From Homam Superior Academy, Pegasus

The show starts with EUTIAR coming out to make a statement.  The crowd boos him mercilessly and begins chanting ‘No Control’ referring to how BLACK DEATH survived at SURVIVAL.

EURITAR:  You are all right.  It seems I cannot control Black Death.  But I never wanted to.  I just wanted them to stop their attacks and, you know, compete because that’s what they are here to do.  I don’t want to control them, we have rules and they must follow those rules.  (He paused to let this sink in.)  I came out here tonight because I wanted to talk about the end of the year.  We’re hurtling towards 2129 and that means some of our biggest SuperCards of the year on rapidly approaching.  CIVIL WAR and BETRAYAL are right around the corner and tonight, in this very ring, we will start deciding who will be competing in those events.  BETRAYAL, of course, holds extra meaning this year as the man who wins it will become the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION.  INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION Paralyze has thrown his name into the hat for the BETRAYAL tournament.  As such I have informed him that every time he wrestles, he must put his championship on the line.  He agreed and his first mach is tonight.  And you fans will love this, it’s against one of the member of Black Death!

The CROWD goes crazy!  They begin chanting “New Champ!  New Champ!”

EURITAR:  We shall see.  I knew you would like that.  Now there’s something you need to know.  These qualifying matches we set up depending on the wrestler’s and team’s rankings.  Because of this, you’ll see one match tonight, a Civil War qualifier, that pits a Black Death team against a Black Death team.  You must know this is not me with some vendetta against Black Death.  It’s just how the rankings worked.  Don’t believe me?  Pick up the latest Galactic Wrestling Illustrated and see for yourself.  Finally though, I have something I know you will really like.  Both Sur and Bex have been asked to take part in the BETRAYAL tournament.  They are the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS so my first thought was to say no.

The CROWD boos loudly.

EURITAR:  But after their performance at SURVIVAL, I’ve decided to let them compete!

The CROWD goes nuts!  Cheering loudly for EURITAR for the first time since BLACK DEATH took hold across the galaxy.  EURITAR gets while the going is good and we are ready to start!

THE ONES IN THE WATER begins playing and PLETHADOR comes through the curtain with Skwish.  They are doing the ‘Plethador Shuffle’ wildly and the fans are having none of it.  Most are yawning, some being throwing things at them, but the majority of the crowd just leaves for concessions.  Those that stay are about to start up a ‘Please Just Die’ chant when suddenly SWARM, MANTIS, PAYBACK and OVERTIME come flying through the entrance and begin pounding away on PLETHADOR.  All four men land blow after blow on the amphibian.  SKWISH is looking on in horror.  OVERTIME grabs a chair and blasts PLETHADOR across the head sending him into the waiting claws of MANTIS who clamps on the PINCER CLAMP.  PLETHADOR is screaming in pain!  Dark blue blood is pouring from his forehead.  The fans are pouring back in from the concession stands and loud cheers begin, egging the four men on.  SWARM signals MANTIS and MANTIS drags the screaming PLETHADOR over to a table SWARM has set near the entrance.  MANTIS lays PLETHADOR across the table and he and OVERTIME hold him there.  PAYBACK climbs up onto the guardrail near the fans and delivers a huge splash to PLETHADOR, sending him through the table.  PLETHADOR’S back is all cut open.  His body is lifeless in the wreckage of the table.  SWARM steps forward and pushes all the other men aside.  He grabs PLETHADOR and then locks him in the WASP TRAP!  The fans are going nuts!  Cheering loudly!


PLETHADOR is already out cold, but SWARM keeps him locked in the WASP TRAP.  The other three men laugh loudly at the sight.  SKWISH begins to make a move to stop this and PAYBACK, OVERTIME and MANTIS turn to face him.  SKWISH wets himself and runs screaming through the crowd.  THey throw things at him as he runs away.

Suddenly EURITAR and a team of security come out.  EURITAR is demanding SWARM to break the hold, but SWARM holds out for a little longer.  It’s only the threat of suspension that finally gets SWARM to let go.  MEDICS rush in to tend to PLETHADOR.  EURITAR is yelling at the four men, asking why.  HoloCameras get in close to pic up the audio.

SWARM:  We’re tired of him.  He’s a joke.  The GWF isn’t about jokes, it’s about wrestling.  You’re either here to wrestle or you are gone.

SWARM looks back at the paramedics lifting PLETHADOR up onto a stretcher.

SWARM (Laughing):  And he’s gone.

The three other men laugh and they all begin congratulating each other on a job well done.  They head to the back.  EURITAR oversees the tending to PLETHADOR and the clean up.  FInally we are ready for action.

Scorn d. Mistress of Darkness via pinfall after BURNING SCORN – **

Gryt d. Nitro via submission via the STRONGMAN STRETCH – *** – GRYT advances to BETRAYAL

Bex d. Harbinger via submission with GROUND ZERO – ***** – Bex destroyed Harbinger here.  The fans were on the edges of their seats as Harbinger kept kicking out of pinfalls and reaching the ropes to break submissions.  Finally Bex was able to lock in GROUND ZERO in the center of the ring and Harbinger tapped!  Bex advances to Betrayal.

BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND d. BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE via submission when Balaal locked a scorpion death lock on Anivar – DUD – Anivar was screaming for Betrayer to come break the hold, but it ws Death Masque Betray, not Cage Rage Betrayer that had showed up and he just stood there and stared at him.

Tauran d. Paganax via pinfall with the VICTORY STAR DROP – ** – Tauran was dominating in this match, destroying the heathen chief!

RECONCILIATION d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Swarm hit Skiver with the VENEMOUS STINGER – SQUASH – As dominant as they were when they were beating Plethador, they were even more dominant here and the fans loved it!  Swarm and Mantis are the first, non-Black Death wrestlers, to appeal to this pro-Black Death crowd in months!  Father and son soaked in the adulation and they will be moving on to CIVIL WAR.

Paralyze d. Ensor via countout when he hit him with the HEART TRANSPLANT outside the ring and Ensor was unable to answer the ref’s count – *** – After the bell, Paralyze began attacking Ensor!  Whipping him into guardrails and smashing him with the ring bell.  He then took him into the center of the ring and hit him with PERMENANTLY PARALYZED!

BALAAL, ANIVAR, BETRAYER and COVEN BLACK ran to the ring and PARALYZE grabbed his Championship and ran.  The crowd booed the champ loudly but he just smirked holding the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP over his shoulder.  Medics tneded to Ensor in the ring as we…