CARD #2126.162 – INVASION

From Andromeda Nebula Pavilion, Beta Andromedae


Fans are jazzed for this evening’s event because of the mysterious wedding that’s been teased for weeks now and it’s also the first card with rotating Commissioner…HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR!

HECTOR is out and says that he’s not going to waste any time. He wants to rid the GWF of PSI, so he says tonight he’ll do it one on one in a NIGHTMARE MATRIX match with the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP on the line! AMERICAN GUY is here and he says he wants a rematch with HECTOR from INFERNO. HECTOR tells him he’s previously occupied tonight but he can have it if he can beat PATCH!

American Guy d. Patch via pinball after smashing his head on his grill – *1/2
– This one was pretty even, but AMERICAN GUY gets the win! He grabbed a mic and told HECOTR he’d be waiting for him!

Several attendants start moving out some wedding decorations. The fans cheer as they do. They’ll have to wait a bit longer though for this mystery wedding, because there’s suddenly a shimmery light in the middle of the ring and THE GUARDIAN appears. He calls out for ENDGAME to come to the ring and ENDGAME is here!

GUARDIAN tells ENDGAME that the universe is in grave danger and he is here to help him defend it. Suddenly ORACLE slipped out of the crowd with TRICKS right behind him. ORACLE began attacking THE GUARDIAN from behind and TRICKS slammed ENDGAME to the mat. TRICKS looked a little hesitant about all this but was following ORACLE’S lead. They continued the attack until HECTOR came out and said if they wanted to fight, they got a match! DARK FUTURES vs. THE GUARDIAN & ENDGAME! A ref headed to the ring as ORACLE and GUARDIAN fight and the bell rang!

DARK FUTURES d THE GUARDIAN and ENDGAME via countout after ORACLE gave THE GUARDIAN a piledriver on the floor outside the ring and he couldn’t make it back into the ring – *
– After getting the win, ORACLE and TRICKS left via the crowd as ENDGAME helped THE GUARDIAN to the back.

Havoc d. Bishop Hell via countout after he brained him with a chair and Bishop Hell (II) was unable to get back in the ring – *1/2
– This was a brawl from the beginning. These two will, no doubt, meet again soon.

FRONTLINE DEFENSE came out and demanded another shot at THE GAMEMASTERS. HECTOR came out and told them they were out of luck as THEY were the ones that got DQ’d at INFERNO when the SLEEPER CELL interfered. But he told them that since he was a fair commissioner he’d give them another shot if they could beat a team of his choosing in a match of his choosing. TAURAN and ANIVAR agreed and HECTOR made the match: an MMA FIGHT MATCH against the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS! ANIVAR and TAURAN were furious as the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS are friends, but HECTOR reminded them they had to do it if they wanted to get the GAMEMASTERS again.

While the cage was set up for the MMA FIGHT MATCH, more wedding decorations were brought out.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. FRONTLINE DEFENSE when Clinch sock Anivar with the UPPERCUT KO – **1/2
– FRONTLINE DEFENSE were no match for the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS, especially in this kind of contest. It even looked as if CLINCH and SHOOT went easy on them, being friends and all.

Now it was time for the big wedding! Some soft organ music played as some of the members of the locker room came out to the ringside area. The ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA are here as are the TITANS! The FDF comes out as well, as does MANTIS. The organ music stops for a moment and SWARM and PAYBACK come out from the back in tuxes! The place goes nuts!

SWARM and PAYBACK are smiling and SWARM shakes his head and grabs a mic. He waits for the CROWD to settle down. He informs everyone that despite what they are thinking, it is NOT him and PAYBACK that are getting married. PAYBACK takes the mic and says the reason that it’s not them that are getting married is because they are already married!

The CROWD goes nuts! When they quiet down PAYBACK explains that they got married one Saturday last month in an private ceremony. He says there was just the Justice of the Peace and one witness present. SWARM adds they had some delicious food, some fantastic alcoholic beverages and a cozy weekend alone watching some gravity ball and GWF SuperCards. PAYBACK says it was the greatest wedding in the universe! The CROWD cheers again as SWARM and PAYBACK exchange a quick kiss and the gathered wrestlers come over to congratulate them.

Once things settle down again SWARM says the reason they are here tonight is because they are actually the BEST MEN for the person who is getting married! They all turn to the entranceway and out comes…


The CROWD cheers and BENJAMIN PAIGE is bright red. He bows and then steadies himself and the WEDDING MARCH plays and out comes his fiancé. She’s his high school sweetheart, Missy Perkins. The short ceremony goes off without a hitch and mere minutes later PAIGE is wed. He kisses his bride and everyone cheers and then takes the mic.

He thanks everyone for coming to his wedding and he announces that he’s is leaving his positing here with the GWF at the end of 2126. The CROWD boos but he says that he is ready to start his new life with his new wife. The CROWD cheers him loudly as he takes off waving with Missy. The other wrestlers follow after, last being SWARM and PAYBACK who are waving to fans. THey are about to exit when HECTOR comes through the entranceway.

He congratulates them on their nuptials and says that he has a gift for them to celebrate their wedding and their return from exile at the hands of THE GAMEMASTERS. He says the RUSH and TURMOIL came to him demanding another title shot against MILITARY POWERS after INFERNO. He said he’d grant it, but they’d have to beat a team first. And that team is LOOSE CANNONS! So it’s RUSH & TURMOIL vs. LOOSE CANNONS tonight!

– This was a great match. OVERMASTER had GRYT close to beat several times but GRYT kept kicking out! Then GRYT was able to trap OVERMASTER in the STRONGMAN STRETCH and showed no signs of letting go! Suddenly THE LEVELER blindsided ROTUNDA and stormed the ring and began beating on GRYT. OVERMASTER soon recovered and joined in. The two continued to beat on him until he laid motionless in the ring. Laughing, OVERMASTER and THE LEVER just left the ringside area. The ref had no choice but to declare a no contest. GRYT was taken from the ring via stretcher.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. LOOSE CANNONS via DQ when Payback was DQ’d for attempting a pin save – *****
– LOOSE CANNONS looked even better than they did when they were exiled, but their losing streak continues here, leaving them still winless for 2126. RUSH & TURMOIL get the win, but there was no word on if this would satisfy HECTOR’S requirements for a rematch with MILITARY POWERS.

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. PSI via pinball after hitting Wicker Games – ****
– HECTOR dominated this match giving PSI no chance at offense and using the MATRIX to his advantage. On HECTOR’S first night as COMMISSIONER< he becomes the NEW INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION! HECTOR celebrates in the ring as we... FADE TO BLACK