CARD 2127.192 – INVASION

From Karmden Palace, Kroll

Scorn d. Deadliest via pinfall after BURNING SCORN – *
– A short match that put the Kroll arena in a foul mood from the start. The crowd turned viciously on DEADLIEAST and she hurried from ringside.

The crowd’s spirits lifted though as THE BETRAYER came to ringside with DARK MENACE. BETRAYER demanded a title shot against AETHRAN OVERMASTER after his performance at THE RECKONING. OVERMASTER soon appeared and said he only fights top contenders for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP but if he can defeat him tonight in a non-title match, he’ll get his shot.

The Betrayer d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when the action spills outside and The Leveler hits Betrayer from behind – *1/2
– OVERMASTER and LEVELER took a powder from ringside. They were stopped by EURITAR who said that BETRAYER won so OVERMASTER will defend his title at the supercard. He also said due to interference in the match from both sides (ANIVAR had interfered at one point) the CHAMPIONSHIP would be decided in a COSMIC CAGE!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via pinfall after Shoot hit Malkuth with a cross body block – *
– ULTIMATE FIGHTERS looked good here cutting off the ring and not allowing MALKUTH to tag.

Out next to huge cheers was HARBINGER along with THE DARK MENACE. HARBINGER warned ENDGAME that his days as GALAXIAN CHAMPION are numbered. Suddenly THE GUARDIAN appeared! He challenged HARBINGER to a match. EURITAR came out and said that even though other feds may let him wrestle, here in the GREATEST FED IN THE UNIVERSE, things are done by the book! The Board of Directors says he can’t wrestle, so he can’t. HARBINGER says he’s dissapointed as he was looking for some competition tonight! Suddenly PARALYZE and THE LEVELER appeared and challenged HARBINGER to a match! EURITAR says if they agree to make it a no DQ/countout TITAN DEATH MATCH, the winner will face ENDGAME for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. HARBINGER and PARALYAZE agree and we have our next match!

Harbinger d. Paralyze via pinfall with PORTENT OF DOOM – *****
– A heck of a match that could have gone either way, but HARBINGER gets the win and solidifies his spot as #1 contender. The crowd is overjoyed at the prospect of HARBINGER as GALAXIAN CHAMPION!

MASTER RACE d. THE GAMEMASTERS via DQ when Thantos (II) throws a chair at Thraxx – *1/2
– Competitive match that saw MASTER RACE on a determined track to prove themselves against the former champs. THE GAMEMASTERS just looked sloppy.

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Tricks via DQ when the ref catches Tricks performing COULROPHOBIA – **
– This match stems from THE RECKONING and it looks like it wasn’t settled tonight! This feud is just heating up!

MANTIS came to ringside wi DARK MENACE. The fans were cheering wildly. MANTIS grabbrd a mic and said that he had a very special introduction to make. Thanks to BALAAL he’d like to introduce the new and improved….SWARM!

The fans were silent as SWARM limped out from backstage still obviously injured from the BLACK DEATH attack. He was dressed as normal, still looking heavier than we’d seen him before. MANTIS said that SWARM was completely under his control and would do anything he said. So he’s thought long and hard about how to use this to humiliate his father as he’s humiliated him, just by living over the past few years.

He said just about the only way he could do so would be by taking one of the most precious things he has left away from him. He looked back at his father and simply, quietly, said…

MANTIS: Father…remove your mask.

The fans were silent at this edict. They watched in rapt attention as SWARM slowly reach up hebind his head and began undoing him mask. Then in one swift motion, it was off. There stood SWARM without a mask. Bald, goatee, big puffy disgustingly ugly face. Definitely one of the most disturbing sights the GWF crowd had ever seen. Several fans actually began gagging. Small children began to cry.

MANTIS: I know, I know, I had to grow up with that. No wonder he’s so afraid of losing Payback. Who else would have him.

Suddenly MONOLITH appeared behind SWARM. He stepped in front of him and grabbed the mask out of his hands. He put the mask back on SWARMS face and shoved him through the curtains. Then he turned towards the ring and began approaching it.

MANTIS: Whoa, hey, what are you doing there big guy?! Come on. You aren;t still mad that I cost you that match at THE RECKONING are you? Look I paid you off! Those credits were to make up for losing!

MONOLITH said nothing. Climbed into the ring and directed the ref to ring the bell!

Monolith d. Mantis via DQ when Balaal interferes in the match – *1/2
– MONOLITH was destroying MANTIS until DARK MENACE signaled for BALAAL to attack! After the bell MONOLITH was enraged at the interference. It appears that BLACK DEATH has a powerful new enemy! And for the first time in awhile…the fans began booing the big man. He started off after MANTIS, BALAAL and DARK MENACE as we…