Overall Card Rating: 0.95