CARD 2129.239 – INVASION

From Procyon Sports Pavilion, Canis Minor

Payback d. Tricks via pinfall after a back body drop through a holovision screen – ***** – After the match, Payback continued to wail on Tricks, soon Overtime and Kenji ran out and all three started beating on Tricks.  Kenji and Overtime set Tricks up on a table and Payback hit EXVENGE on him, obliterating the table and Tricks!  Euritar ran out with officials and immediately suspended Payback, Overtime and Kenji for 5 cards.  Lord Nexus, who had run out to try and stop the commotion was furious at the actions of his men!  Tricks was loaded onto a stretcher and as he was being wheeled out, he had a sick smile on his face. (Tricks injure for 6 cards.)

Paralyze d. Splatter (II) via DQ when the ref catches Splatter (II) whacking Paralyze with Arsenal – * – Paralyze refused to speak to Nitro after the match.  Paralyze has not talked to anyone after losing the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

Zygon d. Harbinger via pinfall after a standing dropkick – ***** – One of the best matches the GWF has seen in a long time and Zygon gets a huge win here!  After the match, he grabbed the mic, “Dark Menace had us sign the Black Death Code of Conduct contract.  I did and I’m living proof it works.  I’ve taken out The Guardian.  I’ve taken out Harbinger.  Who’s next?  Tauran.”  The Black Death fans loved this and cheered loudly!

Tharkas came out and challenged Endgame, saying he was aiming to collect the bounty placed on his head.  Endgame stormed the ring and demanded to know who put the bounty on him.  Tharkas just attacked!

Endgame d. Tharkas via count out after a piledriver on the concrete – * – After the match, Endgame kept beating on Tharkas, demanding to know who’d put the bounty on him.  Tharkas was knocked out, so he didn’t answer.  Officials separated the men and Tharkas had to be taken away by medics. Euritar refused to suspend Endgame, saying that someone persuaded him not to.  (Tharkas injured 7 cards.)

Omen came out and said that for years everyone had overlooked Nosfera as a champion.  He’s a top contender but rarely gets title shots.  So Omen asked Euritar for a title shot and he said he would set up a number one contender’s match.  He promises Nosfera will win.

Nosfera d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall after a SPRING HEEL KICK – *1/2 – Overmaster got in no offense, Nosefera was a blaze of action and stunned everyone by getting the win!  Nosfera is the new number one contender to Monolith’s GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

Sur d. Swarm via pinfall after GIFT OF THE GODS – ***** – Swarm had demanded this match after Sur had injured Mantis, but was unable to out wrestle Sur.  After the match, Sur whispered something into Swarm’s ear and Swarm went ballistic, charging Sur, who just bailed and left, laughing as the ref held Swarm back.

Later, in the locker room, Payback asked Swarm what he had said and Swarm refused to answer.  Then he marched to Euritar’s office.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Clinch hits Skiver with a Superman Punch – * – After the bell, the four men continued brawling.  This feud seems as though it still has legs.  The image of the four men brawling out into the crowd is what we see as we…


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