2131 – The Hive Attack – News Roundup

Below are a collection of brief news items collecting the latest on the situation of the attack on The Hive and the abduction of GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPION Swarm.

  • The Deimos Daily reports that Stemming from yesterday’s statement by the Galactic Wrestling Federations, that the Deimos Perennial would go on as planned, security has been ramped up three fold around the Deimos Intergalactic Arena.  In addition to the usually security of guards, weapon detectors and parking lot check points, the UFSP has moved heavy artillery around the building to prevent any warship attacks like the one seen at The Hive.
  • The Andromeda Annual reports that the death toll from the attack at The Hive now stands at six.  There are currentlly twenty three people in various hospitals and their conditions range from stable to critical.  Family members of the deceased and injured are already clamoring for the UFSP to track down the party responsible for the attack and bring them to justice.  The UFSP is following any leads in order to accomplish just that.  An inside source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that while countless tips have poured into the UFSP’s law enforcement division, none have proven fruitful yet.  The source also said that, as of now, no party has taken credit for the attack and abduction.  The who and the why of this whole even remain a mystery.
  • The GWF Promoter, the longest running periodical dedicated to the Galactic Wrestling Federation, ran a special edition highlighting the career of the polarizing Champion, Swarm.  From his historic first GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP win in 2125, and the groundbreaking events that happened in the ring after, to his tag team Championship run with his son Mantis as RECONCILIATION, to becoming the only man to ever hold the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP in 2127 (a feat that Swarm, up to the day of his disappearance categorically denies happened, even though holovision records prove otherwise).  The special issue is a testament to the strange career of a GWF Superstar.  The GWF Promoter made it clear that the issue is not an IN MEMORIAM issue by any means.  But they have stated that they have a version of that ready to go should word come down that things have gone that way.

The galaxy sits on pins and needles.  Counting down the minutes until the Deimos Perennial which is now just a day away!