CARD #2126.164 – INVASION

From Andromeda Nebula Pavilion, Beta Andromedae

Show starts with Monolith and Endgame arguing over who faces Paralyze for the Galaxian Championship at SURVIVAL. Hector is out as Commissioner (and INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION) and agrees they are both top contenders and says he’ll make his choice after they face off against each other! He stipulates that they will go 1 on 1 in a barbed wire cosmic cage with the winner getting the title shot against Paralyze! Endgame & Monolith are furious as they’re teammates! Hector then announces the first match will be Tricks vs. The Guardian!

Endgame accompanies The Guardian and Oracle, of course accompanies Tricks. Tricks looks unsure. Oracle tells Tricks that he’s predicted that everything will turn out okay. The bell rings and we’re off!

Tricks d. The Guardian with COULROPHOBIA! – **** – Oracle is estatic! Endgame is furious and chaces them Oracle and Tricks off, then helps Guardian to the back.

Gryt is out now with Rotunda! He demands Hector appear! Hector comes out and Gryt Says that he wants Overmaster once and for all and wants no interference at all.

GRYT: He’s ducking me. We battled to a double DQ and then he had Leveler interfere in our last match! I want no interference!

Hector agrees and says he’ll give Gryt a 1 on 1 with Overmaster in a Commissioner’s Choice match and he chooses a NIGHTMARE MATRIX match! Gryt’s happy. Hector also announces that tonight the GLADIATORS & the winless LOOSE CANNONS will also battle in the NIGHTMARE MATRIX! That’s later though! Up next is Strafe v. Mistress of Darkness! Leveler accompanies Strafe. Coven Black is w/ Mistress of Darkness.

Strafe d. Mistress of Darkness by DQ when Coven Black socks Strafe – *** – After the bell, the ref has to pull Strafe off of Black! Leveler finally gets her off but Strafe is furious that he did.

Next up Hector has forced his nemesis, and former INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION, PSI to take on Bishop Hell (II)!

Bishop Hell (II) d. PSI via DQ when PSI takes the action outside and clobbers Hell with a chair – DUD – PSI seems more focused than usual and determined to take out Hector or any of his friends.

Next out is Mantis. Swarm follows behind shaking his head. Swarm stops Mantis at ring steps and they argue. Finally Swarm nods. Shakes his son’s hand and then leaves as Mantis climbs into the ring.

MANTIS: I’m one of the best wrestlers in the GWF today but I never get a chance to show it! Tonight I will! Open challenge to anyone!

There’s a pause and suddenly from the back comes…TANCK! He’s grinning and pounding his fist in his hand! Here we go!

Mantis d. Tanck via submission with RAPTORIAL GRASP! – ***** – Amazing match! Mantis is stoked! Swarm runs to congratulate him. Mantis chills out a bit and coldly accepts Swarms congatulations. The fans are into it though. Tanck is mad.

The Barbed Wire Cosmic Cage is being lowered! That means teammates Monolith and Endgame are up next. The fans boo Commissioner Hector as he makes his way to the ring saying he wants a good view of this one. It’s obvious that Hector’s just made this match to get in the good graces of the Aethrans. The winner get a title shot at SURVIVAL, but the winner will, no doubt, be softened up for Paralyze in this encounter.

Endgame d. Monolith via escape after injuring his leg with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – ***** – Monolith is injured for sure! Endgame tries to help him from the ring, but Monolith shoves him away. Determined to walk under his own power, but he can’t.

Medics come take Monolith away as the cage is removed and the NIGHTMARE MATRIX is set up! First MATRIX match will be Gryt vs. Overmaster. Rotunda gives Gryt a kiss before he steps in the ring. Overmaster comes to the ring and Rotunda offers him a kiss as well. Overmaster pushes past her into the MATRIX.

Gryt d. Overmaster with the STRONGMAN STRETCH! – ***1/2 – Gryt is going nuts! The crowd is going nuts! Rotunda fainted! Overmaster goes after Gryt, but Gryt scrams (leaving Rotunda)! The crowd is just insane!

Before main event, we cut back to the back where Monolith is being loaded into a MediCruiser. Hector is there gloating.

HECTOR: Guess you’ll be pretty mad at Endgame when you get back.

Monolith says nothing but glares at Hector.

DARK MENACE: He won’t be mad at Endgame. He’ll be mad at YOU!

Hector slinks away as Monolith is loaded up and we cut back down to ringside for the main event!

GLADIATORS d. LOOSE CANNONS via pinfall when Rush hits Payback with the ADRENALINE RUSH – ***1/2 – The GLADIATORS cut the ring off and Payback was never able to tag out! It was all offense from Turmoil and Rush and they destroyed LOOSE CANNONS.

LOOSE CANNONS remain winless in 2126. GLADIATORS get to go on and face MILITARY POWERS at SURVIVAL! Rush & Turmoil celebrate in the ring! We see Rotunda come too and look around quizzically as we…