2131 – Turmoil in the Gladiator Camp?

From the desk of Nitro…


Last night, Perfect Specimen defeated Turmoil for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and this morning there are rumblings of unrest on Aethra.  Apparently the Aetharan Council of War is up in arms over Turmoil’s loss.  The loss came as a blow to the Aethrans after such a strong showing at the end of 2130.  Aethran Overmaster’s embarrassing loss of the GALAXIAN TITLE to Shayne, put the Aethran’s on edge and now coupled with Turmoil’s loss has some calling for a complete recall and restructuring of the Gladiator team.  We are even hearing reports that there are even some Aethran’s questioning Aethran Overmaster’s leadership!

Witnesses report that after Turmoil’s loss at Night 2 of THE RECKONING, the shamed Gladiator was seen being forcibly put into a shuttle bound for Aethra by Probation and Fist at the direction of Aethran Overmaster.  This would gel with reports that Turmoil was seen as defying Aethran Overmaster’s authority earlier this year.  Perhaps his behavior was allowed to slide since he was the champion, but now that he’s lost the title, they are putting the clamps down on him.

Regardless, all eyes on Aethra turn to Probation and Fist.  The GLADIATORS will defend the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP tonight at Night 3 of THE RECKONING and it is rumored that Aethran Overmaster has DEMANDED their victory.  Most odds makers were predicting Aethran dominance tonight anyway.  Probation and Fist have beaten most of the top teams in the GWF already, so it would seem they are well prepared to take on whichever team can climb the ladder and face them.  But the question remains:  What if they lose?