CARD 2128.223 – CIVIL WAR

From Colonnade of the Southern Cross, Crux

Tonight the galaxy finds out who will face THE IMMORTALS for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG!  Five teams have made it this far, only one will win the coveted #1 contender spot and vie for the titles.  And because there are 5 teams, two teams have to wrestle to see which team will go up against Rush & Turmoil who will be well rested!  The crowd is a sea of black as the fans are here to cheer on BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND, the only BLACK DEATH team to make the tournament.

Before the action the arena gets the shocking word that due to beating inflicted on him by SWARM, MANTIS, PAYBACK and OVERTIME, PLETHADOR has retired from wrestling.  In fact, doctors report he may never walk again.  On his way to the ring SWARM was stopped for a comment.

SWARM:  Who cares?  No one.  Not one single person cared for that pathetic joke.  He’s a waste of space and his mother should have eaten him when he was still a tadpole.  That way he would have served some purpose in this life.  Starting with Plethador, I’m taking out the filth in the GWF.  You are here to wrestle, not have fun.  This sin’t some comedy hour, it’s wrestling.  If you are not here to wrestle, I’ll Trap ya and Tap ya!

MANTIS and SWARM laugh loudly and continue to the ring.  The fans, while glad PLETHADOR is gone for good, boo as RECONCILIATION will be facing a BLACK DEATH team.

RECONCILIATION d. BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND via submission when Swarm makes Balaal tap with the WASP TRAP – *1/4 – RECONCILIATION makes a statement, making short work of BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND.  After the bell, the crowd was livid!  SWARM kept BALAAL locked in the WASP TRAP as MANTIS held off COVEN BLACK!  BALAAL was screaming in pain and soon security arrived to break things up.  SWARM and MANTIS retreated, laughing and mocking the BLACK DEATH fans as medics tended to BALAAL.

FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via submission when Psi hit CLinch with MIND OVER MATTER – ** – Even fought match here, but since returning from injury, HELSIN looks stronger than before.  He and PSI worked well together and easily dispatched of the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS.

RECONCILIATION d. RUSH & TURMOIL via submission when Swarm locked Rush in the WASP TRAP – ** – The crowd was even more rabid than before with SWARM and MANTIS’ win here!  A win that now puts them in the finals and just one win from THE IMMORTALS.  MANTIS grabbed the mic.

MANTIS:  This.  Is.  Wrestling.  We’re not here to do mind control or silly little dances.  We are here to wrestle.  Get used to it!

The crowd booed them loudly as they went to the back.

Rotunda d. Deadliest via DQ when Deadliest smash Rotunda into the announce table – *1/2 – This puts ROTUNDA in a #1 contenders match with SCORN to see who will challenge SHE0DEVIL at BIG BANG.

RECONCILIATION d. FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN via pinfall after Swarm hits PSI with the Hornet’s Sting – ** – A great back and forth match that saw MANTIS in the ring most of the time for RECONCILIATION, but after a very close nearfall, MANTIS tagged out to his DAD and SWARM hit the Hornet’s Sting to get the win.  RECONCILIATION will no go to BIG BANG to face THE IMMORTALS!  Are they on the path to gold?

The pro-Black Death crowd certainly does think so.  We see SWARM and MANTIS taunting the crowd as we…