From the Aethra War Dome, Aethra

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

A rabid Aethran crowd is piled into the war dome.  They are here for one reason, to see Aethran Overmaster defend the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP against Shayne!  And having Turmoil defend the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and the possibility of Probation and Fist capturing the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP isn’t a bad thing either!  But there is a long night of action to get through before that!

Out first is Fhanna with Magnus the Magnanimous and at the sight of a woman, there is a mad rush to the restrooms and concession stands.  The Aethran audience does not care about Women’s wrestling at all.  Fhanna’s opponent Scorn is out next and we are set for our first match!

Fhanna d. Scorn via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMAN – ** – The Aethran’s in the crowd who didn’t go get refreshments were nearly asleep when the bell woke them up.  Hanna gets the win here.  Magnus is beaming, but tells Fhanna they should leave quick as the crowd is not looking too friendly.

Magnus is back out again, this time with OUTCASTS.  The Aethran crowd is not quite sure how to react about Mayhem.  He is a GLADIATOR legend, but he’s also from a parallel universe.  They are watching this match closely.  Their oppenets get resounding boos as they head out.  There’s no ULTIMATE FIGHTER love on Aethra.

OUTCASTS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via DQ when Clinch breaks up a pin count with KNOCKED OUT on Mayhem Unleashed – * – The Aethran crowd does not like this.  They boo loudly and begin raining trash down on ULTIMATE FIGHTERS. Clinch and Shoot shield She Devil and run away.  Mayhem Unleashed stands in the ring and soaks in the Aethran crowd.  Tricks and Magnus are a little unsure.  Mayhem Unleashed lets out a wild growl and the crowd goes nuts!

The lights go out and all eyes focus on a small glowing blue orb making it’s way ringside.  Smoke is filling the arena.  Low lights come on and everyone can see the orb is Oracle’s  crystal ball and he is leading Eydilon to the ring.  Once they are in, a flaming sword cuts thought the darkness as Paganax stomps to the ring, ready to take out his foe.  They circle each other and the bell rings.

Paganax d. Eydilon via DQ when Oracle storms the ring to break up a pin count – * – After the bell, Oracle grabs Paganax’s sword and runs it right though Paganax’s side!  The Aethran crowd loves it, but officials pour to the ring and pry Oracle out of there.  Oracle is covered in blood as medics leap to Paganax’s aid.  Eydilon rolls out of the ring and, with a wave of a hand, commands Oracle to his side.  Without a word, they both leave.  Paganax is stretched out to a waiting cruiser and taken to the hospital.

Plethador, Panther Warrior and Panther Warrior’s partner head to ringside for their ladder match.  The Aethran crowd boos loudly.  Prime Colonizer, Lope and Magnus make their way out second.  Lope is pushing a cage that is, barely, containing Wolf who is going nuts.  The Aethran Crowd is jeering loudly and laughing at Wolf in the cage.

Prime Colonizer hands the keys to the ref and they are hovered above the ring.  Looks like Panther Warrior’s partner will start off against Lope!  The bell rings and here we go!

Prime Colonizer & Lope d. ANIMEN REVENGE via pinfall when Lope hits Panther Warrior with HOWL OF THE WOLF – ***** – Unbelievable match here!  All four men were bloody by the end!  The final moments came when Lope moved, who’d incapacitated Panther Warrior was climbing the ladder.  Plethador charged the ring to try to push him off and Lope hit HOWL OF THE WOLF from the ladder!  He then scaled it and retrieved the keys!  Wolf is still under Prime Colonizers control.  He let our a howl of rage that the Aethran crowd loved!  Prime Colonizer had Lope wheel the cage away and ANIMEN REVENGE were left to pick up the pieces.  That’s three out of three wins for Magnus tonight!  Future Shock is on a streak!

Overtime and Lord Nexus were out next and the Aethran crowd showed them no love.  Overtime’s opponent, Darkest Justice came out with Dark Menace in tow.

Darkest Justice d. Overtime via pinfall after ROD OF INJUSTICE – **1/2 – Darkest Justice makes short work of Overtime.  He had to cheat to do it, getting away with ROD OF INJUSTICE three times in a row.  The ref was oblivious, even with Lord Nexus shouting about it.  Lord Nexus was not happy with the outcome here.

The War Dome comes unglued when Minister of War made his way to the ring with Magnus.  He may have been the most hated man in the building.  Minister of War didn’t care.  He soaked it all in, smiling a wicked smile.  Star Slayer came to the ring with his gun and Nova.  Is the Aethran crowd actually cheering Star Slayer in this contest?  The bell rings and here we go!

Minister of War d. Star Slayer via pinfall with AETHRAN MASSACRE – **1/2 – As if to taught the crowd, Minister of War just decimated Star Slayer.  Even interference by Nova couldn’t gain any momentum for Star Slayer.  Three AETHRAN MASSACRES in a row and Minister of War got the victory!  The crowd was so full of vitriol, an energy shield had to be used to protect Minster of War and Magnus as they left ringside.  Backstage Magnus crossed to Nitro.

MAGNUS:  Tonight is Future Shock’s night!  This is just a small sampling of what you can expect from my team for the whole year.

Next out is Oracle leading THE TWO to the ring.  They are followed by their opponents, DEMON HUNTERS for this next grudge match.

THE TWO d. DEMON HUNTERS via pinfall after Sur hits HelSin with GIFT OF THE GODS – **1/2 – THE TWO tore into DEMON HUNTERS and didn’t let up.  Crossfire and HelSin began using quick tags, but it didn’t matter, Sur and Ghena were just too powerful.

Bex is out next, looking focused for his grudge match against Bishop Hell (II).  Dark Menace leads his charge to the ring, smiling his evil smile.  They pass Nitro.

DARK MENACE:  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, because you people are morons, Bex can bring as many finishers to the dance as he likes, Bishop Hell (II) only needs one finisher to finish this idiot off!

Bex d. Bishop Hell (II) via submission with GROUND ZERO – **** – Bex dominates the match and finishes off Bishop Hell (II) with GROUND ZERO.

Lord Nexus is back out to a loud chorus of boos from the Aethran Crowd as he leads Taichi to the ring.  Again, the seats in the arena empty out as the crowd sees that this will be another women’s match.  Tights’ opponent, She Devil comes to the ring for her title shot.

Taichi d. She Devil via submission with the ARM TRIANGLE – ***** – Great match, too bad the crowd showed no interest.  She Devil hung in as long as she could (7 tokens) but Taichi locked in the ARM TRIANGLE and get the victory.

The crowd comes alive as Turmoil heads to the ring with Leveler!  He holds the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP high above his head and for the first time, the crowd gives unquestioning praise to an athlete.  Loud chants of Turmoil’s name fill the arena.  Turmoil soaks it in.

Out next is Perfect Specimen with Lord Nexus who gets booed loudly.  The fans are ready to see GLADIATOR dominance in action!  The bell rings…

Turmoil d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall with a schoolboy roll up out of nowhere – ***** – Wow!  What a match!  By the end both men were bloodied.  Leveler and Lord Nexus both got involved at different points in the match but in the end it was a simple, rookie mistake that Turmoil capitalized on that gave him the win.

The Aethran crowd loved every second of the match and cheer loudly for Turmoil as he leaves the ringside area.  Their cheers continue as out comes Probation and Fist for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP finals!  Their oppnets, BACK IN BLACK come out with Dark Menace to a shower of hatred.

GLADIATORS d. BACK IN BLACK via pinfall when Fist hits UltraMantis Black with a flying cross chop – **1/2 – The place go nuts!  Probation and Fist are handed the titles and the crowd is on their feet!  For the first time in a very, long time, all the major titles are held by Aethrans!  Dark Menace is upset that his team failed to get the job done and begins yelling at Coven Black and UltraMantis Black as they leave ringside.  No one notices it though because they are too busy celebrating.

Aethran Overmaster comes out and regards both men, giving special notice to Probation who did a lion’s share of the work in the match.  GLADIATORS are undefeated and now they are the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  Fist and Probation salute Overmaster and leave ringside.  Overmaster stands in the center of the ring and awaits Shayne.  It is MAIN EVENT TIME.

Shayne d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall after a senton bomb to become the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION – ***** – The arena erupts in a near riot!  The Aethran security joins in the mayhem!  GWF officials whisk Shayne and the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP out of the building and, undoubtedly, off planet.  Overmaster is irate!  His plans for all four GLADIATORS to stand tall with championships has been thwarted!

The crowd begins tearing apart the arena as we…


After the show, Nitro reports that Raglan and Flagyl, the medics, were able to get Paganax to the hospital pretty quickly.  Thought the stab wound was serious, it could have been a lot worse.  Paganax is expected to miss about seven cards.  Also, as before, Nitro found that Bex donated the winnings from tonight’s match to the Black Death Foundation.