Achemar Technodrome, Eridanus

Tonight, another round of Infinity Challenge action as 2126 draws to a close! All six Infinity Challenge teams will be in action tonight! Dialectus currently leads the Infinity Challenge 65 to 58!

POWER CORE (Abroz) vs. TITANS (Dialectus)
Deadliest d. Mother Superior via countout – **1/2 – 1 point Abroz
TITAN BLOOD d. MASTER RACE via pinfall when Tristan hits Thraxx with a Titan Huracanrana – * – 2 points Dialectus
Nitro d. Overtime via countout after slamming his head into the rails – *1/2 – 1 point Abroz

Phantasy d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with Phantasy Fallaway Dropw – **1/2 – 2 points Dialectus
FREEDOM d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via pin when U.S. Male hits Panther Warrior with the PATRIOT MISSLE – **1/2 – 2 Points Dialectus.
Plethador d. Vidtek with the SUCTION CLAW – ***1/2 – 2 points Abroz

DARK CARNIVAL (Abroz) vs. ALIEN CORPS (Dialectus)
Sultana d. Rotunda via countout after smacking her with a chair – *1/2 – 1 point Dialectus
DARK FUTURES d. FIRE + FURY via DQ when Nosfera attacks a fan at ringside – * – 1 point Abroz
Symbiosis d. Gryt via pinfall with EVENT HORIZON – * – 3 points Dialectus – Gryt, the Infinity Challenge MVP so far this year was furious that he lost and he blames it on Commissioner Overmaster who came out and stood at the top of the ramp during the match, distracting him.

At the end of the evening, Dialectus gets 10 points, Abroz gets 5 points, bringing the scores to:

Dialectus – 75
Abroz – 63