CARD #2126.154 – INVASION

From The Deadpool, Bezzirides


COMMISSIONER PSI comes out to make a few announcements. He says he knows a lot of the wrestlers thought it was unfair that he didn’t suspend ENDGAME and MONOLITH after they injured PARALYZE, but he said he had more creative ways of enforcing the rules. Tonight ENDGAME will take on RUSH one on one in a non title match!

The CROWD loves this.

Also he says that GRYT came to him saying he should get an INTERPLANETARY TITLE shot and while he said while he agrees, he’d rather GRYT earn the title shot so tonight he’ll wrestle in a number one contender’s match against someone else who’s impressed him recently…OVERTIME!

The CROWD love this as well!

Finally, PSI says he likes wrestlers that wrestle and so tonight he’s forcing COVEN BLACK to wrestle AMERICAN GUY again after BLACK bailed on their last match.

Scorn d. Strafe via pinfall after BURNING SCORN – ***1/2
– SCORN picks up a strong win here against the veteran STRAFE.

Mantis d. Scimitar via submission with the RAPTORIAL GRASP – SQUASH
– Mantis looked good. Easily dispatching with Scimitar quickly.

Tanck d. Havoc via pinfall with TANCKED – *****
– A great match here! TANCK dominated but Havoc repeatedly get fighting back when it looked like all was lost. In the end though, TANCK just simply overpowered him.

THE GAMEMASTERS d. LEADERS OF THE PACK when Thantos (II) hit Malkuth with the LEGENDS LARIAT – **3/4
– The LEADERS OF THE PACK were close to winning several times, but THE GAMEMASTERS used quick tags to keep them off balance and get the win.

Overtime d. Gryt via pinfall after hitting the MASTER BLASTER – ***1/2
– Overtime was ON FIRE in this match. Hitting move after move! It seems that the CROWD has finally gotten behind him as well as by the end they were on their feet. OVERTIME will now go on to challenge BISHOP HELL (II) for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP! GRYT and ROTUNDA were furious, but GRYT was still shouting that he was still the INFINITY CHALLENGE M.V.P..

American Guy d. Coven Black via pinball with AMERICAN FIREPOWER – SQUASH
– AMERICAN GUY made sure he didn’t let up on COVEN BLACK for an instant in this match. He kept hammering him and then eventually put him away. MISTRESS OF DARKENSS tried to interfere but to no avail. Big win for AMERICAN GUY here and it looks like COVEN BLACK is firmly back into his losing ways.

Endgame d. Rush via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – *****
– This one was wild! MONOLITH accompanied ENDGAME to ringside and seemed to look for his opportunity to take out another GLADIATOR. It wouldn’t come though. RUSH was able to get some offense in early on but ENDGAME soon showed why he’s the man to beat in the GWF and picked up the win. After the match, MONOLITH tried to climb up into the ring and go after RUSH, but ENDGAME warned him off of that. RUSH was sent limping to the back being helped by THE LEVELER and it’s this we see as we…