Transcripts, July 2013 – Overtime

The following is a transcript of a video sent out by the Titans’ camp last Friday.  It is from GWF Superstar Overtime.

Let me ‘holla at you!  It’s your man Overtime and I got some words for your brains.

I want to start by saying thank you for all the cheers you been throwing your homie Overtime as of late.  It fattens my pride y’all, seriously.  And on the flip side, I just want to apologize for not always being a team player.  Not always representin’ the standards expected of my as a Titan.  I’ sorry.  You see, getting tha call out of the GWFZ into the big leagues here, man that messed with my head, yo.  I mean it puffed it all up real big and, well, I was acting like a foo’.

I want you to know that that is all behind me now.  My head is straight.  I’m focused and, most importantly, yo, I be heeding the guidance of the man, my main man, Lord Nexus.  Cannot stress enough how absolutely whack it is to have this living legend in my corner.  

Now, lest you think Overtime done lost his mad pride in himself, check it.  All this has made me better than ever, yo.  And I’m aimin’ to prove that fo’ real.  And I got my sights set on Perfect Specimen.  This chump bested my boy Payback but, check it, he ain’t ever got the Overtime effect in full force.  Naw, he gotta use cheap shots like beanin’ me with that bling trophy he got.  So, I’m shoutin’ at you Perfect Specimen, or Spec, that’s a dumb nickname, yo.  Like me calling myself Over.  Like how I’m gonna go Over you for the win.  Or maybe just call myself Time.  Like yo’ time is ticking away Spec, because Overtime, is coming at ya!

Overtime, out! 


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