CARD 2130.274 – BETRAYAL 2130

From the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commentary: Trent “Best in the Business” Lawless
Ringside/Backstage: Nitro

The fans in the Intergalactic Arena and those watching around the galaxy have been counting down the second until tonight’s event! Betrayal has become a night of legend, harkening all the way back to the first one in 2074, where Torin Caelum defeated K.O. Keller to become the very first GALAXIAN CHAMPION!

Euritar welcomes us to the show and reminds us that all the matches tonight will be contested under TITAN DEATH RULES to ensure a winner.

We head to the ring and the crowd goes nuts because out comes Wiggy! Fans have signs that read ‘We Love Wiggy!’ Men throw flowers her way. She waves and smiles and kisses babies as she heads to the ring.

Following her. Not joining in a the revere is Endgame. He is determined. Focused. Obviously looking towards tonight to climb back up to the top of the mountain in the GALAXY’S FINEST!

Out next, with The Dark Menace is Bishop Hell (II). His hands ablaze with Hellfire that he threatens those at ringside with. Bishop Hell (II) enters the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

Endgame vs. Bishop Hell (II)

And the match is all Endgame. Endgame unleashes an assault the likes of which fans haven’t seen from him in some time. He destroys Bishop Hell (II) and the crowd gets firmly behind him. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s with Wiggy. The Galaxy’s Sweetheart!

Endgame d. Bishop Hell (II) via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – **

After the match, Nitro catches Dark Menace in the aisle.

NITRO: Not a good showing for Bishop Hell (II).

DARK MENACE: Stow it cretin! I still have another shot!

Endgame doesn’t waste any time at the ring, he heads o the back and, much to the disappointment of the crowd, so does Wiggy.

Next, the Andromeda National Anthem plays and out comes THE SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™. Prime Colonizer leads Swarm and Lope to the ring along with Magnus the Magnanimous.

The crowd boos loudly as Swarm steps up into the ring. Prime Colonizer barks some orders up at Swarm and war dutifully nods and returns a salute to Prime Colonizer and waits for his opponent.

Suddenly a voice booms over the PA system.

AETHRAN OVERMASTER: For decades, a war has raged between the Ani-Men and the Gladiators of Aethra.

Overmaster and The Leveler appear ringside.

AETHRAN OVERMASTER: And now that war has been returned anew with these, supposedly, superior Ani-Men. But I look at the lot of you and see only Ani-Men. The lowest of the low in terms of species in this Galaxy. Tonight, I will quash this new superior movement before it can even begin.

Overmaster steps into the ring to the cheers of the crowd. It really does seem as if The Gladiators have become fan favorites.

Aethran Overmaster vs. Swarm

This is a heck of a match. Both men brought their ‘A’ game to this one, but it was Swarm, ever the opprituist, who saw his moment and took it.

Swarm d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall after a roll through after a cross body block – ***1/2

Swarm stands tall over Aethran Overmaster as Prime Colnizer, Lope and Magnus the Magnanimous applaud from ringside. Swarm picks up Overmaster and tosses him out of the ring into the arms of The Leveler. The crowd is not happy at all. Swarm will move on to the Semi-Finals.

Out next is The Dark Menace, this time accompanying Harbinger to the ring. Dark Menace looks confident as Harbinger climbs up into the ring. The Aerthran War Anthem plays and, out to cheers, is Paralyze for our next match!

Paralyze vs. Harbinger

This got a little wild and even saw Dark Menace ejected for interfering! But in the end, Harbinger just couldn’t overcome the raw power of Paralyze

Paralyze d. Harbinger via pinfall after PERMENANTLY PARALYZED – ***

Paralyze moves on into the Semi-Finals. Nitro catches up with Dark Menace backstage who was watching via holovision.

NITRO: Dark Menace, it looks as if–

Dark Menace goes nuts and begins screaming and yelling at Nitro to leave him alone. Nitro quietly exits.

Back down at the ring, it is time for our final, first round match! Standing in the ring, silently is Chaos Supreme. He does nothing but stare at the entrance waiting for his opponent. Magnus stands at ringside but doesn’t interact. There are some in the crowd who boo, but most are just curious to see Chaos Supreme after his humiliating defeat at the hands of Shayne.

Monolith is out to face Chaos Supreme now and the crowd is squarely behind him. Cheering loudly. He steps into the ring and this match is on!

Monolith vs. Chaos Supreme

The two men battled it out in a hard hitting affair, but it was clear from the opening bell, Chaos Supreme had come to redeem himself.

Chaos Supreme d. Monolith via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – ***

Chaos Supreme gets his hand raised and then leaves ringside immediately, Magnus trailing along behind him. Monolith gets to his feet when suddenly, the SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ appear at ringside! Prime Colonizer, Lope and Swarm have him surrounded. Monolith stands, ready to fight. The three men hop onto the apron and the crowd is going nuts!

Prime Colonizer barks an order and Swarm and Lope hop off the apron. Prime Colonizer steps through the ropes and crosses to Monolith. They stare face to face. Prime Colonizer smirks and then turns and walks out of the ring. Swarm and Lope following behind. Monolith stares and watches them go!

Anticipation is high as we move into the Semi-Final round of the BETRAYAL 2130 tournament. It’s impossible for fans to pick a winner out of these four but the majority of those in attendance seem to be backing Endgame or Paralyze to go all the way.

Prime Colonizer, once again, leads the SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ to the ring along with Magnus the Magnanimous.

NITRO: Magnus, I gotta say, you look pretty pleased with yourself.

MAGNUS: Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve got two members of Future Shock moving on into the Semi-Finals! When you look at it, I really have this thing all sewn up. Swarm is a former GALAXIAN CHAMPION. Toughest guy around, there’s a reason I brought him into Future Shock. And Chaos Supreme, he’s also a multiple time GALAXIAN CHAMPION.

NITRO: Well, that may be true in the timeline you guys came from but not here.

MAGNUS: It doesn’t matter. The guy is a champions and when you look at the the field, it’s clear to see who will be winning this whole thing. Future Shock!

Magnus laughs and joins his men at ringside.

The arena erupts as Wiggy appears leading Endgame to ringside. The crowd is chanting “Wiggy! Wiggy! Wiggy!” and she’s smiling and waving to the all. Endgame just stares straight ahead at Swarm. This should be a good one.

Endgame vs. Swarm

This. Was. Incredible! These two men tore the house down trying to get the win. Some have speculated that Swarm may be getting a bit past his prime, but he looked better than he ever has here tonight. And Endgame was the superior athlete that has made him a seven time GALAXIAN CHAMPION. It was so close several times.

Swarm d. Endgame via pinfall with a VENOMOUS STINGER out of nowhere – *****

The crowd is massively bummed out but everyone watching has to admit, Swarm did it alone. There was no interference from Magnus or the rest of the SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™. It was just Swarm and Endgame the entire match and the better man won. Swarm moves on to the finals.

Magnus the Magnanimous stayed at ringside to give a very special introduction to his man Chaos Supreme. Chaos Supreme came to the ring looking focused and, again, showing no emotion whatsoever. He didn’t speak, in fact, he didn’t react at all as Magnus talked strategy to him. He just stared at the entrance to the ringside area.

The Aethran War Anthem blared thought the arena and Paralyze made his way to the ring with The Leveler. Paralyze climbed up into the ring and stood face-to-face with chaos supreme. Both men looked like they wanted to tear the other apart. The crowd in attendance was firmly behind Paralyze. It seemed we were in a weird alternate universe of our own where the gladiators were being cheered.

Paralyze vs. Chaos Supreme

Both men started out strong pummeling each other with a vicious blows back and forth. Early on in the match, Chaos Supreme seemed to lose a step and Paralyze took over and dominated it for the rest of the match.

Paralyze d. Chaos Supreme via pinfall with PERMANENTLY PARALYZED – ***

The arena exploded with cheers! Paralyze would be moving on into the finals to battle Swarm! Paralyze immediately heads to the back with The Leveler leaving Chaos Supreme crumpled on the mat. Outside the ring, Magnus stares in disgust at Chaos Supreme. Finally he throws his hands up and leaves the ringside area and Chaos Supreme behind! Is this the end of Chaos Supreme in Future Shock?

Chaos gets up slowly and leaves under his own power. He is not happy.

Our main event is set with Swarm taking on Paralyze! The Classic Ani-Men vs Gladiator feud reignited, though with the players on different sides of popularity. But first…a battle royal!

Euritar is out and he announces that it is time for the Universal Battle Royal to determine the new number one contender to Havoc’s INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

EURITAR: And this battle royal truly is Universal. We threw open the doors wide and as long as we determined you were a trained wrestler, we’d give you a shot. Now, mostly you will see current GWF wrestlers competing, but there may be one or two surprises. For this match, I’m ruling that no managers or valets appear so we can keep the action fair and balanced. Without further ado, let’s start this thing!

The crowd cheers loudly as the first competition heads to the ring…and it’s Plethador!

Next out to the Andromeda National Anthem is Prime Colonizer and Lope who receive a ton of boos! When they get in the ring, Plethador completely ignores them. They don’t seem to mind.

Tauran is out next to a huge cheer from the crowd!

Next our is Death Masque Betrayer, who receives a fair share of boos.

Next out was a newcomer, but someone known to some in the crowd, who cheered loudly for him, Avarice!

Paganax came running out next to a huge cheer from the crowd, he ran up not the ring and the assembled wrestlers scattered as he waved his flaming sword all around.

Star Warrior (II) came out next to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

A familiar piece of music began playing and the crowd was surprised to see Skiver return to the GWF for the Battle Royal! Nitro caught him in the aisle.

NITRO: You’re back!

SKIVER: You know, I never felt that I got the shot I deserve here in the GWF before Patch convinced me to leave. I’m back to give it one more shot.

Though never a fan favorite, the fans cheered the return of the man from Aldebaran.

Out next, in a group to show solidarity were members of FUTURE SHOCK.  Thantos (II)CrossfireMinister of War and Perfect Specimen. Prime Specimen seems a little disgruntled that he had to compete in this match instead of just being given the title shot at the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

The Titan’s theme began to play and out came Overtime and Payback to a huge cheer from the crowd.

Out next, a newcomer who received no reaction from the crowd, a masked wrestler named El Traidor.

Another, seemingly familiar song began to play out came….DARK JUSTICE! The crowd went wild! He was older and definitely moving slower than the last time the GWF. Nitro caught up with him.

NITRO: As you can tell by the reaction you just got, people are happy to see you back! Last we saw you, you were banished for failing a drug test.

DARK JUSTICE: Those were dark times indeed. But I have returned and Justice will be served!

The crowd lets out a huge cheer as Dark Justice heads to the ring. Once he climbs in, many of the wrestlers in the ring go and shake his hand.

ANNOUNCER: And your final competitor in the Universal Battler Royal to determine the new number one contender to the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP….Torn!

The crowd let out a collective gasp! Though they’d never heard of Torn, they’d certainly seen him before! He looked just like Crossfire! In the ring Crossfire’s jaw was open and he stared at this man, who looked just like him, as he made his way to the ring! Torn made a bee line to Crossfire and the two began wailing away on each other! The bell rings and here we go!

Avarice – Crossfire – Dark Justice – Death Masque Betrayer – El Traidor – Lope – Minister of War -Overtime – Paganax – Payback – Perfect Specimen – Prime Colonizer – Plethador – Skiver – Star Warrior (II) – Tauran – Thantos (II)

The action is fast and furious!  Bodies are flying everywhere but the entire crowd is watching the confrontation between Torn and Crossfire!  The two practically match each other move for move, but then suddenly Crossfire ducks a move and is able to send Torn flying out of the ring and to his elimination!

Torn is eliminated by Crossfire.

The two have a brief stare down and then Torn leaves without a word!  The camera then cut to Death Masque Betrayer who was attacked, right off the bat by the masked rookie El Traidor.  The two trade blows back and forth!  Death Masque Betrayer hits Dead on Arrival twice and the rookie rolls out under the bottom rope to take a breather.  He is not eliminated.  The camera cuts elsewhere.

We see that Plethador has attacked Perfect Specimen!  Apparently Plethador feels Perfect Specimen should spend less time running his mouth about title shots!  Perfect Specimen toys with Plethador.  Throwing him around the ring like a rag doll.  Perfect Specimen is about to throw Plethador out of the ring when, from out of nowhere, Plethador slaps on the POWERHOUSE SUCTION CLAW!

Perfect Specimen is screaming in pain!  He is flailing wildly and Plethador, expertly, uses the Titan’s momentum to throw him right over the ropes and onto the floor!

Perfect Specimen eliminated by Plethador.

The crowd is going nuts!  Plethador takes a moment to do a celebratory shuffle, but then dives back into the fray and begins attacking Paganax!  Plethador gets in some offense because Paganax is caught off guard, but the Heathen Chief quickly regains control and locks Plethador in BOW TO THE HEATHAN CHIEF!  Plethador starts screaming in pain as his skin begins to sizzle against Paganax’s.  Paganax walks Plethador over to the rope and dumps him out of the ring.

Plethador is eliminated by Paganax.

The action continues!  Paganax is looking at Plethador lying on the concrete floor when he’s attacked form behind by Overtime!  The two start brawling immediately!  Overtime surprises everyone with an explosive offense!  No one is as surprised as Paganax!  Overtime hits all his big moves but can’t seem to get the Heathen Chief over the ropes.  He has Paganax nearly eliminated when Pagan shifts his weight and sends the young Titan to the floor, eliminating him!

Overtime is eliminated by Paganax.

Paganax takes a breather and then charges, headlong, back into the fray.  He runs, face to face into Skiver and the two start wailing on each other!  Paganax gets in a few power moves but then Skiver begins a lighting fast, flurry of attacks!  Paganax is reeling and Skiver hits him with a top rome clothesline that send Paganax tumbling over the tope rope and out of the ring!

Paganax is eliminated by Skiver.

The crowd goes nuts!  Skiver looks a little shocked himself!  We cut to another part of the ring where we see that Star Warrior (II) has spotted El Traidor on the outside of the ring and reached through the ropes and dragged him into the ring.  The two start brawling!  Star Warrior (II) quickly realizes that he may have made a mistake and El Traidor begins hitting Star Warrior (II) with punches and kicks that send him reeling!  El Traidor takes advantage of the stunned Star Warrior (II) and tosses him out of the ring, eliminating him.

Star Warrior (II) is eliminated by El Traidor.

Immediately following the elimination, El Traidor slips out of the ring, under the bottom rope and resumes his watch at ringside. He is not eliminated, but has a strategy of some sort, it would appear.  The camera cuts to elsewhere in the ring.  Tauran is battling Minister of War and the crowd is squarely behind Tauran!  Minister of War throws Tauran into a turnbuckle and attempts a running shoulder dive, but Tauran moves, sending Minister of War sailing over the top rope and out of the ring!

Minister of War is eliminated by Tauran.

Huge upset there, Minister of War is furious but the officials at ringside send him packing!  The crowd is now chanting Tauran’s name.  The camera cuts to a part of the ring where Prime Colonizer has now locked up with Skiver.  Skiver attempts another, lightning quick offense, but Prime Colonizer is just too strong.  Even after missing the SIMINA SKULLCRUSHER, Prime Colonizer is able to gain the upper hand and throw Skiver out of the ring.

Skiver is eliminated by Prime Colonizer.

Skiver gets a few cheers as he leaves.  Many wondering if we’ll see him again.  The camera cuts to a part of the ring where we see Avarice and Thantos (II) locked up!  The fans cheer loudly as they are shown on the screen.  Apparently to those in the know, this would be an awesome one on one matchup!  Avarice goes on offense quickly and just hammers Thantos (II)! Thantos (II) is reeling and Avarice hits, what we are bing told in the broadcast position is, a move called 7TH SIN and then tosses Thantos (II) over the ropes and into elimination!

Thantos (II) is eliminated by Avarice.

We cut to another part of the ring where Tauran has spotted El Traidor and has dragged him back into the ring! Tauran begins hitting big move after big move on the masked wrestler! He tosses him over the top rope, but as he goes over he hooks his mask, ripping it from his head!

El Traidor is eliminated by Tauran.

The crowd gasps as they realize that El Traidor is wearing another mask under the first one and this one is totally recognizable! It’s Cage Death Betrayer! The wrestler who is supposed to be exiled until 2131 hops over the barrier and runs away through the crowd covering his head. No one saw that coming, at all! Meanwhile, Prime Colonizer attacks Avarice from behind and begins pounding on the newcomer. Avarice is never quite able to get any sort of offense mounted and Prime Colonizer takes great delight in throwing him over the top rope.

Avarice is eliminated by Prime Colonizer.

As Prime Colonizer watches Avarice walk from ringside, he’s ambushed by Death Masque Betrayer who throws him right over the top rope, eliminating him!

Prime Colonizer is eliminated by Death Masque Betrayer.

Prime Colonizer is not happy at all, yet official are able to lead him from ringside. We cut to another part of the ring to see Tauran and Payback going toe-to-toe! Tauran has a blistering offense that Payback is unable to crack and Tauran easily tosses the Titan over the top rope, eliminating him.

Payback is eliminated by Tauran.

And we are down to the final four! Tauran, Death Masque Betrayer, Lope and Dark Justice! Tauran goes after Death Masque Betrayer as Lope leaps at Dark Justice! Tauran and Death Masque Betrayer throw everything at each other! Hitting big move after big move! Tauran is on a roll however and as Betrayer attempts a running shoulder tackle, Tauran grabs him throwing him over the tope rope!

Death Masque Betrayer is eliminated by Tauran.

Tauran, who has now eliminated both Betrayers, tries to catch his breath as Lope and Dark Justice brawl. The fans are squarely behind Dark Justice, but Lope is just too Younger (relatively) and powerful for the aging star. Lope is able to hoist Dark Justice up and throw him out of the ring.

Dark Justice is eliminated by Lope.

Dark Just gets a standing ovation and a thank you chant as he leaves ringside. We are down to two! One of these men will will face Havoc for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG! If Lope wins, that’ll make it FUTURE SHOCK vs FUTURE SHOCK which would be very interesting indeed! The fans here tonight, though are squarely behind Tauran. The two lock up and we begin!

Tauran is all offense! He’s stunning Lope with kicks and punches! Lope tries several times to come back but Tauran is not letting up at all! A double clothesline, with men are down! Tauran is to his feet first and he picks up Lope and tosses him over the rope, winning the match!

Lope is eliminated by Tauran.

Tauran wins the Universal Battle Royal!

The fans are absolutely nuts! Tauran will face Havoc at BIG BANG and try to win the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP! A title he held once, way back in 2124! The fans are on their feet cheering Tauran who’s hands tall in the ring. This was the match of his careen and the greatest Universal Battle Royal the galaxy has ever seen. Anywhere.

Tauran – 5
Prime Colonizer – 2
Paganax – 2
Lope – 1
Death Masque Betrayer – 1
Avarice – 1
Prime Colonizer – 1
El Traidor – 1
Skiver – 1
Crossfire – 1
Plethador – 1

Tauran leaves the ringside area, waving to fans who cheer him all the way out! After a short promo for BIG BANG, we are ready for our MAIN EVENT! The finals of the BETRAYAL tournament! Paralyze vs. Swarm in a TITAN DEATH MATCH! The winner will face Shayne at BIG BANG for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP! The fans cannot wait!

The crowd is white hot after the battle royal! They are ready for this main event! The Andromeda National Anthem begins to play and THE SUPERIOR ANI-MEN begin to make their way to the ring. Prime Colonizer leads Swarm and Lope to the ring. Magnus the Magnanimous follows closely behind, all smiles of course. Swarm looks ready to wrestle.

They make it to the ring and their music is replaced by the Aethran War Anthem. Paralyze appears to a huge cheer from the crowd. The Leveler is with him and they make their way to the ring. Paralyze is outnumbered, but he doesn’t seem to care at all. Paralyze climbs up into the ring and strides right up to Swarm. Suddenly, Euritar appears.

EURITAR: Hold it. Timekeeper, don’t ring that bell yet!

Euritar climbs up into the ring.

EURITAR: BIG BANG is the biggest event of the year and the GALAXIAN TITLE MATCH is the most high profile match of the year. Therefore, I don’t want anything tarnishing it. That’s why I’m ruling that not only will this match be contested under TITAN DEATH RULES, I’m barring anyone from ringside! That means you Prime Colonizer, that means you Lope, that mens you Leveler and that especially means you Magnus!

The four men mentioned are furious and begin to argue with Euritar immediately. The crowd is loving it. Euritar holds up his hands as the four men argue with him. Paralyze goes up to Leveler and turns him around. He whispers something to him and The Leveler nods and exits the ring and leaves ringside. Paralyze turns to Euritar as if to say, “My guy is gone.”

Prime Colonizer, Lope and Magnus continue to argue and threaten, but Euritar tells them that the match won’t even begin until they are gone. There’s a few more protests, but soon they see the writing on the wall and begins to leave. Prime Colonizer gives a few more orders to Swarm. Swarm nods dutifully and salutes in return. Minutes later, the three men are gone. It’s just Swarm, Paralyze and a referee in the ring. The crowd is on their feet! The ref calls for the bell!

Swarm vs. Paralyze

The two men lock up. They struggle back and forth, but Paralyze gains control. Paralyze whips Swarm into the ropes and tries a sunset flip, Swarm grabs his legs and rolls him into a pinning combination! ONE…Paralyze kicks out! Swarm grabs the ref telling him to count faster! As he does, Swarm’s swarm of hornets come in and begins stinging Paralyze. The crowd boos loudly as Swarm uses Hornet’s Sting! Paralyze takes some damage! He waves his arms wildly and dumps out of the ring and onto the floor! He’s able to swat the hornets away and shaking his head, head charges back into the ring where Swarm is waiting. Swarm hits the Gladiator with the Hive Driver! Paralyze is hurt. Swarm follows with the AniMan Axe Handle. Paralyze is hurt some more. Swarm whips Paralyze into the turnbuckle and follows him in with a big kick! Paralyze staggers forward and Swarm catches him with an Exploder Suplex! Paralyze is down on the mat! Swarm picks him up and calls for the VENOMOUS STINGER! The crowd is booing loudly! Swarm hits the move and goes for the cover! ONE….TWO….Paralyze kicks out! The crowd cheers loudly, but Swarm is still firmly in control. He circles around Paralyze and lock him in the WASP TRAP! Paralyze is in serious pain. He’s trying to power out but Swarm is just grinding him. Paralyze strains against Swarm’s grasp, but suddenly he lets out a huge scream and begins to tap! That’s it! Swarm wins!

Swarm d. Paralyze via submission with WASP TRAP – **

The crowd is furious at this result, feeling Swarm cheated when he used his wasps for Hornet’s Sting. But apparently the ruling will stand and it’ll be Swarm headed into BIG BANG to face Shayne for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. The crowd is not happy at all and begin to rain trash down on Swarm. Swarm shrugs it off, cockily texting the ring. He about to leave when suddenly…SHAYNE IS HERE!

The crowd explodes in cheers as Shayne blocks Swarms path. Shane holds up the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and the crowd cheers. Swarm clenches his fists and charges at Shayne and two begin brawling. The crowd is eating it up. Officials flood the ringside area and are able to separate the two men. Being held back by officials, the two men still yell at each other and it it this image we see as we…