CARD #2126.169 – INVASION

From the Aethran War Dome, Aethra

Tonight we continue the march towards BETRAYAL and CIVIL WAR to determine new #1 Contenders for the GWF Championships. The Aethran crowd is not buying into any of this. There’s only one GLADIATOR scheduled to wrestle on the card and after two cards in a row with NO GLADIATORS in action, they can’t take much more. They are rabid that the AETHRAN OVERMASTER has ordered their attendance. They are in the type of mood to boo EVERYONE that comes through the entranceway and it doesn’t help that our first match is a women’s match!

Scorn d. Deadliest via pinfall after Deadliest misses a falling knee drop from the top rope – *

The Aethran crowd boos the ladies out of the building and start throwing things towards the ring. Things don’t get any better when HAVOC makes his way to the ring with DARK MENACE for his BETRAYAL QUALIFYIER! HAVOC seems to be soaking in the boos. The crowd is throwing more stuff ringside when suddenly COMISSIONER OVERMASTER appears and warns the crowd that anyone who throws anything will be arrested as a political prisoner. This stops the objects being hurled but the crowd is NOT happy.

He then announces that as Commissioner he has to make a decision about which team, MILITARY POWERS or TITAN BLOOD, he will move forward into the CIVIL WAR tournament. He says that due to PAGANAX’s loyal service this year, he will move MILITARY POWERS into the tournament. This move brings out THE BETRAYER who is furious and tried to attack OVERMASTER. THE LEVELER stops him and tosses him into the rabid AETHRAN crowd where he is pummeled and repeatedly kicked in the head until he can drag himself back over the barrier. TRISTAN runs out to help BETRAYER to the back, but he looks badly hurt.

Havoc d. Nitro via countout when he flattens him with a Gothic Tomb Spike outside the ring and Nitro is unable to make it back into the ring – *

The crowd is booing LOUDLY as HAVOC taunts them in the ring. DARK MENACE is looking around nervously and is pleading for HAVOC to leave the ring. Finally they do. The boos continue though as the next match is another ladies match.

Sultana d. She-Devil via DQ when She Devil ignores the ref – *1/2

The Aethrans are all over this match. They start stomping loudly, which is the custom. THey break into huge cheers when COMMISSIONER OVERMASTER makes his way down to the ring for his BETRAYAL QUALIFIER. THE LEVELER is with him. He grabs the mic and says, he understands that the crowd wants blood. They want action and so far tonight and on the last two cards, there has been little of both. That ends now. He says he’s tired of all the disqualifications and countouts so from here on out, every match for the rest of the night will be contested under HARDCORE TITAN DEATH RULES.. They crowd cheers loudly for this.

Aethran Overmaster d. Tanck via pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – *

Basically a glorified squash match here. No offense from The Aethran crowd is cheering loudly for their leader. THE LEVELER get into the ring and holds up TANKC who is lifeless. Overmaster circles him and is about to hit him with a punch when GRYT comes down the ramp!

The CROWD begins booing loudly. OVERMASTER turns and lets out a growl and chases after GRYT. GRYT dashes around the ring, THE LEVELER joins the chase! GRYT slides through the ropes and helps a groggy TANCK to his feet. Bothe men bail as OVERMASTER and LEVELER reenter the ring! GRYT and TANCK are gone and OVERMASTER is FURIOUS!

FRONTLINE DEFENSE d. FIRE + FURY via pinfall when Tauran hits the VICTORY STAR DROP on Retribution – ****

The crowd was surprisingly into this match as it had a lot of action! After the match NOSFERA went nuts and began attacking RETRIBUTION! OMEN entered the ring with the torch, but tripped through the ropes and the torch tumbled to the concrete floor and went OUT! NOSFERA turned and saw OMEN and began attacking his manager! The crowd began cheering NOSFERA on. NOSFERA hit OMEN with DEMON’S BREATH and then turned and hit RETRIBUTION with it as well. He then turned and hopped out of the ring and hopped back off through the crowd! It would appear FIRE + FURY is officially done as a tag team.

Out next is GRYT! There is thunderous boos for his actions earlier in the evening. GRYT is looking around nervously. Word is he told ROTUNDA to stay in the back to keep her from harm. This will be his BETRAYAL QUALIFIER. SKWISH comes out with PLETHADOR and the two dance oblivious to the jeers from the crowd.

Plethador d. Gryt via submission with the SUCTION CLAW – ***1/2

The hatred for GRYT and his constant humiliation of the OVERMASTER over the past few months actually has the Aethrans on their feet CHEERING PLETHADOR! PLETHADOR and SKWISH don’t know what to make of this and the slowly leave. The realization sinks in as they exit, for the first time ever, PLETHADOR will be one of the ELETIE EIGHT who battle for the #1 CONTENDERSHIP for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at BETRAYAL!

OVERMASTER charges the ring and grabs GRYT and hits REIN OF THE OVERMASTER to the thunderous cheers of those in attendance. He grabs the mic and says that this is not over for, as Commissioner, he’s making a match between him and GRYT for when BETRAYAL and CIVIL WAR are over. It’ll be OVERMASTER and GRYT, one on one in a cosmic cage! The crowd cheers loudly!

Endgame makes a huge comeback after the interference of the GLADIATORS and pins Scimitar after the ULTIMA LEAP – *****

Obviously the goal here was to keep ENDGAME out of BETRAYAL, but the GLADIATORS just couldn’t do it. Even though they ALL interfered, including PARALYZE, ENDGAME was able to make an amazing comeback. He was loudly booed by the crowd as we…