From Mizar Solarsphere, Ursa Major

Commentator: Trent Lawless

Fans, we start in the ring with the bell sounding!  You aren’t going to get any long monologues or challenges like you do when other shows come on the air!  Paganax and Lope are in the ring and the bell has sounded!  Paganax fires first with a fist to the face and we are underway!  Paganax is smart to start strong as Lope is joined at ringside by Magnus, Prime Colonizer and Swarm!  Talk about a three on one!  Lope shakes off the move and fires back with Pounce and Shred and we are underway!

These two men tear the ring apart and, to their credit, Magnus, Prime Colonizer and Swarm do not interfere at all (or even attempt to interfere). It’s a brutal match but in the end

Lope d. Paganax via pinfall with HOWL OF THE WOLF – ****

The crowd, who was squarely behind Paganax let’s Lope and the rest of the Future Shock team have it with a torrent of jeers, but Future Shock, just calmly leaves the ring, happy in there defeat of Paganax.

Out next is Dark Menace and Coven Black accompanying Mistress of Darkness to the ring for her number one contender match for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP against Scorn.  The crowd boos the Dark Menace Forces team heavily but erupts in cheers when Scorn arrives.  It’s clear they’d rather see Scorn take on Taichi for the title.  Scorn enters the ring and the bell sounds!

It’s a one sided affair from the opening bell!

Mistress of Darkness d. Scorn via submission with COMPANION CONTROL – ***

It’ll be Mistress of Darkness getting a return title shot at the championship she lost!  She celebrates in the ring by giving Coven Black a big kiss!  All the while, Dark Menace is gloating at ringside, telling the holovision cameras that this is the first step to Dark Menace Forces owning all the titles in the Galaxy’s Finest.  The crowd is not buying it.

Euritar is out next to cheers from the crowd.  He tells everyone that the next match will be the Cage Death Betrayer versus Bishop Hell (II) MILKY WAY FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match!  He says that for the safety the the two participants he is forbidding anyone to interfere in this match.  If any active GWF Wrestler, manager or employee interferes in this match, the match will be called and the person who interfered suspended for the rest of 2130!  He wants a clear winner.  He also rules that if Cage Death Betrayer wins, he will grant a match against Death Masque Betrayer at the next SuperCard.  He warns fans to stay out of the way of the action and then tells the official to begin the introductions.

Cage Death Betrayer is out first.  His chain looped around his neck he walks to the ring.  He is alone, no Wiggy of any of her Wonderful Warriors accompanying him.  Once inside, he stands, eyes focused on the entrance.  Bishop Hell (II) is out next in a blaze of Hellfire.  He too, is alone and has a wicked smile on his face as he stares down Betrayer.  Bishop Hell (II) climbs into the ring and the bell sounds!

Bishop Hell (II) hits a short arm clothesline that sends Betrayer crashing to the mat HARD!

The Mizar Solarsphere will be cleaning up for weeks after this one!  HoloVision Screens, announce tables, you name it, it was destroyed in this match!  At one point Bishop Hell (II) even lit the apron of the ring on fire!  This was wild from top to bottom.

Cage Death Betrayer d. Bishop Hell (II) vial pinfall (in the center of the ring) after hitting a shoulder breaker with the chain – *****

Both men were bloodied and battered by the end and neither could stand.  But as the ref raised Betrayer’s hand as he lie on the crumpled body of Bishop Hell (II) he smiled wickedly at the camera.

BETRAYER:  I won, Death Masque.  Now I’m coming for you.

Both men were helped to their locker rooms by officials and as we tried to assemble some semblance of order at ringside, a video promo was shown showing the training regents of both Chaos Supreme and GALAXIAN CHAMPION Shayne!  Fans cannot wait for this showdown and we are only two cards away from it happening!

Back ringside and we are ready for out next match!  This one may turn out to be as wild as the last one as it is another grudge match between TRICKS & NOSFERA and THE CLOAK!  Hector has demanded a win from his men and as they walk to ringside he is coaching them.  Magnus appears with THE CLOAK and we are ready to begin!

The bell sounds, it’s Tricks staring off with Splatter (II)!  Tricks leads of with a devastating spinning kick to the head!

The crowd witnessed Tricks and Nosfera wrestle the most scientific match they have ever seen!  It was a little wild, a little rough around the edges, but the two wild men played by the rules!  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about THE CLOAK.

TRICKS & NOSFERA d. THE CLOAK via DQ when Code Destroyer whacks Nosfera with the crowbar – **

Hector was upset.  He had wanted a clear win from his men, but he can’t fault them here.  Magnus and THE CLOAK taunted Hector as they left and Nitro grabbed a word with Hector after the match.

HECTOR:  They won’t be laughing when this team captures the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.  That’s the goal here and a sure as there’s hair on this bear, it’s going to happen!

Out next, to a brilliant display of pyro is Wiggy and she turns and gestures to the entrance and out comes Endgame!  This will be a return match between Endgame and Crossfire after their last match, the first with Wiggy as Endgame’s new manager, ended in Disqualification.

Out next was Crossfire with Magnus close behind.  The crowd was excited for this one to begin!  The bell sounds!

Crossfire launches at Endgame with a back elbow which Endgame reverses into a hard knee lift!

For the first few minutes, this was an amazing back and forth match that saw several nearfalls!  But then suddenly, as if he’d grown tired of the match, Endgame simply dominated.

Endgame d. Crossfire via pinfall with ENDGAME’S REVENGE – **

Endgame stood tall in the ring.  Notre scrambled in to try and get a word with Endgame, but Wiggy interfered.  Notre asked he what’s next for Endgame.

WIGGY:  I don’t like to announce our plans.  Announcing your plans is a good way to heard god laugh.  I will say, Future Shock, this is just the start.

With that, they left the ring and Magnus trying to revive Crossfire!

Out next was Dark Menace with Balaal and Coven Black.  They made their way to the ring to a chorus of boos.  Ball’s opponent, PSI, came out next and charged the ring, clearing it.  Soon the ref was able to get Balaal back inside and the match began!

Balaal starts off with a power bomb toss that sends PSI crumpled to the mat!

This one is wild as well and it ends in a way that no one could ever predict!  Balaal had PSI wrapped up in the Snake Tail Sleeper when suddenly a ringside chair floated, by itself, into the air and smacked Balaal on the back of the head.  The ref had no choice but to call the match!

Balaal d. PSI via DQ when, apparently, PSI uses his mind to smack Balaal with a chair – ***1/2

After the bell, PSI argued with there saying that he didn’t do it, but the ref stood by his decision.  As PSI argued, Balaal, Coven Black and Dark Menace were about to jump him from behind, but PSI saw them coming and bailed from the ring!

Next up, the HUGE main event!  A TITAN DEATH MATCH between Overtime and Perfect Specimen!  Euritar came out again and said, like the earlier match, there could be no interference in this match.  Anyone who did interfere would be fired!

Overtime came out to huge cheers from the crowd!  He nodded his appreciation to the fans.  Perfect Specimen was out next, looking as cocky as ever.  He climbed into the ting and the bell rang!

Perfect Specimen launches at Overtime with a Shoulder Ram and knocks him to the mat!

It was the most ‘by the book’ TITAN DEATH MATCH the galaxy has ever seen!  Both men out to prove they were the more superior of the two!

Perfect Specimen d. Overtime via pinfall with PINICAL OF SUCCESS – ****

Overtime fought bravely but Perfect Specimen dominated at the end, systematically breaking Overtime down and securing the win.

Perfect Specimen stood triumphantly in the ring shouting at the crowd who was booing him loudly.  He grabbed a mic away from Nitro.

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  When history is written, they will say that it was Perfect Specimen who destroyed the Titants of this galaxy.  Payback, check.  Overtime, check.  Samurai, you two are next.

Perfect Specimen threw down the mic and turned to leave as we…