Wiggy Speaks!


I was told to ‘add this to (my) fed’ so I will.  Apparently Wiggy didn’t appreciate the way I was portraying ‘her’ in my fed.  Not quite sure why, seeing as the Wiggy in my fed is a CHARACTER in a GAME.  I portray the character of Wiggy as a clueless, moronic, wannabe publicity hound in my fed.

Now, I don’t know Wiggy in real life but I have listened to her on The View and found her pleasant and charming, as would anyone else who listens to an episode of The View would.  She knows she’s not any of the things I portray the character as.  I know she’s not any of the things I portray the character as.  So, why would she lash out like this?  Tom never gets upset at how The Dark Menace is portrayed in people’s feds because he understands that it is a character in a game.  Not real life.

Really interesting that someone who works for Filsinger Games would lash out publicly like this.  The tweets have been deleted, but I captured them here, as you can see.  No word, or apology from Filsinger Games yet.  Just doesn’t seem like the kind of conduct a company would want from one of their employees.

But what do I know?  I’m just a ‘passive aggressive shit talking pussy’?

UPDATE: Received an apology from Tom.