From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


The Ranking Gauntlet continues! Tonight we’ll find out who will be facing newly crown INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION OVERTIME at CARD #160!

Plethador d. Scimitar pinball after a cross body block – SQUASH
– PLETHADOR gets a dominating win to kick things off! The fans are solidly behind him and start chanting “THIS IS YOUR YEAR! THIS IS YOUR YEAR!”

Tanck d. Plethador via submission with TANCKED – **1/2
– PLETHADOR puts up a strong fight, but he’s no match for TANCK’S raw power. After the bell the fans start a “MAYBE NEXT YEAR! MAYBE NEXT YEAR!” chant. PLETHADOR shuffles out, shaking hands with fans as he does.

HelSin d. Tanck via countout after HelSin sidestepped a charge and Tanck ran face first into the ringpost – ****
– A great match here until the ending. Both men could have taken it at any time.

Symbiosis d. HelSin via DQ when the ref catches Scorn trying to make a pin save – *
– SYMBIOSIS gets a win here thanks to SCORN’S interference. HelSin looked upset the match ended in a DQ.

Coven Black d. Symbiosis via pinball after a piledriver – *1/2
– The vampire picks up a win over the alien here and advances.

Mantis d. Coven Black via submission with the RAPTORIAL GRASP – *****
– Match of the night! These two put on a heck of a battle. MANTIS pulls out the big win and advances.

Vidtek d. Mantis via pinfall after a spine buster – **1/2
– MANTIS, a bit tired after the last match, falls prey to the experience of VIDTEK who advances to the finals against PSI.

PSI d. Vidtek via submission with MIND OVER MATTER – *
– PSI makes short work of VIDTEK and heads to CARD #160 to challenge for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

Using his mental powers, he thanks all in attendance and all watching at home for cheering for him. He began to speak about how he was not looking forward to HECTOR being commissioner when all of a sudden more square pieces of paper began to rain down from the roof of the arena. Fans scrambled to grab them and they read…

Fans, and even PSI, were left to ponder this whole wedding mystery as we…


THE RECKONING INTERPLANETARY MVP 2126: PSI (If no wrestler wins more than one match, MVP automatically goes to the overall winner.)