2075.013 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Ricken Prince defeated Torpor with a pinfall after BOW TO THE PRINCE. – * – Match Notes: And TORPOR finishes the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS without a singe win as RICKEN PRINCE picks up a much needed victory to boost his final point tally.

Commander Sam defeated K.O. Keller with a pinfall after STAR SPANGLED BANNER. – ***1/2 – Match Notes: Great match! COMMANDER SAM was eager to pick up a win after last month’s trouncing and he does in fine form tonight, taking out one of the top contenders in the GWF.

Santon The Loner defeated Screw with a DQ when SCREW bodyslams SANTON on the arena floor. – DUD – Match Notes: SCREW finishes the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS with a DQ loss. Still he should be ranked highly when all is said and done.

Torin Caelum defeated Omega with a forfeit when OMEGA is unable to compete – pinfall. – 0 – Match Notes: TORIN CAELUM got his hand raised but took the mic and said that this was not how he wanted to end the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS. He said that he so looked forward to challenging OMEGA in the final match of the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS as he knew OMEGA would rise to the occasion and give him the fight of his life.

Just then MORPHEUS came to the ring. He said it’s true that OMEGA’S ‘mistakes’ last month in the tag team match had cost him his shot at the title and with CAELUM getting his hand raised tonight, he’s now officially won the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS and taken home the prize money. He also gets to hold securely to the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP knowing that he’s taken on all comers and beaten them. Except he does have one loss on his record. A cowardly loss that, because it was a DQ it allowed him to keep the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. A loss against MORPHEUS!

So MORPHEUS proposes, no decrees that with the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS over and OMEGA out for the night, as co-owner of the GWF he’s making TORIN CAELUM put the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP on the line against HIM! NOW!

Morpheus defeated Torin Caelum with a DQ when CAELUM refuses to bring the action back into the ring after it spilled to the outside. – * – Match Notes: TORIN CAELUM took the fight to MORPHEUS, not willing to back down to his insults. He, perhaps, got a bit TOO carried away as when the action spilled outside of the ring, he refused to listen to the ref and got himself disqualified! MORPHEUS was furious and as he left the ringside area, he vowed to CAELUM that the fight was not over!

TORIN CAELUM held the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP high above his head as we…