CARD #2125.134 – INVASION – 08.14.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


We are in SLY DURY’S luxury box office. He stands talking to OMEN and NOSFERA.

DRURY: …mind you, I’m not worried about my match with Swarm at Survival, at all.

OMEN: Oh no, of course not.

DRURY: But I want there to be a clear winner between you and Swarm. And…if, say, Swarm were to get, oh, injured during the match…well, that’s the way the chips fall.

OMEN smiles as does DRURY as we cut down to ringside for our first match.

Mother Superior d. Phantasy via submission with Superior Sharpshooter. – ***** – This was a fantastic match! These two tore into each other with a vengeance! After Phantasy had tapped out, Mother Superior refused to release the hold, despite the ref’s warning.

This brought Havoc, Anivar and a female member of the Sleeper Cell out to try and stop it. Anivar barked a few orders and a female sleeper cell member grabbed a chair and brained Mother Superior with it. She released the hold, but the Sleeper Cell member continued her attack as Havoc and Anivar saw to Phantasy. When they finally turned around, the Sleeper Cell member was still wailing away on Mother Superior. Anivar tackled her to get her to stop and then began yelling for her to help carry Phantasy to the back. Paramedics were called to see to Mother Superior who definitely looked injured.

In the LEGENDS OF THE RING locker room, HECTOR is talking to SWARM and PAYBACK.

HECTOR: Swarm, it goes without saying that Drury is trying to soften you up with this insane match with Nosfera.

SWARM: Nosfera’s not a challenge. I’ve beaten him before I will do tonight.

HECTOR: No. Listen, winning doesn’t matter tonight.

SWARM: Winning ALWAYS matters.

HECTOR: It doesn’t when you have a title match you MUST win. You goal is to win the Galaxian Championship. You cannot do that injured and that’s exactly what Nosfera will be gunning to tonight. You think Nosfera cares if he wins tonight? No. He cares about putting you in the medi-center.

SWARM says nothing.

HECTOR: Above winning tonight, you must…not…get…injured!

SWARM, again, says nothing. HECTOR turns to PAYBACK.

HECTOR: You, on the other hand MUST win tonight. A win over Patch keeps him off my ass so I can focus on Drury after Swarm takes the belt from him.

PAYBACK: Patch will lose tonight.

HECTOR: Good. See that he does.

HECTOR turns and leaves. SWARM turns to PAYBACK.

SWARM: Not think about winning?

PAYBACK puts a hand on his shoulder.

PAYBACK: He may be right. You can’t risk being injured in your match against Drury.

SWARM pushes his arm off.

SWARM: No one tells me not to win.

SWARM exits and PAYBACK shakes his head. We cut back to the ring.

Encubus d. Hector The Holy Brown Bear via submission with the MAFFEI MASTERLOCK. – *** – Encubus, obviously fired up about what’d just happened with Mother Superior, didn’t let Hector get any ground in this match. Hector put up a good fight, but was no match for the more experienced Encubus. After getting the win, Encubus rushed backstage to catch up with Mother Superior.

Payback d. Patch via pinfall with PAYBACK TIME. – ***** – Payback was dominant in this match! Patch got in no offense at all and even though he was his usual risk taking self, he played by the rule book to make sure there was a clear winner.

It was announced after this match that at SURVIVAL, PAGANAX will face ENDGAME in a LAVA PIT MATCH! The crowd roared loudly with approval when this was announced! The ENDGAME/PAGANAX feud is hot.

Ensor d. Symbiosos via pinfall with the ERUPTION OF THARSIS. – SQUASH – Ensor easily handled Symbiosis in this short match.

STARS & STRIPES d. THE GLADIATORS when American Guy eliminated Turmoil. – **** – STARS & STRIPES showed tonight that they desperately want to be back in the main event tag team scene. They are working as good as a team as they ever have and the win tonight, though with a DQ as part of it, shows they are one of the best in the GWF.
American Guy d. Rush via DQ when Rush whipped him into the guardrails despite the ref’s warnings.
Turmoil d. U.S. Male via pinfall after TRIPLE SUICIDE.
American Guy d. Turmoil via pinfall after a perfect cross body block.

Paralyze & Aethran Overmaster d. Havoc & Anivar via pinfall when Paralyze hit Anivar with PERMANENTLY PARALYZED. – **3/4 – The two Gladiators were in charge most of the match. Havoc and Anivar did get in some good offense at times but they were no match for the Gladiators who were out to prove a point. After the match, Paralyze grabbed the mic.

PARALYZE: See what happens if you’re more concerned over what’s happened to your women? You lose focus. Anivar, you’re back but things were so nice with you gone. So here’s a challenge. At SURVIVAL a 4 CARD FEDERATION EXILE MATCH between you and me, so I can get you out of the GWF for the rest of the year. What say you?

ANIVAR looks back to the ring and nods! The place explodes as Anivar mouthes, “You got it!’

PARALYZE smiles and holds up the little, blood encrusted pouch around his waist and waves it at Anivar, who turns furiously towards the beck. PARALYZE and AETHRAN OVERMASTER congratulate each other as they return to the back and the BARBED WIRE COSMIC CAGE begins to be assembled around the ring for our Main Event!

Backstage, SWARM was walking toward the ring when he was stopped by SLY DRURY and a few members of his SECURITY SQUAD. SWARM stopped and looked at him.

SLY DRURY: Good luck tonight. I’m looking forward to our match at SURVIVAL.

SWARM just stares at DRURY and then continues to ringside.

Nosfera d. Swarm via escape (pinfall) after hitting the DEMON’S BREATH. – *** – This was as bloody as folks predicted! Both men were bloodied, but it was SWARM who received a enormous gash deep into his right bicep and across his rhomboid muscles. PAYBACK rushed to ringside to help the medics tend to SWARM.

SWARM was close to being ‘out’ due to blood loss. PAYBACK look worried. We cut up to SLY DRURY in his luxury box commissioner’s office as he watched SWARM get bandaged and he smiled wickedly. As he begins rubbing his hands together we…